Thursday, 9 September 2010

SSCS update...........

Hi everyone...............
Finally I have finished sending out all the 107 check your in box (or spam) and make sure you reply to the email i sent. Very important so i know you got my email with your swap partners details.
if you want to find out something "specific" from your partner shoot me an email and I can find out and get back to you..................
Now for a treat BECAUSE you don't usually see anything til Christmas time and you can't show on your blogs until you know they are received and opened...........BUT this is one of the Christmas ornaments some lucky person will receive.............I can't tell you who has made it that will spoil the surprise but a very cute handmade Christmas ornament............
off to take some more pain tablets my ear ache is starting to ache to much............
also raining again.........
see you next week.........



  1. Oh Chooky I do hope you are OK and feeling better soon. Thanks for your all hard work to get this SSCS off to a great start again.

  2. All the best for you ear;hope tablets work fast.
    Lovely ornament!!
    I have started on "you know what" little present. Very exciting, really:-)

  3. Well done getting all those emails out! You're a super woman!
    Hope your earache gets better soon. Very cute decoration too :)

  4. Thanks for all the work Donna and I hope you will be on the mend soon!

  5. Hola amiga, sabemos que estas trabajando muy fuerte para que este intercambio resulte bien...y aprecio mucho eso, disfruto plenamente de la preparacion de mis regalos para ser un buen aporte, espero amiga que pase pronto ese dolor en tus oidos.

  6. Oww, earache. How nasty. Take care of yourself my dear. Love the little crochet thingy.

  7. Hoping your earache settles..... and the water subsides also...... Thanks for all your work as always regarding the SSCS

  8. I do feel sorry for you and earache... it is so not nice.. hope you are better soon
    The decoration is so lovely and delicate..

  9. Ouch. earache, horrible thing, leave Chookyblue alone. Don't you know she has SSCS business. Hope all's well now, Donna. Thanks for putting the SSCS together; I have my partner and am very excited.Have a great weekend; I am going to the new Makers Market at Buninyong tomorrow and hope to buy one of Annie Flowergarden's mini-quilts.

  10. Hope your ear gets better soon. Thanks for all your hard work getting our swap off to a wonderful start.

  11. Ditto to everything already said
    Hope you are better soon

  12. Cute decoration - I will miss being part of the swap this year...but just too many things going on for me in 2010....roll on 2011! Hope your ear ache goes away soon!

  13. I like the ornament. Thank you for al the work you have done for the SSCS.I hope your earache get better soon.

  14. Thanks for the little appetizer!
    Hope you ear will be better soon!

  15. That is a gorgeous Christmas ornament... :) Whoever made this must be very pleased! Simple but so effective! :)


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