Saturday, 24 November 2012

Shopping Frenzy - part 2

Images just in via our reporter at the scene, Mr Mat Terial

Some of the women that were witnessed leaving the patchwork store. 
They were overheard commenting that they were very happy with their purchases 
but that they would need to hide them from their husbands

These are believed to be the feet of the blogger at the centre of the frenzy, 
"Chookyblue" with her purchases

The frenzy was too much for this shopper - identified as 'Anita'
She collapsed in store and had to given 5 minutes rest. 

.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue..... Little Chicken xoxo


  1. Great time, I`m sure, love the serie of all the pictures, included the chicken!! :-)

  2. I wasn't there, but I sure can appreciate the descriptions!!

  3. sure did get on a the bottom

  4. Thank you for picking a skinny pic of me LOLe like that when I was shopping I would hae to have a lie down too!!

  5. Just can't stop laughing...Am I the skinny one in pink?


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