Saturday, 3 April 2010

Food glorious food...........

With visitors comes lots of of my visitors has now become a more lessons while here......
Anzac Slice..........2nd one is cooking now..........
Crunchy Chocolate Slice
Date Slice from Kerry's new book..........
Choc coconut slice...........
Chocolate Caramel Slice (waiting for a man to chop up)
Zucchini Slice
Back to the kitchen..........lunch time they have all just come back from the sheep yards drenching lambs...........


  1. Oh, must say hello to Nancy ... I'm drooling, too - please tell us more about Kerry's new book!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. That all looks delicious!!!

    I bet it will all be gone before the end of the day!!!

  3. oh yum!
    May I have a tiny slice of each? They all look soooo good.

    Happy Easter.

  4. Yummo... i wonder how long it will take me to get to your house LOL :)
    Enjoy and have a great Easter!

  5. Chooky, must you post such yummy images at breakfast time!

  6. oh my gosh....I'm starving now...looks yummy!

  7. Happy Easter to you and to your family.
    Very good food's photos.
    ciao ciao

  8. YUM!!! We are doing the visiting for Easter and have done a lot of cooking over the last few days. We took a pavlova to Mums on Friday and for the picnic today have made pizza pinwheels, a new frittata thing, a new chocolate brownie and a pear and ginger upside down cake! Imagine if we combined our food - what a feast!!! Think I will have to get Kerry's book for that recipe alone!!

  9. WOW.. everything looks fantastic... very yummy indeed...

    Cath's Blog

    Cath Ü

  10. Have a lovely Easter Chooky! Soooo much food!

  11. Wow so much to choose from.... Drooling in Dongara here!

  12. I'm interested in the word "slice" since we in the USA don't use it quite that way. The Zucchini looked wonderful -- I'm avoiding most sweets but veggies are my thing. Share recipes?

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  13. You have been cooking up a storm. They all look lovely. I will have to try that zucchini slice. I get fresh farm eggs from one of my friends. So that is a good one to try.. Thanks...

  14. Oh my goodness, and I thought I had the cook-a-thon happening at our house this weekend with both girls requesting their favourites to take back to uni with them. Your food looks unreal.

  15. OK, I've thought and thought. What would we call it instead of "slice"
    Bars... perhaps


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