Saturday, 18 September 2010

readers, subscribers, followers???

I After reading bloglines was closing I had to work out an alternative. Hence try to understand the difference between followers and subscribers (all linked to google reader) think I have it slightly..........
Some of you had no idea what I was even talking about so maybe this post will help explain.  
It is long and photoless so Kris you might need more then a cuppa to get thru this top shelf alcohol cupboard.

I know I saw on a blog a few months ago someone going on about how many followers they have......well in my opinion it is interesting but it's not any sort of competition to see who has the most.........but for some people it is..........
I have been blogging for a long time and I post what I want.........I would prefer to have less people to come to my blog and read it and look at the photos because they enjoy it instead of lots coming because I have free things to giveaway........they don't really care then - just in for something for themselves........
I suppose what we all want to know is that someone visits and reads what we write......and takes the time to leave a comment.

As i found out in my “research” there are readers, subscribers and followers......

Readers are how I started out. I just typed in addresses. If I liked them I had all the people I visited saved as favourites/bookmarked in my internet explorer/chrome internet browser.  I would open each page individually and see if you had put up a new post on their blog or not. I was on super slow internet (not much better now) and I used to get frustrated waiting for a site to open to find nothing new..........
Readers also come from blog lists on sidebars where people click from one blog to another.

A girlfriend was visiting and she got me onto bloglines aka subscribers. Saved me heaps of time. 

Subscribers is what you would call bloglines and google reader
Bloglines(now closing if you use it export your subscriptions and then import them into google reader)
Google reader - I have my own account and I tell it what sites I want to keep track of and it searches the web for me. I go into my google reader account and it shows all the updated posts you have put on your blog. If I want to comment on one of the posts I click on the post title and it opens up your blog to that post ready for me to leave my comment. 
I have mine sorted into folders for countries or different groups etc that makes more sense to me. 
I subscribe to all mine privately therefore no one knows if I am following their blog or not and no one is offended if I change my mind and unsubscribe. 
(Note the above is also referred to as RSS feeds. The internet in the background searches all your sites for the feeds that are automatically sent out from your blog unless you make it a private closed blog followers find those same feeds but uses them a little differently)
There doesn't seem to be any other feed readers known like bloglines and google reader so I will stick with google reader for now. I did check out "Feedly" which works with google chrome web browser and also links into google reader and it's not bad - nice clean look and as you read feeds in there it updates back to reader so you don't have to clear out both - but still thinking about it.  

Followers has developed with the more recent social networking ideas (from my opinion). (tied up with google friends connect). Mostly it would be safe to say if you clicked on someone in a list of followers they would have similar interests to the blog you have been on. Hence it is a good way to find other blogs with the same/similar interest. 
Followers shows up down the bottom of your dashboard (in blogger)......showing the posts of blogs you “follow” only get a snippet of the the bottom right of that box you can click on google reader and view all the blogs you “follow” in google reader instead. 
As Dawnie found out today. It also should show the whole post for you.

When I started blogging there were various “rings” and people were members of those surf rings and they had to post so often and a certain sort of content was a way to find blogs of similar interest. They have died over time. I never joined any or were asked to join but I posted about a variety of things not just quilting.
I have only “followed” my own blog to see what it looks like for others if they use followers. 
When I went into google reader there is a folder of “Blogs i’m following” there so if you already have subscribed in google reader then you will be doubling up if you “follow” them too.
Most “followers” are public hence why we are able to see all those little icons on blogs if people choose to show them on their sidebar (or at the bottom of the blog in my case). 
For some people it is only a matter of many people “like them” so to speak. Some people get a bit disappointed it if they only have a do they get more.....some have been upset when someone stopped “following” them.......
I am unsure about my followers button down the bottom of my blog whether I should keep it shown there or take it off???

I think some people act like it is a popularity contest. You truly have no idea how many visit your blog. All the people that go thru subscriptions don’t show up in stat counter........unless they actually come to your blog.........and if someone is following how often do they look at your blog anyway.
Some days I get no comments but know from my stats that a lot of people have passed by.

There is also many people that just jump onto one site then click on sites on the sidebar and hop from one blog to the my case when I do this I usually don’t remember where the hell I started or how I got to be where I am but finding lots of great and some not so great stuff to look at along the way.........

So how do you know how many visit???

I use a stat counter to get an idea where people are looking from (country) and I can see what sites they have come from.  Blogger does have new tabs with stats but I have a shinystat account. 
There are also others around. If you see one you like on someones sidebar click on it and it will usually take you to the home site and you can make your own. I have tried a few over the years but find shinystat easy to understand.

