Sunday, 16 May 2010

sheep and weekends shouldn't go together......

toooo many weekends lately we have been doing sheep stuff..........just couldn't do it any other way........this was a photo i snapped this morning - crisp, bright and poor body was aching this afternoon.............even managed to tackle a sheep that jumped out of the race here...........thank goodness there weren't any videos around as it would have suited funniest home wasn't terrible elegant............ I would have taken more photos I just didn't have time to stop and take them.......
if anyone so much as mentions the word "sheep" next weekend look out...........
the garden sculptures continue to change much of my garden is buried under "umbrella grass"............
a chooky blog has to have some chooks occasionally - here are my new girls and boy..............this is my handsome black "ancona" rooster
hopefully I will be able to breed him with these 2 gorgeous ancona hens......aren't they just the prettiest fancy.........the photos were while they were still in the cage I brought them home in as today they were a little shy and hiding under the trees...............
and while I was there getting the other chookies I just had to get a couple of these red ancona hens too...........
a random feather...........
one of the few beautiful things I managed to find in my garden..............
Catch you later..............


  1. wow...those girls are pretty!!!...and their new beau is pretty regal looking! Your sheep pics bring back memories of growing up and helping Dad.....I still have the scar on my face where I sheep jumped the race and bowled me over...!

  2. Nice chooks...are they the ones that lay blue/green eggs?

  3. Hey Donna! WOW! It sure sounds like those woolly jumpers are keeping you busy! Well done on the tackle - would have loved to have seen it! :0) And just think, elegant or not ... if someone had videoed it you may have won money or a holiday on Funniest Home Videos! Would have been a shoot out between your sheep tackle and my leaning tower of clothesline! Tee! Hee! Hee! Your new chookies sure are handsome - bet they lay yummy eggs! :0) Hope you manage to steal some stitching ... or resting!! ... time real soon- Bear Hugs! KRIS

  4. Very regal Mr Rooster Chooky and the girls are gorgeous. Those roses
    are absolutely beautiful.
    hugs Deb

  5. Beautiful chhoks...won't mention the "s" word!

  6. It's terrible when work overtakes your weekend. Hope next weekend is more yours!

  7. My what a stunning boy...back up and running !!

  8. Oooppps I should have stayed. They we could have been busy doing other things (Phd's) hey. Sorry. Still cant find your house. Wish they would blow away for you

  9. Ok, no "s" word!!! Your chooks are so beautiful and what a lovely picture of your pretty flowers.

  10. Love the chooks and promise no
    S%**# will be mentioned.
    Have a good week
    Hugs Bec

  11. Love your pretty speckled hens!! We used to have chooks, it was lovely to have fresh eggs, now it's just store bought for us **sigh** ;o). Those roses are gawjus ... are they "Double Delight"?? So pretty!!
    Joy :o)

  12. Your girls are lovely! We have chooks at our block but Dad is the chook man and looks after them...he's always cooking up a special brew for them and they come a running when they see him!Quite funny really!
    I hope you get some 'you'
    time next weekend

  13. gorgeous chooks!
    we've just got brown hens and a frizzle, but they are cute too. i never realised how much fun chooks could be!
    your life is pretty busy - hopefully you we get a break from the sh*%p soon (see i didn't mention them).

  14. Gorgeous chooks Chooky!!! I'm definitely green with envy... ;)

    Hugs - Jodie

  15. A very handsome fellow indeed.

  16. Calling into say THANK YOU!! Couldn't, after all these years work out what had caused the no reply issue, came to your blog and "ou La!!' Hopefully fixed! Tell me if it worked...unless it hasn't just this once because this has been opened while I am playing on mine in another tab!
    I, too have been crazy with sheep and buying new chooks...silver dorkings, barred plymouth tocks, barnevelders and silver laced wyandottes...what fun! Tracey

  17. Love these pics. Stunning Rooster and Chickens.
    Who dips your sheep?
    I used to do work for a bloke around here. Looks like his dipper?

  18. People were having trouble emailing me ,so Alison ,Cardygirl suggested I come along to your blog ,where I would find the help I needed ,I have done that ,thank you ,and I have become a follower on your blog ,so of coarse will be back Jan in the UK

  19. Your new chooks are beautiful --what color eggs do they lay? (the hens, of course.)

  20. But isn't the smell wonderfull?
    You were smart doing your work in blue, .

  21. Pretty chickens!! Hope you survived the weekend working with your sheep...

  22. Hello Donna, love your knew hens. My Mum was given some ancona's for Mother's Day but they have black legs and look scary. Hope you get lots of liitle eggs from them. Lovely roses.
    Happy Monday.

  23. Are they good layers. It must be a farming weekend all round...we built some laying boxes for our hens today. They were very interested in what was being built for them.


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