Sunday, 13 January 2008

You Make My Day

Hi all
well I have given up on trying to join in with May Britt's WISP completions for January........I have one skirt complete which I gave to a friend....
.......I have managed to start several other projects (totally against the idea of May Britt's challenge) and participate in a few new projects - more about them in a later post............
My time is rapidly getting filled for the next few weeks so who knows what will happen and when........
I have been honoured to receive the You Make My Day award from 4 amazing blogland friends...........Aunties Quaint Quilts, Gudrun, Butterfly and Happy In Quilting.......thank you so much........

There are so many bloggers out there that MAKE MY DAY........put a smile to my face when I rise early in the morning that I cannot single out 10 so if you read my blog consider yourself tagged and continue on with the award..............

PS I have had the Christmas blog cleanup and gone back to the blue that i love and changed my header...........hope you like yesterdays sunset as much as I do.........

PSS I wished blogger would bring out a couple of new templates even if just in colour and layout..........


  1. Love the new photo for your header

  2. Its hard not to start new projects when there are just so many wonderful things all waiting to be made :-)
    Love the new banner, its fantastic!

  3. Congratulations with the award Donna!
    Love your new photo-header!

  4. Beautiful sunset!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Your new pic is wonderful......I sew your blog all cleaned and congratulations for your award.
    ciao ciao

  6. Congratulations! Love the sunset and all of the blue:)

  7. I do love you in Blue!!! Once again... Great Photo! You're just so clever with that camera of yours.


  8. Congratulations!! You deserve this award!


  9. Congrats on the award!
    Beautiful photo and loving the return of the blue on your blog.

  10. Hey Chook - LOVE the sunset. I'm back from Mildura and they have the most magnificent sunsets too, over the farm.

  11. Oh yes I like the sunset, beautiful picture.

  12. Your header sunset is so beautiful ou should not miss the old blue :)

  13. i love your sunset and i love your blue!
    i still can't get my head around this blogger - i'm attempting to put a photo in my banner. i got it this morning (i'm not stupid, just a procrastinator) but the picture was too bold and the writing not bold enough - so i will have to do it again. but, as i'm supposed to be doing housework and not computing, i think it may have to wait.

  14. beautiful sunset, we dont seem to get them like that down here. hugs, Helen

  15. Congratulations, you really deserve It! Stunning sunset!

  16. Congratulations Donna for your awards!!!
    You deserve them!!!!


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