Wednesday, 5 January 2011

SSCS presents 61-80..........

Do you have your cuppa ready for today??????
Aust Jodie for USA Ruth
Aust JoJo for Switz Barbara
Aust Joy for USA Kristi
Aust JulieG for NZ Miche'le 
Aust KateG for UK Andrea
Aust KateW for USA Elizabeth
Aust Kerry for Finland Satu
Aust Kris for Nor Laila
Aust Leah for Nor Oddbjorg
Aust Leanne for USA Ranette
Aust Lisa for Nor Nemo
Aust Lise for USA Sherry
Aust Liz for Nor Grethe
Aust Lizzie for Can CJ
Aust Lurline for Nor LailaLS
Aust Maree for Nor Yvonne
Aust NickyH for Can Rosemarie
Aust Pamela for Aust Shelley
Aust Peg for Nor MayK
Aust Rebecca for USA Laura
Catch you later..............
still more to follow............


  1. So many lovely things!!!! I hope my secret santa comes one of these days. Seeing all those lovely things makes me curieus.

  2. What a wonderful selection of goodies! That "Home Sweet Home" is just fantastic

  3. See... this is what the SSCS is all about!! Beautiful handmade items... and sharing the love!

  4. what lovely gifts and eye candy

  5. I am loving all this eye candy....

  6. Wonderful gifts in the first 3 "lots!" What a mammoth coordinating effort, Chooky, not to mention the uploading of the photos each day. Well done everyone :)

  7. Lots of beautiful gifts...I sure love mine!

  8. Everything is just so lovely.
    You are amazing for organizing such a huge event.


  9. oh my goodness i cannot imagine how long it took you do compile this - awesome job chooky


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