Sunday, 24 August 2008

Birthday presents.........

Finally as promised this blog will try and return to quilting/sewing related

My sister went shopping at Hatched and Patched for my birthday..............she got me this Gail Pan Designs pattern........this is the pattern of the bag Gail gave me as a PIF.........I love it and now I can make some more.............

and several Hatched and Patched patterns tooooo............some christmas ones.......

this cute little one is a heat pack........

Oz Country Quilting Mum sent me these goodies...........thanks heaps love them..........esp the chooky tape measure..........oh and a great chooky card which is just MIA when I wanted to take the photo..........

and Kris from Tag Along Teddies sent me this card as a late birthday present and it is a wonderful thing............the card includes the full instructions to make the picture on the front and some cream fabric to start the stitching...........

.........take care til next time.............


  1. did receive a lot of nice patterns.... Now you have a lot of fun things to make!!

  2. Saw that tape measure and had to buy it for you-and for me!!
    We played (my edition of) strip poker at retreat, I asked everyone to bring 30 precut 2 1/2 x 5 inch strips and we used them like money-great fun. people were far more protective of the strips they won that they would have been of money though!
    Lots of great patterns there.
    Sorry the kids weren't well, I know all about the "make up for me being away presents"!! The kids love those now! Tracey

  3. Hope the kids improve quickly - I'm sure they will - kids bounce back quickly. i did about 4 hours in the garden today, so I must be on track.
    Sounds like you had a great time in the big smoke and it is always good yo be home.
    Love that little bag pattern - will order it tomorrow if I have time. Thanks for the info!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  4. Lots and lots of goodies!! You are very lucky...

  5. wow you made out!

    i really love the stitch a little dream bag.

  6. Wonderful birthday presents!

  7. Gorgeous pressy's!!! Love the chook tape, too cute...

    Jodie :)

  8. Hi Donna,
    What great patterns - especially the bag pattern - I will look forward to seeing your projects all made up.
    It is so interesting to see the many patterns that are popular around the world. There are so many different kinds of quilting and in your neck of the woods - stitchery is so popular. You don't see that so much in the quilts around here anyway. The stitchery patterns are lovely and will make pretty projects.
    It is always nice to have some new patterns to challenge you and to inspire ones creativity.

  9. Hey Donna! Sounds like you had a good news/bad news kind of weekend - kids not feeling well, then lots of fun pressies for your extended birthday. The deal is you don't actually turn a year older until the last present arrives, so enjoy the extended birthday celebrations! We'll look forward to seeing lots of photos resulting from your new goodies in future posts! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)

  10. hey that is a good haul you have there!! And more to come I promise.... see with me be so disorganised the birthday just lasts longer and longer!

  11. WOW......... who is the spoilt one lots of lovely pressies for your birthday. I am looking forward to seeing lots of photos from your new goodies in future.

  12. Wow, great patterns. Your going to busy soon. Love the chook tape measure.

  13. The little Xmas Tree from Hatched & Patched is what I am stitching right now !!! Great Gifts there Chookyblue...

  14. These patterns will certainly keep you busy Donna...Great presents.

  15. wow - you sure got all your goodies and your shopping too!!

  16. I love those Gail Pain bags pattern, you received great presents!!!!

  17. What great presents! Shame you only have a birthday once a year!!

  18. Happy belated birthday! You received some lovely gifts.
    I love Gail Pan designs. She has a new bag/sewing set pattern out that I just HAVE to have :)


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