Saturday, 24 November 2012

Shopping Frenzy

Little Chicken is at it again ..... oops! I just can't resist!


Local news outlet, The Western Advocate, has just reported that there is currently a shopping frenzy underway at a local patchwork shop. Our reporter at the scene, Mr Mat Terial, states that the shop was over-run by a group of women at approximately 10am local time. Terial reports that the women are apparently all known to each other and had converged on the shop as part of a day out. Mr Mat Terial observed women grabbing at material stocks, cooing over designs, calculating material requirements, making 'just-in-case' purchases, laughing and loads of chatting. A famous blogging identity who goes by the code name 'Chookyblue' is said to be at the centre of the frenzy. 

A photo of the scene of rampaging women bursting through the doors of the patchwork shop

Mr Mat Terial wonders if the now barren store will forced to advertise that it is now .... 

.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.....Little Chicken xoxo 


  1. giggles thanks for the smiles

  2. lol what a good reporter you are.xx

  3. Little Chicken, I wish you worked for The Advocate - at least it would make me laugh!!!

  4. I won't be forgetting to sign out again........

  5. What is it you teach again??......creative writing??? LOL


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