Many have giveaways where you have to “follow” their blog to get an entry in the giveaway and this is a way to get more traffic to their blog.....downside- are the visitors only there for the giveaway and never back to read again...........(these giveaway's are a pet hate of mine as regular readers would know)

So how do you get people to find your blog and get it out there?

You have to put yourself out there - blogging does take time and effort

Visit peoples blogs AND LEAVE COMMENTS – you may need to leave a few to get noticed by a blogger sometimes. I could be too busy to go visit your blog when you leave the first one and only reply to your comment. But see another comment from you and go to your blog. 

Visit other bloggers in a swap you have joined - most people who host a swap include a list of the other girls in the swap. Check them out while the swap is on.

Include a linked list of blogs you like on your blog - I have never asked anyone to include my blog in there sidebar.......and I have only been asked by one or 2 people to inlcude them on my sidebar..........not something I would recommend - asking people that is - I was a bit put off by it. 
The people I have on my sidebar are there because I like their blogs. I don't update it as often as I should but I do it 4-5 times a year.

Put relevant and useful content on your blog  - your blog is personal and “about you” but things that help here might be to think of the reasons why you might visit another blog.............i’m not saying copy here but what makes you want to go back to a blog and visit I am not really into crazy quilting so wouldn’t be searching out crazy quilting blogs.......
The reason I go to one blog could be completely different to why I go to another blog even though the blogs may be similar.

Photos - everyone loves to see photos of what you making/made, where in the world you are

Include links in your posts to other blogs – when you mention things you have seen on others blogs or you went and met up with a blog friend etc or joined a swap or won a giveaway etc

Post frequently and keep your blog moving – regular posting is a it several times a week or once a fortnight or monthly........don’t say you’ll post daily cause 99.9% of us can’t manage that.......

Rambling – don’t ramble on for too long in posts – keep it short and sweet (unlike this post)

I suppose what we all want to know is that someone visits and reads what we write......takes the time to leave a comment......we all want/enjoy the social interaction, friendship and motivation we get from blogland..........and we’re just as good as each other...........have fun and do what works for you.

I have added this post the sidebar list of "How bits"

.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........


  1. Great blog, full of important things for us all to remember

  2. Great post.. I just had a similar conversation with someone on one of the blogs 'I follow' about followers and what it means. Honestly, for me I don't blog/post (in the main) for comments and followers. I started blogging for me, comments came later. Sure it's nice to think you're not totally talking to yourself and I've met some awesome people through my blogs, but in the end I write/photograph for me. I refuse to jump through hoops and follow a blog just for a giveaway. I follow because I like whats said...
    Just my two bobs worth...

    Oh look the verification is bobless, so maybe I should just be quiet..??

  3. That has to be the best explanation I have read about this whole blogging thing ever. Well done. Thank heavens you said we didn't have to blog every I don't have a hope. I would also love to master the short and sweet post - but alas that does not seem to be part of my genetic makeup and by now my readers are probably used to my long and rambling ways....roflmol. I'm with you on the give aways though - some are just to boost "ratings" - what a waste of time. Keep up the wonderful work - your blog is a delight and joy to read.

  4. Great post. I have pretty much come to a similar conclusion about follower and giveaways etc. Lots of the people that join in the giveaways only comment when there is a giveaway and you end up living in a vacume. As I am trying to start my business it is a bit depressing when you don't get any feedback what so ever. I am following my stats now which is much more of an indication of how many people are stopping by and if there are regulars.

  5. Great information. Thank you so much for all the effort you have put into this post. You have clarified a few issues for me, especially the difference between subscribers and followers. Greatly appreciated.

  6. Great post I blog for me and if someone wants to comment then great and I love to hear from them as for following, I do that so I can find them again, as the computer and I have a love hate relationship. I am not worried about the amount or the comments I enjoy blogging and the people I have meet Like You :)
    Hugs Bec

  7. Well said. I actually dont comment when there is a giveaway. I dont always leave a comment and I know I should but I still love visiting that blog again and may leave a comment next time. I have meet some beautiful people in blog land that I can call my friend.

    Chat soon Kez

  8. Great post and it just had to be this long:) I have now chosen to save "my" blogs on the sidebar. And are very selective which one i put there.

