Monday, 29 June 2009

wood chopping hazards.........

The weatherman says it's going to get pretty cold again by the end of the
week so I wanted to get some more fire wood............

............(Mr Chookyblue with the chainsaw - some things I should never
learn to operate)

while I was picking up the wood this is what I found under a small
piece..........YIKES..........after I got over the shock of it - it was
quick grab the camera so I can take a pic for the blog............this was
about 30cm long and I am not sure but most likely venomous..........

Here is the pile of wood I loaded...............snake free.........I don't
mind swing the axe occasionally................. when I was younger I would go to the woodheap in winter to vent my

But this is the reason I took the camera so I could show you this wonderful
tree along the looks much more magnificent in real life

Take Care til next time...............


  1. Real life is like that. It's so much better than a reasonable facsimilie! Your tree does look magnificent, I think I can imagine it's wonderfulness!

  2. yikes indeed!
    i love the thought of an open fire - we live in a rental property and we have a very functional but extremely ugly gas heater (david calls it the rocket launcher).
    the tree is gorgeous - it never ceases to amaze me how beautiful gums can be.

  3. OK........... this is the forth snake story I have heard in as many weeks. Its the middle of Winter isn't it?

    My friend's husband brought home a load of wood and when he was unloading what should slither off the trailer, another friend's dog just died of a snakebite and a third friend had one in their silage truck, and now you!!!!


  4. Oh dear I'm glad you're ok!
    Have you had warm weather where you are? How strange for the little bloke to be out at this time of year.
    Gosh you were so quick on the camera to catch a pic! Wow :D
    Yes indeed, a beautiful tree...
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Holy cow, the snake looks scary.
    Love the tree. Chopping firewood for therapy is wonderful,I used to do that too.

  6. ghee, I can't believe you stayed close enough and long enough to take a photo of that snake. I would of high tailed it out of there...
    The tree looks magnificent...I am also a tree lover.

  7. I'm very afraid of snakes...I could die if I was there, so close....but this the wonderful nature!:)

  8. Uaauuu!Snakes don't scare me because here the great majoriti of them are not venomous. But living with them so closed to us and being them so venomous, that must be really scary !

  9. I love gnarly trees like that - they seem to have their own special story.

  10. I too am surprised that there's still snakes around... but I guess... as you said... you disturbed it... it was probably having a nice warm sleep in the logs! Glad that you're okay though... I can't believe you thought about getting photos for the blog!!! I would have been running like mad!!!

  11. UGH! Back when I was gardening all the time I would come across snakes, since I didn't want my children to get bit, I would use the hoe and chop them into 50 pieces before I could stop chopping. Glad neither you or Mr. Chookyblue were bit.

  12. I'm SO glad we don't have snakes here in NZ ! ( hubby here does lots of firewood and cockroaches are the most scary thing he finds )

  13. I don't like snakes...glad your OK
    there's nothing like a warming wood fire in winter..
    Julia ♥

  14. Its usually spiders crawling everywhere, not snakes. Not a nice surprise at all. Nice wood pile though.

  15. my goodness that snake ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  16. Eek! What a scary snake! Was it a dugite? Not sure where you live, but we get them here and they are dangerous!

    Ruth xx

  17. Yee gods, snakes or spiders, sorry not room for them in this household.... shuddering with the thought.

  18. I will be ordering another gas bottle by the end of the week too. Very windy here today.
    Lucky you had your camera for those great blog photos.

  19. There's another reason... that slippery critter !!! Soooo.. do not like snakes... Shudder }}}}

  20. We have snakes here in Florida too, there are 4 types of poisonous ones in the US, and we have some of each. Most you see are harmless, but I don't stick my arm or hand anywhere without looking when I'm outside. Glad he was peaceful and no harm done except I imagine some hard heart pounding.

  21. What was that snake thinking out in this weather????? I often take photos of a tree I think is magnificent and then the photo disappoints me. I wonder what the secret is to capturing their beauty.

  22. I'm so happy that we don't have nasties like that here.

  23. Yikes!
    I still keep watch in winter for them, they do come out on warm days....
    beautiful tree.

  24. It must be a great way to vent frustrations to swing the ax as you say. I think I would not be able to go outside if I were at your place, snakes and... The tree is beautiful but I just love all your pictures :)


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