Thursday, 10 January 2008

SSCS Prezzies Final Post...........Farewell til 2008 swap

YES you read it right.......unless something drastic happens I will run another swap for Christmas 2008..........the Santa's have been so wonderful and kind and so appreciative of my organising the swap - that is enough motivation for me to go again (some of you will be very happy to hear that)

............all but 2 presents have been delivered (hopefully still in transpost) and only one bad person who didn't send - Maya. (I did say you would be named in the rules)

If you have been away and you missed the last 10 posts I did about the swap head back to between Christmas and New Year. There are only a couple of presents I didn't get pics of, so most of them are in the previous posts and here...............

USA Raesha was Santa for Netherlands Nicolette

USA San was Santa for Aus Gillian

USA Toni was Santa for UK Jo

Aus Gillian was Santa for Italy Teodo

Aus Kerry was Santa for USA Caryn

Aus Lynda H sent a extra special package to Canada CJ who was the poor Santa that was going to miss out...........I also posted a small parcel off to CJ......Thanks Lynda H

Aus Tatania was Santa for USA Jessica

Canada CJ was Santa for USA Tracey B

USA Carole P was Santa for UK Claudia

USA Linda R was Santa for AUS Carey

USA Linda R was Santa for Aus Dale

USA Meaghan was Santa for UK Anne

USA Jessica was Santa for Netherlands Judith

Thankyou Santa's for making this such a successful made my job fun and a pleasure to do..........see you in SSCS 2008...............

------------take care----------

PS I forgot to mention some of the girls in the swap have made wonderful new blog friends and I have received some amazing stories in emails from swappers and I am so happy some girls have got so much more out of this wide friendship..........


  1. It is us who must thank you for doing such a splendid job...three cheers for you Donna....

  2. Wow! They were all such lovely gifts. What a great bunch of ladies we are. Thanks so much for organising it, glad you did it and I'm going to get in early if your doing it again this year. Thanks for the warning.
    I've got some Xmas kits I can use.
    New Years resolution - get organised. Yeah right !!!!

  3. yay Donna - you did a great job.
    I love the idea of the local newspaper in the swap.

  4. Well done!!!! You're a great manager!
    Next Christmas I'll join the swap!!!!.....Am I the first one???? :):):)

  5. Thank you Donna for organizing all this. We will be watching for the announcement later this year. I am sure though that so many others were watching that you will have lots of takers next time. I'll be there with Christmas bells on. Thanks again.

  6. Thanks again dear Elf Donna, you did agreat job. You can put your wings in a box now!

  7. Dear Donna
    thanks for the pic of my SSCS ..... I hope to find it in the mail in the next days.

    I will be in SSCS 2008.

    Thanks you ELF DONNA
    ciao ciao

  8. Thank you so much for organizing this, Donna! I definitely want to play again next year!

    I have greatly enjoyed seeing all the lovely gifts that everyone made. It is obvious that everyone put a lot of thought and effort into this swap!

  9. Happy New Year! What wonderful Santa swaps!

  10. Cheers and a great big thank you again Donna-I'd defintely want to do it again! Great fun. It has been wonderful to be able to look at what other people gave and have received-gold star for organisation!

  11. I am glad the exchange went so well and you always have sometime someone who doesn't come true.
    I would love to be in next years too.

  12. Hurray, you are going to do it again, count me in and thanks again and again for organizing the swap.

  13. We so appreciate all your work on this swap and how nice of you to post all the pictures. I'm looking forward to the next SSCS! Thanks for being the best elf ever.

  14. Hi! I have tagged you in my blog, take a look :o)

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  15. I've absolutely loved looking at the picture show. So many gorgeous things exchanged.
    Happy to hear there will be another SS exchange this year. Perhaps I'll be able to take part.

  16. You were a brave woman to take on a cyper swap! I tip my hat to you! It truly was wonderful! Thank you again for all your time! Take care!

  17. well done with the swap - i loved beeing a part of it. sadly, the parcel i sent in november has still not arrived at it's destination. i hope it turns up VERY soon.

  18. is it too soon to put my name down?

    i'm just in awe of the fact that you organised it all. judging by the snippets i read on the blog, it's not as if you are a lady of leisure! you sound like a very busy girl!


  19. Wow, how much good stuff was there!! Great, and sio pleased that you are mad enough to do it again!! Really was fun though, Tracey

  20. Whoo Hoo!! Fun!! Count me in for next year.
    Janet in snowy and blowy Nova Scotia - we are in the midst or a nor'easter.

  21. Com'n girl .... stand up and take a bow, no take 3 bows! Bravo and here's looking forward to SSCS 2008!

  22. I just found your blog and am amazed! I live in northern Saskatchewan Canada and have been quilting for 2 years. You are an inspiration to me! I would LOVE to be in on the Secret Santa swap 2008! I'll keep reading! Pat


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