Tuesday, 14 July 2009

fencing update............

these pics were from yesterday and I meant to post them last night.........found this fairy house that I HAD to snap a pic of it to keep the fairy girl happy...............

this old post had seen better days...........the white paint would have been a fox bait marker...........

last bit of the old fence to pull down..........but it is all gone now

these bolt cutters make my job easy, they are big but did they have to be so darn heavy.........

no wonder the fence was falling down..............most of the posts we push over by hand.....all rotted off at the base.............no idea how long it has been here but a very long time

here is a piece of the wire..............soon as you bend it it breaks...............

and for the morning I felt like I had platform shoes............we had a sprinkle of rain and the mud was just packing up a bit under foot........

discovering muscles I had forgotten I had.............

take care til next time.................Chookyblue...........


  1. If only that old fence could talk - he'd know a lot of swear words! LOL Seriously - it's hard work and I hope you get a post-hole digger for the new fence... (if you need one).

  2. You are working to hard. You need a rest. Its great with the kid to help too????
    When you are finished there are some to do here as well.lol

  3. So when do you find the time (and the energy) to quilt?
    Take care and don't work so hard!
    Paulette :o)

  4. That mud on the shoes reminds me of when the cauliflower paddocks were so bad that gum boots just came off and I wore the old runners and trudged out, following Dad who was cutting, carring 2 huge cauli's under the arms and one in each hand. Oh that mud.
    The other happy memory was late at night on a market night, coming out after dinner and helping wash and bag brussel sprouts being wash in a 44 gal drum.
    You brought back some memories also with the wattles. I had two in the back yard but they grew two devouring of water in a back yard so they went and the callistemon are now as tall as they were.
    I do miss having a wattle. Maybe I need to end cootamundra dreams and go for something smaller or ground cover. Now that I am not out and about much I do not even see the ones I used to on the road to Geelong. The used to signal hope to me.

  5. Looks like darned hard work to me! love the mushroom

  6. No doubt that sore all over feeling has a small... amount of 'job well done' satisfaction tied in there somewhere Chookyblue ?

  7. Oh, this is going to sound funny! You are a photographic artist - just take pics - you don't even have to talk!
    Hugd - Lurline♥

  8. You are one hard working woman. If you ever come to Florida and I have the honor of meeting you let me know ahead of time so I can lift weights. Just kidding, but if we were men I'd be serious. They also have their vanities.

  9. Fox bait marker, what´s that for?

  10. Great photos. many are quite familiar to me.

    Watch for those snakes!

  11. Please, sit down and put your feet up....you're making the rest of us look bad...keep the pictures coming, love to see them..

  12. I am sure the fairy girl will be delighted with the photo, and I am sure you left the house standing, grin.

    Now living in the mountains of western North Carolina and farmed, I can tell you the worst soil is old red clay, sigh!

  13. I so love your photos. I know it seems like hard work but just being outside breathing all that lovely fresh air must be so good for you. I imagine many a great quilt is constructed in your thoughts whilst out there.

  14. Love the pictures, but especially the boots.

  15. Great photos chookyblue! Love your glimpses of your country life.


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