  9. Great post - I will go through the reader info again as I find I am spending such a lot of time downloading! I enjoy a daily read of blogs, even if I don't always comment.....
    Have a lovely weekend

  10. Thanks Chooky Blue - I have only just discovered my stats tab and was surprised to see I actually do get visitors -I am not usually a big commenter as it takes so long to catch up on my favourite blogs and then I do want to sew occasionally and I am always behind on that. I do however love my blog reading and sometimes feel sad when others dont post something new. Now that I know people are looking at my blog I hope to post more regularly -i dont want them to feel sad.

  11. Great post! And I totally agree with you;) I don't want to take any extra pressures about my blog - how many times I'll post or how many readers I have and so on... I'll do it all without obligations;) But I have noticed that the list of the blogs which I read is coming longer and longer...

  12. Great post! I hate the popularity type of giveaways too.

  13. great's always nice to know that you're not the only one feeling some of these things.
    I hate jumping thru hoops for giveaways etc, so don't...if I find a blog interesting I'll usually bookmark it, then go back and check it out more thoroughly, and if I find it still interesting, will follow...usually hidden...cos as you said some people get offended if you stop, whatever the reason.
    Don't always comment on blogs, depends on if I have time or if it's a really interesting this!
    I'm a bit like you too, clicking onto the sidebars to see what blogs people keep there, and usually end up God knows where and how I got there! but that's half the fun I think.
    I think I'll put a sock in it now, cos I think I managed the longest comment!!!!

  14. Like Facebook, 'following' can be susceptible to a popularity contest. Sure, I love it when I gain a new follower, but I have plenty of visitors that comment regularly that arent followers. It really makes no difference in the long run :-)

  15. You always manage to sum these things up so well Chooky, loved reading your post, even without pics!! xo

  16. Chooky I really enjoyed this post and learned heaps from it (which I usually do from your posts). I don't blog for followers either, my main motivation was so that my interstate friends and family could see what I've been up to without me having to repeat it a dozen times.
    But I must say I've met some wonderful people through these blogs, and have picked up so many fabulous ideas. I just couldn't imagine going for too long without reading my favourite blogs.

  17. Great post Donna.
    I’m glad I don’t know who are my followers, it’s a feature I can’t use in Wordpress, but the stats tell me I have lots more visitors than people leaving comments. We all probably have. So be it. I blog to have some kind of a journal of my (crafting) life.
    Happy weekend!

  18. Oh Chookyblue! I'm so new to all this and you have just answered a whole lot of questions. Thanks heaps. Cheers Annette

  19. You do have to put yourself out there, but it is all such fun! I like to comment if I have something to say (I nearly always do. Opinionated I guess.) cause I like to get comments myself. It alleviates the echoing of your voice!

  20. Hey Donna! Didn't quite need to hit the top shelf ... but thought about it cos it's cold and nasty here today! :0) What an epic posting from the queen of "short and simple"! Tee! Hee! Hee! Interesting though. I have a list of my fave blogs that go direct to RSS feeds folders in my email window, so when I check email, there are the lastest posts from my blogging buddies. Like you, I read them all, then if I want to comment, I visit the blog, mostly I just stay up to date with my blogging buddies. As to followers ... it's flattering to think people are interested enough in my 'ramblings' to list as a follower, but I don't show my list on my blog cos my sidebar is too darn full of all sorts of other things! :0) At the end of the day, I blog for my own entertainment, to get my design business and patterns 'out there' a bit more and to chat to like-minded gals all over the world. If I can give people a giggle along the way ... then that's a bonus! Not to mention that I've met some fabulous people! :0) Thanks for the read - Bear Hugs! KRIS

  21. Thankyou for an excellent post ... you've cleared up a couple of things for me.
    I did the export/import thingy from bloglines and ended up doubling up on a lot of blogs. I'm still trying to go through and weed them out but they keep re-appearing?
    Oh well :o) As long as I have them.

  22. What an interesting post. I sometimes feel I'm not keeping up to date with the latest technology but now you've explained it I'm not so fussed (tho I did move to Google Reader successfully). I've never kept a stat counter as I've always thought I might be a bit frightened by the numbers!

  23. Hi Chooky,
    Thanks for that post. I used to call myself a 'lurker' now I know I am a subscriber. I have google reader, it is so good.I didnt know the bit about leaving a comment. I used click on the email button, as reader has no 'comment'button. Thanks for that, hence my comment to you. I do enjoy your blog, sorry if I don't comment much. But my friends and I have a chat about what all the bloggers are doing. Take Care, Bron.

  24. I wish I had read this before I went mad following heaps of blogs. I only discovered google reader when I tried to follow a wordpress blog and had to subscribe to their feed instead, I now tend to subscribe rather than follow. Good tip about organising the blogs into folders.

