Monday, 30 August 2010

Boxing Kangaroos..........

The last few mornings the same mob of kangaroos have been hanging around the front of the house...............
they have been sparring and boxing with each other.......mucking around.........yesterday morning this guy caught my eye and I couldn't work out what he was doing...............his actions were aggressive but I couldn't see anyone he was fighting with............(warning heaps of pics)..........
but then I saw the 2 guys on the left......

they hold there heads back well

then they have a break..........
back into it.........

another rest........
then the other guy hops into the action.......pushing off his tail to hit with his legs here.........
then the other one decides to jump into the action...........

pushing off his tail again..........they are so strong
they make an awful deep grunting sound when fighting.........

the rest of the mob just sat around munching......the big guy on the right behind the tree sat up like this the whole time I was outside watching them.............keeping guard........
I took all these on my zoom lens and then cropped most of the pics so you could see them up close.............
Catch you later..............


  1. Boys being boys!! I'd hate to be on the receiving end of that kick!

  2. I have a great respect for Kangaroos


  3. Pretty exciting action in the backyard! I'm happy with my quiet little group of turkeys that struts through our backyard every few days!

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing them.


  4. Maybe the big boy was the referee :) must be interesting to get those looks at kangaroo life.

  5. I know they're not supposed to be seasonal breeders - but I'm taking it as another sign spring is nearly here!

  6. They look cute and everything but they are strong - and can defend themselves pretty well...we almost lost a dog once that had a male roo cornered - those back legs are lethal weapons! Fascinating to watch in your "back yard" - thanks for sharing the pics

  7. great pictures sad that they are not happy with each other ............
    could you go a little near them and say stoppppppppppppppppp

  8. Definately boys being boys! *grin* Oz really does have the silliest bunch of animals doesn't it *smile*
    toni xxx

  9. I'm glad you mentioned you took them on the zoom as wouldn't be game to get that close while this was going on.Thanks for the pics, they were great

  10. In my previous life as a year 7 & 8 teacher I had a class of boys that behaved pretty much the same as those kangaroos. In fact, can you call out Cellum and see if you get a grunting answer? LOL
    Thank you for using your talent and sharing it with us : ))
    hugs - Miche'le

  11. The only time we see Kangaroos is in the zoo. They are very exotic for me.

  12. Perhaps they were (on-hands/tails) discussing who should come up to your house and sign up for the SSCS? ;) *lol*

  13. FANTASTIC lucky of you to have these sights so close to home...I am envious...hugs Khris

  14. Oh, what an awesome photo series! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Wow...and you saw all of that action from your yard???? I guess it would be like me watching the squirrels play with each other :o)

  16. Donna,
    I would like to live there where you are.
    ciao ciao

  17. Wow! What an amazing sight that must've been. Makes my lazy little kangaroos at the zoo look pitiful LOL. Thanks for sharing your pictures -- I love that I learn so much by reading blogs!

  18. Wow how wonderful, Very special at least to me ;-))

  19. Like many of the other ladies, this is a very exotic sight to me. The closest that we have seen from our house was some adolescent bulls sparring on the other side of the fence. It was fascinating, but I feared for our fence, lol. Great post, very fascinating.

  20. My goodness! How awesome that you get to watch them being themselves! They look quite big too.

  21. Awesome pictures for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Are they actually fighting or is it mating season? I don't know too much about kangaroos except that they're too cool!

    And if they are fighting, what's with the third guy coming in? Play fair, guys!

  22. Pretty exciting yard you have there...makes my possums and birds that stroll through look awlfully boring:0)

  23. I loved seeing this series of pictures... well captured.... Hugz

  24. Mob of Kangaroos: Must be a dream!!
    as long as I am far away:-)

    Close to camels in Kuwait.
    Close to a Grisley Bear in Alaska.
    Close to a moose in Norway.

    Your photos are great!

  25. Great snaps.....bit of the old testosterone flowing there, but did any of them get the girl LOL.

  26. Fascinating - thanks for sharing these pictures. If it were me I would spend all day watching kangaroos never getting anything done!


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