Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Moving on to good things - Shopping...............

Thanks to everyone for your comments on the dust post..............I am breaking "my rules" and just won't get to reply to the comments.............the dust was amazing everywehere...........everything outside has a film of red dirt on it.............everything inside and out has a gritty feel...........I feel overwhelmed with the cleaning and don't even know where to start.............and the whole lot has to wait til Sunday to even start cleaning...............there is so much on at the moment............but it has to be done by next Friday as the visitors arrive then.............
But to cheer me up the mail arrived today and I have a couple of new books and some fabric.....

I ordered the books from Foothills Fabric and will have to get you own copy of both books cause I am only sharing the cover but they are both beautiful.............
Gail Pan's new book Baskets in Bloom...............Gail has just flown off to Norway for a few weeks tutoring with Leanne Beasley.........can't wait to see the pics from there trip..........I know the Norwegian girls will look after them well...........

Also ordered Rosie's new book A Stitch in Time - Rosalie Quinlan..............if you saw this post you know I got the blame from someone else when after chatting to me they "HAD" to order this book too............."ha ha got you - mine arrived first" job Rosie and Gail your books are gorgeous...........

After all the shopping chatter I also rang Amitie to order this fabric was on special........good news

the bad news is I was chatting to the Jeni and Louise while still looking at the website and these fabrics also made there way to my is so soft and pretty.........called "Darla by Tanya Whelan"...........don't remember seeing the range when it came out......the yellows are a bit more lemony then this pic.........

thanks for all the detailed comments on the last is really interesting reading them and I have gone back and read them all again........
seems there is famine or feast............and we all love the online shops they the big ones or the small ones...........but there is nothing quite like spending a few hours in your favourite patchwork shops fondling the fabrics and planning projects............chatting to the owners etc..........

Also some of you are very good and only get what you need as you need it and some feel like they have shops in there sewing go with what works for you.......

Take Care til next time..............
PS now if only I could find some time to sew and put these goodies into use............


  1. As one of those who nearly has a shop in her sewing room I have to own up!! But we really have no quilt shop within 100 kms so you have to have stash!
    I can't get over the dust, it's appalling, the idea of the dust thru the house makes me shudder!
    Those books are fantastic, wouldn't you like to have gone to norway with the tutors! Great fun! Tracey

  2. Ooooh, lots of wonderful new goodies! I'm anxious to see the quilting books when they arrive over here and Darla! One of my very favorite lines!!!

  3. hmmmm yes I have been drooling over these books, but having packed up soooooooo much stuff (yep I have a shop in my sewing room too)I am tryin real hard not to go near any more purchases ... just for a bit!!
    You dust storm was amazing, there have been a lot of amazing posts about it!
    I have been to Trondheim (beautiful place), and cruised on the coastal steamer that Leanne and Gail are heading off on, passed by the Arctic circle - great trip.
    Lovely fabric Chooky... have fun with it!

  4. The books look very interesting. I have seen that Rosaline has a new fabric line.

  5. Ditto for what ozcountryquiltingmum said abuot the sewing room shop.
    Good luck with the cleaning, it's the same here. I also thought about the farms where the dust came from....those poor farmers.
    Keep us posted with projects from the books, and lovely fabrics - they are very pretty!

  6. I guess I deserved the beating! The only consellation is that once my book arrives... I'll actually have time to get some sewing done while you're out and about being busy!! ;) Hope the cleaning goes well... goodness knows it'll be a big job!

  7. What will you make from Bloom and Stitch in Time? Pretty book covers! Love a new quilt book!

  8. Nothing like some shopping of such lovely fabric and books to lift your spirits-hope things calm down for you soon

  9. Oh Donna..I can only imagine that clean up ..good luck, I hope it never happens again!
    Gorgeous fabrics.
    Julia ♥

  10. A lovely Post full of goodies - glad you have moved forward re the duststorm, wish I could help you clean up!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  11. Writing our names in the dust all over the place here too Chookyblue we can clean together !!! Good thing your visitors don't arrive until next week though...
    Oh... DARLA is just So Pretty... The Temptation has been with me for a while now !

  12. I know what you are going through with the dust storm Chooky as I lived in the Riverina in an old farm house and it was a nightmare. So glad you've got some sweet things in the mail to compensate.

  13. I know what you mean about the dust!! I have mammoth cleanup in front of me as well. It will have to wait until the weekend. But I don't have any goodies like you to cheer me up, I might pop into my local fabric shop on the way home from work and see if that will cheer me up. I really don't need anything, but I always enjoy going in and having a chat and a look around and sometimes I might see something that catches my eye.


  14. Those books and fabrics look just gorgeous, you'll have so much fun with them! Sorry to hear about all the dust. I was pretty lucky here in western Sydney, everything outside got very dirty but the house was sealed up well and the wind has blown most of the dust outside away now.

  15. I keep eyeing those books, maybe I'll plunge!! Lovely fabrics keep them hidden from all that dust.

  16. The dust was incredible. I remember way back in the 80s I was at school when the famous Melbourne storm went through. We thought the sky was falling!

    Is that first fabric from the Ginseng range? I love it. It's gorgeous. I've been stashbuilding time to sew apparently but plenty of time to shop online :D

  17. Both books are just awesome looking.

  18. Mother nature can be cruel, I wish I were there to give you a hand. Glad you got some goodies to make you feel better.

  19. I do hope you'll find the time to sew some of the lovely projects! Great books!

  20. Hi Chookyblue,
    I will have to purchase those books too...they both look very inspiring!! Sending you good wishes for cleaning up....we had our floor sanded recently and that dust was bad got into everything!! Good Luck!! Cathy

  21. Lots of lovely shopping goodness there.

  22. I also bought Rosalie's new book and a fat quarter f each of her new fabrics may now reside in my stash. I love the hexagon quilt on the front cover and am thinking Kaffe. i need another project like a hole n the head!

  23. Hi Donna,
    Saw the dust storms on the news here and wanted to check on you. Really looked bad and feel for you on all the clean up.
    The new mail should make you feel a little better. Love the books.
    Keep Stitchen'

  24. Hi need to go shopping...... after all that dust...the fabric's are very pretty...

  25. Love your new books. Gail brought all her lovely samples with her, and I just loved them all...I don't know where to start, really! We had a blast with Leanne and Gail this past weekend- and might I add Leanne mentioned you at show and tell... Now I made you curious, right??

  26. Hey Chook, That dust was amazing. Where I grew up in Mildura we often saw dust like that. The pics on TV were amazing. Love your new buys. You'll be pleased to know I haven't even been into the patchwork shop this holidays . . . yet. But I do go back to school on Monday!!

  27. Sorry about the dust, have never experienced anything like that.
    No wonder you needed to treat yourself a little!
    I bought my copy of Gail's book in Trondheim and had it signed by her!
    But I think I NEED to by me Rosalie's book as well!
    Lovely fabrics!


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