Sunday, 28 February 2010

present and dinner.........

Finally I can show a finish for OPAM...........I know Kris and Peg don't fall over with shock..........I actually finished this one a few weeks ago and couldn't blog it as it was a present for Fairy Girl..........She copied a pic Nic drew and I stitched it up for her.............the wings are a little hard to see but I used a variegated DMC  thread.....not the best pic I forgot to take one outside today.............

there has been lots of yabbying going on here this weekend............they caught heaps threw lots back and kept some of the bigger ones for me for dinner...........

When you get big yabbies you can cook the claws also with the tails (like the tail of a prawn). You use a nut cracker to break the claws open..........the meat in the claws is very tender.........

Garlic Yabbies
as many yabbies as you can get - cook yabbies in boiling water
peel yabbies
place some butter in the frying pan
add some garlic
throw in the yabbies
season with salt and pepper
fry up a bit then add some grated cheese.......cook another 5 mins until cheese is melted then serve.....
usually I have these just in a bowl as is but sometimes I have served the garlic yabbies on some rice.........
here they are cooking in the fry pan..........

(in the bottom left of this photo you can see a claw and a tail beside it.......)

Take Care til next time..............
PS did you read the comments on the last post............WOW I am going to have a wonderful blog tour..............even if it is only in my dreams............thanks everyone.....lots of fun............


  1. The yabbies look delicious and
    your stitchery is cute too....Hope fairygirl had a lovely birthday.... did she get all her swap parcels in time?

  2. I read this early in the morning, before breakfast, and your pictures have made me VERY hungry. But I have to ask, how big is a "yabbie"? It looks like a little lobster: not something I have ever seen before. Neat how different things are on the other side of the world, huh?

  3. I have some of that green/pink floral in FG's quilt. Isn't it wonderful? I don't know what to do with it yet. Love the stitchery, too, of course.

  4. Your stitchery is wonderful, congratulations on your finish. Hmm, have never cooked, one...interesting!

  5. Your stitchery is so cute.

    Seeing the yabbies reminds me of when I was little and catch them in the drain. LOL

  6. Wow -- I don't really know what yabbies are -- are they small lobsters? They look delicious!

  7. hmmm the pic of Fairy Girls pressie didn't show up for me so I shall have to come back later and have a look. I am sure it is lovely. Those yabbies look yummy - simply mouthwatering!!!

  8. Your stitchery is so sweet & I'll have to Mast N your yabbie pics...he will be impressed!

  9. I am from south Louisiana, I think these are what we call crawfish. We had a bunch yesterday yours look just as yummy as ours were. I saved the left overs for a cheesy fettuccine.

  10. Really, did you have to? Now I need yabbies for breaky, mmmm, mmmm.
    Oh yes, love the little fairy too, but the yabbies are still calling, sigh, have to be an egg today.

  11. Fresh yabbies , sounds great haven't had any for a lo ng time no water down here the dams are empty. Congratulate Fairy Girl on her drawing

  12. Lovely gift for Fairygirl.
    Oh yum...yabbies!
    Dh has fond memories of going yabbing with our DGS who is now 28...on one occassion Dh split his pants bending over, and had to wear DGS's jumper tied around his waist...he has never lived it down..
    Julia ♥

  13. Your stitchery is adorable and those yabbies look delish!! Your making me hungry!!

  14. The yabbies do looks good...and I didn;t fall off my seat...well done on your finish...I am sure Fairy girl was thrilled...

  15. Hola Donna, muchas gracias por preocuparte por mi,gracias a Dios estamos bien, esperando que pueda normalizarse la situacion aca para poder viajar a Concepcion...mi hijo debe estar para el inicio de clases y no sabemos nada acerca de como esta el departamento en donde deberiamos vivir estos meses antes de viajar a nuestro nuevo hogar en Mexico, debemos seguir confiando en Dios, El esta en control de todo.

  16. Gorgeous project Donna; bet the birthday girl was thrilled. I've never had yabbies but I love Balmain bugs and crayfish so I would definitely be saying "Yum!"

  17. Cute little stitchery for your daughter....but I'll have to pass on the

  18. Those yabbies are much larger than anything we get here in NZ. They look very yummy cooked! We sometimes do imported prawns in the same way.

  19. The stitchery is just so sweet!

  20. Oh my, I want yabbies now!!!!

  21. Oh I just couldn't do that! Not only do I not eat seafood kind things, but I've had these guys as pets and know what wonderful little personalities they have. Poor babies! You murderer! Nah, just kidding, I know they're "farmed" to eat and not pets! lol


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