  25. I must say I went over and did the quiz on Australia before coming back and commenting. Thanks Donna You are "True Blue" spoken and written like an Aussie. Informative , readable, no nonsense. We love you , you make us all feel like Happy Little Vegemites.

  26. I love posts like this. Lovely meaty posts full of really useful info. As far as the followers thing goes, in the end I decided to put mine up there in public out of respect for the three people who followd me even when it wasn't displayed. I don't follow everyone who follows me but I always take it as a compliment when someone takes the time to do so. So glad I wasn't blogging when those rings were in. I've been a misfit all my life and would definitely never have fitted. Cherrie

  27. Thanks for a great post.
    For me the number of followers doesn't mean much; it's the comments from people that makes me happy. I like to visit blogs, there are so much inspirations, but I know I can be better giving comments.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  28. Great post Chooky... I blog for me, it's like a journal of my work, I'm hopeless and can't keep up with a hand written journal, plus here I have photos.. I enjoy surfing the blogs and getting inspired by the beautiful work.. if someone wants to comment then great.

  29. Thanks to you I found out how to use Blogger dashboard altough I don not have a blogger site. I have not to open all the sites anymore to see if there is a new message. It makes my internet life easier. Thanks.

  30. Brilliant info, thanks for clearing a lot of that up for me. I started using Google Reader about a month ago and have found it great, saves so much time, as I used to visit everyone from my blog list in my sidebar! Sometimes it might take me a while, but I usually work it out in the end!! LOL. Am I right in assuming only blogger blogs are automatically transferred to Reader? I couldn't find some of the french blogs and typepad blogs I have on my bloglist on it, and had to add them manually.

  31. I am exhausted.....very informative post there Chooky....

  32. Oops! I'm doing it all wrong. Thanks for trying to explain it to me but I'm totally lost. After reading every one elses comments it appears I'm the only eejit.

  33. You are one very wise lady! Thankyou for explaining it all! I don't like being pressured into following a blog and don't like leaving a comment for a give away...just how I am!
    A very informative post!
    Lisa ʚϊɞ

  34. Another really informative post from you.I have google reader so I'm not affected by the bloglines closing down. It's been interesting reading various blog posts on the whole follower dabate. I originally added a list because someone said where is it? I want to follow you. I don't enter giveaways that includes jumping through hoops, just my pet peeve.I don't if I don't go to the blog regulary either.

  35. I enjoy blogging....leaving comments and getting not a fan of "following" blogs......I just have a list of blogs on my sidebar that I like to visit...and have it set to update as people post...that does it for me. I won't enter a giveaway on a blog I don't regularly read - and I wont enter a giveaway that asks you to jump thru ten hoops, turn around once then pat your tummy and heat at the same time. I especially won't become a follower to win something.....Go Cutters seem to be all the rage is giveaways at the moment....if I want Go Cutter I will buy one.....just my opinion ....I have met some awesome people on line thru blogging and hope I continue to meet awesome people....keep it simple and enjoy!

  36. Chooky, you are just so dammed good on this "blog" thing. When will your new book be out!! Am sure that we would all love to purchase a copy. Now... what about the 'blog lurkers" you know the ones that always have a stickybeek and dont ever leave a comment!!!! any way of tracking them???

  37. As always you've figured out some of the "hard" stuff for us...thank you!

    I will go back and re-read this post when I have more time, but again you've put it all very well!

  38. Hey always come up with good points on blogging and always learning. I don`t post often cause I found when others posted on my blog I feel obligated to respond..I don`t want these fun bloggers to take time to respond to every comment that i make.. I don`t want to take away from their quilting time so that I can see the next project.. I know selfish on my part..but I love to see what OTHERS are doing I learn so much..

    thanks that is why I call myself a follower..

  39. Very informative. I think folks blog for different reasons. Clearly, it is economic for many who do the give aways. Nothing wrong with that. Some of these young girls are supplementing their family incomes by blogging about quilting. I will post more often. I read them every day so I need to post more. I just love having a place to talk about something other than work.

    Thanks for the educational post.

