Monday, 17 January 2011

Flood relief...........

Don't worry if your not close to Toowoomba contact Marion and she will be able to let you know how you can help - information about the Quilt Drive is here.
Please help if you can.
Every little bit helps.
Also Toni should have the massive list up now of all the auctions for the Queensland flood appeal.

Also thinking of all the people affected in Victoria by the floods.
Also more remote communities  in New South Wales who are starting to be affected by the Queensland flood waters - it will take weeks to pass thru.
And the north east corner cleaning up from last weeks floods.
So many areas affected.

.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........


  1. I'm going to be in Toowoomba this week sometime so have a kit ready to drop off for them to sew. I think it's a great idea. Yes... our town will be flooded (says major flooding... don't know how bad that is though) by Friday. Obviously with us living so far away... we will be fine... but it's a full on time for anyone involved and waiting for flood waters... or cleaning up from a flood. Here's hoping that the levels get down graded.

  2. Yes not only Queensland, this is getting bigger by the day and I just hope the rain will stay away as the rivers can't cope with even more
    Take care

  3. It is incredible isn't it, the size and reach of these flooding waters throughout Australia (as well as the fires on the other side!). How many lives affected, how many businesses lost. I cannot comprehend it at this point. xo

  4. My heart goes out to all the people who have lost precious things in the floods.

  5. Such a heartbreaking time for so many people, take care.


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