Monday, 5 November 2007

SSCS update...

Sorry everyone esle but this post is for the 83 santa' can read along if you want

If you are in the swap you should have received an email from me by now................. must reply to the email and my goodness you people are efficient..........I sent the email and had a phone call and got the washing off the line and 11 people had replied so I started replying to the comments/questions etc and before I got to the end another 5 people had are on the ball

very important ................a couple of people have told me what they are sending and said "is that enough - is that okay"...............OMG they have nothing to worry about and certainly have "enough" for the swap parcel...........

.........this wonderful present is not made by me but by the very talented *%%$&*# and being sent to the wonderful *$@$^%($ I love being Santa's helper even if Janet, Doreen and Jodie are dying to know who is sending to them and what are they my lips are sealed..........secrets are one thing I am very good at.............

Also a challenge for the night................since I had someone drop out of the SSCS a very talented designer has joined to fill the spot instead of me making an extra present.............she has been added to the list of Santa's and you must leave a comment for me with who she is................I will be waiting for the comments.............


mind you there are some very amazing and extremely talented people in the swap and I am sure you just don't give yourselves the credit you deserve as many of you are worrying about being good enough (and this is not only in the swap).................stop it YOU ARE VERY don't need to compare yourself to is all about what you want and make sure you are happy cause we will still be here and checking in on you............

-------------take care-----------

------the elf------



  1. Oh....Gail is new on the list. Great!!! Lucky one receiving from her. And the one that sends to her have to rememeber to send her chocolate because I know she loves chocolate (leanne B said so LOL)

  2. Don't panic me - I have loads to do before those 50 sleeps are up!

  3. I'm guessing either Gail, Natalie, from Cinderberry, or perhaps Leanne, or Lynette.....

  4. You are such a teaser and a great motivator too! Thanks Donna! You are some Elf indeed! I think it’s Gail because I can’t remember seeing her name on the list!! We will be all lucky ones to receive because it’s all made with the best intentions and love!

  5. Hello. It is Gail Pan who are the new on the list isen't it ?!. Oh the luckey one who get a pressent from her. ;-)
    I know what I will make and it will be done this week.
    Big hug to the clever elf.

  6. I think it is Gail or is it Leanne? I think I failed the test :(

  7. It looks to me as well as the new name is Gail Pan :o) Can't remember seing her name on the list before. FUN!

  8. Very gracious of the lady to join in (Gail) and since blue is my favourite colour, is this beauty coming my way?

  9. I think it is Gail Pan, too. Does she have my name? :-)

  10. I can only guess what every one has said - Gail Pan. If so, that's cool. I love her work.

    Only 50 more sleeps? You're scaring me. I need to get working on my gifts.

  11. I see so many talented ladies on the Santa list, so I will not guess who is new.
    I am looking forward to send my parcel though - and am full of anticipation on who is sending to me :-)

  12. Chooky blue, you are having waaaay too much fun with this swap!! Teasing all those poor little Santa's elves *VBS*
    I can hardly wait to see what everyone gets! Keep stitching, Hugs, Finn

  13. I've been a little out of action b/c of Show prepartation and have just been catching up on all your news. "HARK to the Rain" - we got lots over the weekend. I need to mulch soon too. Those new books look terrific. Wish I was in the Santa Swap but maybe next year. Loved the story of the interpretation across countries!

  14. It is the same with my group swap, you always worry that your present is "good enough", but just getting the present is always great, Tracey


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