  40. Very interesting post.
    Thank you.

  41. Wow, you are good at explaining..
    This matter is not an easy one! I do follow a few dear friends of mine just to keep me on track with what they are doing, but I cannot follow lots of peolpe the point for me will be a bit lost then..
    On my sidebare I have "new aditions post" ( This one is in Norwegian so I do not know what it is called in english), they are the bloggers who usually leave me a comment and I visit them back.
    I also have a lot of links on my blogg and they are there mostly for my own use but everyone else can use them too.
    I try to keep up with people who are nice to me, you know what I mean...
    I very seldom join in private giveaways because it is too much work, but sometimes I try my luck at feks Fathquartershop ;-)
    I have considered to have a giveaway on my blogg without telling anyone, that way it will be a suprice for usual readers.
    I realy love follow your for several reasons and you are good to explain everyone how to behave;-))
    Take care and have more fun. Tonight I will have to wonderful friends ower for dinner and mabe some redwine

  42. Once again you've summed it all up perfectly!

  43. Excelente explicación. Gracias.

  44. Once again you have explained in 'easy to understand' lingo another aspect of 'blogging'! I have been using bloglines (on the recommendation of others earlier) and love the way it works so I was very sad to see it closing. I have never understood the whole 'follower' thing and it doesn't really interest me. If entering a giveaway is dependant on all types of things then I just don't bother! I love it when people drop in on my blog ( I am slightly amazed that anyone finds anything of interest!)but I write it for myself as much as for anyone else, if people don't like me the way I am then I don't really mind if they don't call in. Oops just realised I failed 'short and sweet' with this comment!!!! Thank you for your friendship and guidance.

  45. I use Google reader and love it. I do not worry about followers either. I am here to show what I have done to whoever sees it.

  46. Thank you for your post. I have been reading your blog for awhile. I generally don't leave too many comments but I think I need to change that. I like looking at the photos too and am trying to incorporate that into my blog. I thought I had some tech skills but am finding setting up the blog, etc isn't as easy as I hoped. I do appreciate all your tips for those of us who are challenged!

  47. Thanks heaps Chooky, know I know exactly what you were discussing when you were talking about bloglines.

    Hope the water has gone down for your round the farm...

  48. Well I did as you said and went for the top shelf coffee...Joking.
    I'm hearing you Chooky... great post...have agreed with heaps & learnt lots...Thanks for taking the time to explore and explain the info.
    Cheers NIC

  49. Great post...I have only been blogging for a few months and I love it because I have met so many people that I never would have evr been able to meet. Some of the gals ot there are so inspiring to me and I appreciate all of you! As far as give aways...most of the time I don't do those...I'm here for the socializing.

  50. Great post full of interesting information. Food for thought.

  51. Thanks for all that info, it is possible to get a little confused with bloggy things and just when you have it sorted something new comes along!

  52. Thanks for doing this post. I've used both Bloglines and Google Reader, but Bloglines the most. Why? It's the first reader I started using after being a reader like the most of us when we started reading blogs. But I've missed actually seeing the blogs, and I commented less when reading in bloglines.
    Then I read this blog post:

    Sorry for the looong link!

    I've tried it, and I like it! It takes me directly to the newest post on the blogs, and I comment more!
    If you want to save a post, you go to your Google reader, find the blog and save the post like you use to do.

    Ooops, sorry for the loooooong comment! Hope you find it useful!

  53. Great post! I've learn't quite a bit from reading it. Thanks for researching it and putting it out there for everyone.

  54. Thanks for this post. I am new to blog-ville and found your column most helpful and enlightening.

  55. Very informative post! I didn't even know about Bloglines until it announced that it would shut down. I usually "follow" blogs I like, and get updates from my Blogger Dashboard. Lately I just have my sidebar blog list sorted by date instead of alphabetically. Thanks so much for explaining everything!

  56. Thank you for this post. I really agree with you. And I love the statistic button. It's nice to see that somebody is reading your blog, even if you don't get many comments (should nobody blame for that, I rarely comment myself, lol)

  57. This is a great post. I started blogging for me and for my family that lives out of state from me so they could see what I was up to. I only follow those blogs who inspire me and are interesting to me. I do follow publicly, but have been thinking of doing it differently for the same reasons. As when you decided not to follow they want to know why you left......I visit many blogs and sometimes I do not comment as I may not have time, but I do like my daily reads....thanks for a great post it is much needed in blogland.

  58. Blogging makes me finish stuff...plain and simple. I am a procrastinator of the highest order, and a UFO queen. I've made my own little rule that I must finish a project before I blog about it...unless it's something like the GJ SAL of course :), so that makes me finish things. Blogging has also given me some beautiful friends, both online and IRL. I don't get caught up in the politics of it all...the "I've got more followers than you" type mindset...but am trying very hard to leave a comment on blogs that I love to this one :)
    Thanks for all the useful info Chooky xxx

  59. Thanks for another informative post. You do offer great advice and I have taken it to improve my own blog. Thanks, Chooky. :)

  60. Thanks for the post I am not sure what I am a follower/lurker sometimes I just visit blogs to see what others are doing...but never leave a comment now I will..

