Tuesday, 2 March 2010

more book shopping.......

Forgot i hadn't published this post have already planned 2 projects from this book..............each quilt is shown in 2 colourways................they look so different..........

Christine Book Designs................an oldie but I love her stuff.........when I saw it I had to get it............
for my friends going to GDITC at Nundle yes I will take these 2 with me...........
.....10 sleeps til Girls Day in the Country weekend..........
Take Care til next time..............


  1. I must have a look out for that jelly foll book. Looks great and I have a jelly roll or two to make something out of. lol

  2. Something to look forward too, and only 10 sleeps away!! Wonderful books, glad you have some projects already planned.

  3. Must look up that Christine Book book LOL. I like her work and I have the fist of those Jelly Rolls book and it is very good. Ohhhh a quilting weekend lots of talking and not much sewing with loads of homework sound familiar.

  4. Hope you have a great time at your girls retreat.
    I am going at the end of the month and really looking forward to it too.

    Are you getting as much rain as us?


  5. You've been getting some great books lately. They both look like ones I need to find.

  6. Like the look of that jelly roll book...I should have sniffed that out on the weekend...lol

  7. Love the idea of the Jelly Roll book, I like to be told what to use, either Jelly Roll or Fat 1/4's. etc.
    Glad you're bringing them with you.
    See you then xx

  8. Nice books! Love the jelly roll book especially. That's very organised of you to have bought a Christmas book so early in the year!! How's Peg going with keeping everyone motivated and organised for Nundle?! ;)

  9. I must post my jelly roll book. I'm working on a quilt from it now and they are all nice and easy and quick designs....I love that!
    I also love Christine Book - have a couple of nice patterns but the book looks great!

  10. I've peeked in the jelly roll book at the bookstore and am tempted. I'll look forward to seeing what you make from it. A quilting weekend coming up - lucky you.

  11. You've said that word again-Nundle! I can feel the green coming out in my eyes. Nah not this year, we have Rosie and Leanne coming over here this year-wahoo!!!!
    hugs Deb

  12. oooooo I need to order me that jelly roll book I think!


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