Monday, 15 February 2010


Finally I have got myself organised and finally taken some photos...........we had another wonderful lot of rain...........nearly 2 inchs..........we were still wet from last weekends rain so now we are a mud bowl.........went to town today and one of our bad paddocks we drive along the side to look after the main part of the dirt road.........I was so close to being bogged it wasn't funny..........traveled unwillingly from one side of the road to the other and quite close to a fence but we made it thru.........the kids LOVE these - well i'll do it when needed but I have a gazillion other things I would prefer to do.........the kids wished it was like that all the time........every time I go "aaarrrhhhhhh  SH*$$&^$$%^*T" they are cheering "do it again Mum".........
moving on to the book shopping
...........Anni Downs Hatched and Patched new book A Boy's Story as you know I love Anni's designs......just have to get the book....... such good value too...........if you have the book make sure you read this post on Anni's blog........
these books I got at Kerrys - Cottage on the Hill..............when I called in she had a great selection of books and I really like to flick thru them to see if I want to buy the book......
.....Kim Diehl Simple Seasons..........
Fig Tree Quilts Fresh Vintage Sewing - love the block on the cover...........
I already have several projects planned out of these books..........

Take Care til next time..............


  1. I love book. They are the best! Isn't it weird what kids find amusing/funny/fun? Hope you live through the mud!

  2. Haha! Aren't kids funny! Love those books...they were lucky to leave my place!

  3. i have bad memories of getting bogged - in the middle of nowhere - i was sure we were going to die - but dad got us out (i think i was six at the time). i can't imagine having to drive through all that mud - i think you are very brave !!
    enjoy your books.

  4. Hope the wet road slowed you down a bit?
    Love the books and look forward to seeing up and coming projects.

  5. What great books - isn't fun getting new quilting books, reading them, planning your projects?

  6. I love your new banner photo.
    Those books look great. Lots of sewing inspiration there!!
    I have horrible memories of being bogged in the bush.....glad you got home safely!

  7. Your books look great. Hope they inspire you and we see some more great creations. Send some mud our way if your can. It nearly the right time..

  8. Some great books there! Hope the mud isn't too bad!! We ended up with 3 inches last weekend and 2 inches Sunday and yesterday! Nice!!

  9. Lovely stash of books. Do the kids ask you to go faster as well?

  10. I have the first two books. They are fantastic and I want to make every quil that is in them. Great to have some rain but the mud, not so good.

  11. Nice books you picked up. I recently had an online book buying binge - very satisfying. We have had a huge amount of rain too. My street is a dirt track and half of it's at the bottom of the hill!

  12. Sounds like my kids....hehehe what did Fiona mean by 'hoped it slowed you down'.....
    I love Anni's books too.... and Kim Diehl does beautiful work, Fig Tree Quilts books always have lovely stuff in them.... Enjoy your coffee time with them! What do you have planned????

  13. There is never a dull moment at your place! Great books by the looks:)

  14. books look great must have a
    thanks for sharing
    glad you have had rain
    we at esk also have and we seen to miss out....most times

  15. Hey Chooky
    I love the new photo/banner.
    Now you have no excuses for not being inspired and churning out OPAM finishes!! Your books look lovely.
    take care

  16. Hello Donna, Love those books you chose. Don't you just love kids,at least they weren't saying "when are we getting there" Have a lovely weekend.

  17. Lucky you with the rains - it's hot here in Mebourne !!! I love your blog and was thrilled to see you were in Aus. Kate

  18. The books look very interesting. It is so good that kids are not as worried as we the grown ups are.

  19. What wonderful additions to your library.
    I can imagine many happy hours just browsing and then, hopefully, some lovely things made from the books.
    Enjoy your new stash.

  20. Books are so special and I echo the lament about Melbourne's lack of rain. We were once the garden city.
    I have just been outside and so much of the soil is now becoming water repellent....makes me want to weep when I think of all the goodness put into it since 1980.

  21. Those are some great new books you've gotten. Love the boys book. Haven't seen that one around here.


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