Saturday, 29 May 2010

Chilling out with Eurovision...........

Can anyone tell me how the goodness this show
there isn't much to watch on TV so I am watching Eurovision............saw a little last night............
I have no idea how it all works and it is always a bit odd...............guess it would help to be
But what was it with those glitter hot pants on the first boy group - Lithuania???? 
Another lady would win it on her favourite so far is Denmark...........loved the song the couple sang............
But our Aussie host is just back stage chatting to some of the contestants and it is so funny.........
off to listen to Sweden........

.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........


  1. We are watching it too = I have no idea how it works either but some of them are quite talented

  2. Chooky , we watched last night -Did you see the wings ???
    Crazy fun but I think some of them need some more clothes (I am old old old)

  3. Glad you watch! If you watch on the 29th of May, it`s to day here in Oslo, please vote for DIDRIK,the Norwegian guy, is is out as no 3, OMG, he has a lovely song and sings like Pavarotti!! :)

  4. It’s the 55th Eurovision Songcontest. Every European country first has a National Songcontest and chooses an artist and a song. Because there were so many changes in the European countries (all those Eastern European and Russian country split ups...) there are too many contesters to have one show so there are 2 semifinals first. It’s a phenomenon I don’t like it at all. They often send the most crazy people and acts to try to win. The country that wins hosts the show the next year. Norway won last year so that’s why it’s in Oslo nog.
    For the 6th year in a row we (the Dutch) didn’t even make it to the finals, which are tonight, but I will not be watching!
    And please don’t think it’s a reflection of the music and people in Europe. But... have fun!

  5. I have no idea what you are talking about but seeing this line: "glitter hot pants on the first boy group" tells me I may be missing something!

  6. Hi Sweet, I don't know either, but I've just done a little viewng and it was beautiful - so happy to be back in Blogland!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  7. Hi, Donna!

    Oh, I can't believe you are watching??? Guess there really isn't much on Aussie TV these days *lol*. Hope you have heaps of fun, though - 'cause that's what it's all about :o) I was in the Arena for the first Semi-final, which was a lot of fun! .and the 2. dressrehersal, and it will be a really fun show!

    Nicolette gave you a pretty explanation, except it's not neccesarily the European countries. There are some non-European participants (ex. Israel) - the ticket to get into the competition is to be a member of the European Broadcasting Union, and for some reason your country don't have to be European for that...

    If you want more info:

    Enjoy! And cheer for Didrik (Norway), Hera Björk (Iceland) and Niamh Kavanagh (Irland) ;o)

  8. So, I am a german fan of the eurovision song contest, I will watch it too! I hope that Lena, the german artist, will make it, because she is so sweet and an example for the new women: smart, funny, brave, authentic, crazy and individual :-).

    Greetings from Germany


  9. Oh my goodness! Does thee Eurovision song contest make it all the way to OZ? Whatever must you all be thinking? I'm laughing my socks off here.
    Crazy is right. I remember one year when the UK didn't get so much as one point. It can all get a bit political but yes, the hair styles and costumes can be fun.

  10. oh I have absolutley no idea either, there is way too much stuff on TV to catch up with everything, but if you found it to be good entertainment,great!!!

  11. Sounds intruiging Chooky, I have never seen it, perhaps I should be looking into it. xo

  12. Lol! I have friends who wait all year for this!!! The voting seems to be quite weird. It's sort of like American/Australian Idol, but really, really fast. One chance to shine. You miss it, oops - all over! And they do try to appeal to the sense of the ridiculous. The weirder you are the more votes it seems!!!

  13. Ha ha ha! All I can say is.... turn on your sense of humour before you watch Eurovision. You've gotta take it for what it is. Crazy, fun entertainment. It's not really my thing but it does make me laugh and if there's nothing else on, I will watch it.

    It's been on tv here in Australia for many, many years. Where have you all been? LOL!

    It's very unique... that's for sure. People either LOVE it to bits or hate it with a passion. I'm sure there's no in between. ;o)

  14. I watched it too. Gee some of the acts were weird. I think being gorgeous with long legs is mandatory, as is a bit of wind machine to tousle your hair when you reach the final chorus. What was that blonde guy who they said had a gammy leg? All that trying to look sultry and sexy was very embarrassing! At least the glitter hot pants guys seemed not to take themselves so seriously. Can't wait til Iron Chef & RockWiz are back!

  15. Hi. So fun you watch, I didn't. I was on the bus home from Oslo, but I got a lot of the "feeling " walking in town the day before the big show.
    Hugs ;-)

  16. Well I enjoy watching it, I guess it goes back to my childhood growing up in Germany, it is no different to Australian Idol or any of the other shows, you get weird entries and some wonderful ones too.


  17. Ahhh.. so you can get a doze of European Tv in AU... terrific...
    This is the first year we didnt make it to the finals... big sigh.. Poor sweeet little Anna.. she came as number 11 in semifinal number two.. and 10 contesters qualified..:o) Bad luck... or..:O)
    Any way I love watching it ....have grown up with it... and wouldnt want to miss looking.. Soo many music styles and pheew.. some are really really weird.. but I guess that is one pf the parts you like too... either thumbs up or thumbs down.. and to comment on the outfits.. lol...
    Hope you enjoyed it..:o)

  18. So fun you are watching the show downunder! As you understand, this is a show many people simply love to hate! Many are wathcing it, but will not admit they do! LOL!
    I think it is a lot of fun, good/bad songs and perfomances, the costumes and gimmicks are a big part of it! I was happy Norway didn't win this year, we won last year! If you go to my blog, I've posted a link to the interval act, which was amazing!

  19. Just returning from holiday in Spain I managed to watch the contest. I am glad you like the danish song. I also like the song.
    I am surpriced that you could watch this european TV in Australia.
    Jytte R


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