  61. Whew! I don't think I can keep up with the techie stuff. I need a tutor. Thanks though for the explanation, I'm like you, no competition, I just blog when I can and enjoy reading others' blogs when I can. Life seems to get in the way now and then, doesn't it. Make it a good day!

  62. Great post Chooky. I must admit to being a 'reader'. But I love visitors too.

  63. Oh Dear, I often pop over for a read,
    really enjoy your blog. Have only ever left one comment...(hanging head in embarrassment) and today's entry is going to take more than one visit to get through. (Gotta go feed the herd), so no constructive comment today, just felt I had to leave something to let you know just how much I do appreciate the work you put in.

  64. Great post! I used to use Bloglines but switched to Google Reader a while back. The few times I followed someone for a give-away it messed up their position in my Reader so I quit using the follower button. I always wondered why so many people started asking for followers, I guess it was those people over at GO that have been causing all the trouble lol!

  65. I so agree with you about followers. Its not about the amount you have. Basically i follow everyone on my sidebar, even though thats not official.
    I must admit I do love comments though :) Blogging, for me was something I started for myself...the people I have interacted with and exchanged comments and emails with are a wonderful bonus. I guess I need to get better at short and sweet though LOL
    I think I will need to read this post more than once:)
    Hugs, Sharon
    Hugs, Sharon

  66. Who would have thought there could be so much to blogging!
    I love to read blogs but shame on me I can't be bothered to update my own.
    I need to try to do better.
    Thanks for taking the time to write this up as it answers a lot of questions on the subscriber/follower/reader subject.

  67. Hi Chooky
    Thanks for this post - I have successfully transfered to Google Reader. I know I don't blog much any more but I don't want to lose all my old 'bloggy friends'.
    Hope all is well at your place!

  68. Very informative & good advice...thanks for sharing.

  69. Wow! Thanks for all the great info! I do come back to you quite often!

  70. Very informative post! I use google reader too rather than becoming a follower - there is always so many inspiring blogs to read and discover.

  71. You know that 10 out of the first 13 post started with "Great". How's that for stats? (Ya, I'm weird).

    I used to wish for "new" followers every time I logged on. Then I hit this magic number in the 70's and haven't had another in 6+ months. Bummer, dude.

    Also, I try to click on each follower every now and then. Do you know what? Some don't even exist anymore. Some haven't blogged in over a year. Followers don't mean squat. Those who take the time to comment: Gold.

  72. This post could be 'the bible' for what not to do and what to do here in blog land. Absolutely loved it!! I so agree with you on the followers. I've only done one give away and it did bring in people...but only for the 'free'. I too really want people to follow because they see something in my writing that inspires them or helps them in their work. Because they enjoy it...not because they have to.
    So thanks for posting what you did!

  73. Can totally relate to your post. I blog for me. I started the Freebies blog for me to hold onto the hundreds of links I was accumulating and then decided to start the blog to have them all in one place..along with that came sharing with others which makes me happy...I love to share....other than that following for me is in Google Reader and I can barely keep up with all the fantastic blogs I love to read or skim these days...and yes I believe a lot of people only join for give aways....I would rather them want to see the things I make or chat about than be there for a giveaway....hugs Khris

  74. Wow Donna you have had a lot of comments on this post! I have not read them but I thought I would post my thoughts.

    I am finding that I am an "old" blogger... I have not gotten involved much in the new stuff and it seems to me many of the new blogs are mostly advertising --- "buy this" - "win this" lots of links to stuff ... fabric -- go cutters etc. That I am not interested in.... It seems blogging is becoming impersonal and uninteresting.

    I enjoy visiting you blog - and often I just read through Google reader. I don't see the need to "follow" anyone.

  75. I love this post. I have difficulties with English but I could understand. I'm new to the blogging world and I really liked what you wrote. I like surfing through the blogs that have the same interests as me. I learn more, I discover new things and sometimes I leave the shyness behind and I post a message. I'll come back here more often to visit. Greetings! Heloisa

  76. Thanks for clearing this up.

  77. I know this is an older post, but I'm new to blogging and just stumbled across this page. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    And your quilts are gorgeous!

  78. Really useful for me as a new blogger. Thank you.....


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