Saturday, 16 August 2008

Catching up...........

meant to post this the other day but I have been busy and decided to share tonight............we have had lots of frosts and cold winter weather............I know nothing like you girls where it snows but it is dam cold for me............we have had weeks of frosts and I caught these 2 pics from the back step one morning........wasn't going any the frost on top of the hay bales...........

now onto the reason for the post................THANKS heaps for all the birthday really surprised me with all the wonderful wishes.......I had a nice quite morning at home............spent a cold afternoon on the motor bike mustering sheep and then drafting them (sorting) ............then "bookworm" had organised a surprise dinner at the neighbours with another family..........I had a lovely day............


SSCS update

I have now emailed out all the swap partner details so you should have replied to that email so I know you have it..............if you are going away for more then a week let me know............I nearly wiped a girl from the swap............she signed up and went on holidays and I was waiting for a reply to an email.............she is one lucky girl..............

oh and I accidently added someone to the was such a weird moment when I got an email back from this girl and she said "wow so I did make it in the swap"...........OMG what have I done.............well once I realised what I had done (emailed Rachel in the USA instead of Rachel in Aus) I had a laugh and so did she and what was I to do but add her to the swap.............then I felt sorry for the girls that had emailed tooooo late and once I had sent out the majority of the swap partners I decided to add the girls who had emailed and missed out so now we have a swap of 152 (I think) wonderful excited Santa's..............yeh yeh I know I truly am crazy but it is my swap and I can do what I

there are lots of new bloggers to me and some of the girls only write in there own language but I have a google toolbar and it has a translate button so I use that to read their of the girls does not speak english at all and her friend is translating for us.............

so go find some new blogs on my sidebar of Santa's..................


also Fairy Girl (7.5) wants a swap partner so if there is an Aussie girl about her age who wants to join in the fun email me please

Take care til next time.........


PS birthday presents post coming soon.................

it is so much fun seeing all the excitement around blogland for the SSCS..............


  1. umm That looks like near here.. we're Midnorth sa and yep it's too bloody cold for my liking too :)

  2. I know an 8-year-old girl tomorrow who would love to swap, although she is in California.

  3. I guess it was a happy accident for swappers that wanted to participate and weren't going to be able to. Oh I sure hope your daughter gets a swapper. How fun that will be for her.

  4. You are amazing Donna. If you need any help with the SSCS please let me know. I am a bit far away but e-mails change that.

  5. You are right. It is your swap so do it any way you want. I kinda wish I had joined up. Maybe next year. I am sorry you are so cold! It is summer time in the states so we are suffering from heat instead of cold. How hot does it get in the summer where you are? If it doesn't snow, I thought maybe you have mild summers also. Hope you enjoy your birthday dinner. Will look for a report on your blog...

  6. Glad you had a nice birthday, and I love the pictures. I am as excited about your SSCS as if I was in it. I am going to be watching all the goodies on the different blogs.

  7. The SSCS is going to be so much fun, you have done a fabulous job, thanks so much for orgainizing it again last year, if it wasn't for this I wouln't be the photos..nice to see you back doing some posts...

  8. Glad you had a happy birthday.looks like you will have lots of fun with your SSCS cant wait to see all the blogs at Xmas.
    Hugs Mary.

  9. Chooky those frosty hay photos are amazing. Would make a great card, but I'm sure you know that already!! You are one crazy woman, but you seem to know what you're doing so let the fun begin.

  10. That first photo of the hay bales is really wonderful - a definite for your next card series I think!

    Oh and my baby refused to come out on your birthday! He's still tucked up where it's nice and warm :)

  11. Your pictures are great! Here in Norway it still is summer, but not very hot at the moment
    I thought of signing up for the SSCS but was thinking about it too long. Now I just has to wait for next year and hope you will be doing it again.

  12. LOVE the pics.

    still SO glad i was 'accidently' emailed.

    how cute that your daughter wants to swap.

  13. Love the haybales!
    reckon I have a swapper-though she is 10-if you haven't come up with one already! Tracey

  14. Hi Donna, a little late on a birthday wish, but I send one your way.
    Thank you so much for all the work you have put in on the SSCS. So looking forward to this.
    If I could send you some warmth from Texas I would or should I say HEAT!!!!
    Putting my thinking cap on for my swapper....
    Keep Stitchen'

  15. Hi Donna

    Your haybale pic is just great. I'm off to show my husband. I have a 7.5 year old boy who would be happy to do a swap. Callum turned 7 on 8 March?

  16. Hi Donna,
    Belated Happy Birthday - it sounds like you had a nice one. May you have a great year filled with good health, happiness and prosperity.
    Re weather pictures: Do you get lots of rain when it gets this cool. If you live on the west coast or east coast of Canada they don't get much snow there but when it gets cold -its wet cold and the rain freezes so it is worse than when we get snow on the prairies. It is much drier here on the prairies so the cold is quite cold but its dry cold. In the spring when- its not cold enough for snow then we might get freezing rain. I find that much worse to cope with - especially if I have to drive anywhere...
    Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,

  17. Just catching up on Bloggin around!!! Hope you had a terrific Birthday and everybody made a special fuss of you!!! Cathyxx

  18. Love your frosty morning photos...we have had enough of those now...hope it is warm again soon!
    see you Friday and glad you enjoyed your special day!

  19. Hey Donna! Ooooohhh!! Frosty bales look COLD!! Been nasty cold here, too. We escaped for a weekend to the beach where we got to go barefoot without toes dropping off from frostbite and we only wore ONE layer of clothing - BLISS!! Got my thinking cap on for Christmas stitching and have already started visiting the blogs of those who are signed up - lots of new ones to explore - keep up the fantastic work!! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)

  20. Glad you had a great birthday. Its awfully cold lately. Am so hanging out for warmth. The frost on the Hay Bales makes it look very cold. So glad you added everyone to the swap. Now we know you are completely crazy, and that you have the biggest heart.

  21. Oh I missed your birthday!! Glad to hear you had a great day....

  22. Fantastic photos! Cheers for a good day.

  23. Love those frosty photos and wishing we had some cooler weather this way. It is so exciting all the talk in blogland over your SSCS - bring on the fun!!!

  24. My DDD & I looked @ your Frosty Round Bales Pix together & simultaneously went WOW !!! Subject matter before us @ the time being the Nikon DS80 Brochure... I guess you just speak our language Chookyblue..........


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