Sunday, 3 November 2013

blah blah blah.............

my mind is in a million places with a million thoughts so I still have stuff to show which hasn't happened............
the cows have moved to my's been awhile since I had a pic there..........
 took it the other morning when some of the cows came into the trough for water
I've been reading some farm blogs and have added a few links below of posts you might like to read..........something different for you to think about..............
This post was a longer one but a great one to pleased my kids are country/bush kids..........
"DROUGHT" the word government was never going to say instead replaced by "seasonal outlooks" which no one being mentioned again by government....
I was trying to think of an equivalent do you think " flood = ground saturation" but do you really think it is appropriate............well DROUGHT is firmly being mentioned in many parts of Queensland  and now some areas of NSW...........really drought is the only word you can use. Everyone knows it's bad............
I think a drought is a long slow natural disaster..........if it happened as quick as floods and fires it would be treated differently by government...........
You do want to eat and wear clothes don't you?????
Well hello you need farmers to do that.........
massive crop failures.......some people are talking of selling breading cows and if you get rid of your breeding stock it is very difficult to start again.....they will always cost you more to buy back in........everyones selling stock we should be selling in another 12 months..........prices are terrible then what income do you have next year...........the effects go on for takes years to prepare for drought and even more to recover from it........
here is another post to read for some thoughts............or this one...........and I have read this one several times...........and I have enjoyed visiting this blog too  - the Jackaroo is off droving........
a rainfall update..............
Since April 2012 we have had just over 16inchs of rain............our average annual rainfall is around 20-22inchs - the last 4 months is just over an 1.5 inchs.............with the last 4 months also much warmer then average..........bring on the rain I say............might be having drought drinks again soon.....
My nine patches have arrived with Googy Girl but here they are close up.......
It will be so exciting getting everyones blocks back once Googy Girls mixes them up....
And this quilt that I was part of has arrived at it's destination so I can share this photo too..............
Fulltime town work has finished................I survived...........actually the hours are much more reasonable then working with Mr Chooky, no dust and flies, air con, and the job pays money.....real bonus that is..........I did have some big days to get thru and stuff to work out but I did it and is harder to take time off when your working fulltime so I had to juggle my extra hours so that I worked the correct amount to keep the bigger bosses happy......
would I do it again.........not by choice......we'll see how long this drought continues for......I might have to do more town work to survive.................
sadly I know of 3 people (unconnected to each other) who have taken there own lives in the last 6 weeks..........all very sad........I went to one of the funerals and I took Fairy Girl with me as it was her friend from school's of these was my borthers mate and then within a few weeks another one died in a terrible is so precious and short......
so I best go............I have a the blog meet to look forward to on Saturday.....i'll be away for the week pretty much........can't wait to see the girls....
........finally getting thru all the washing in one go.........the folding needs attacking and it's been a very long time since I had the ironing under control....that's not possible at the moment.....
best go do some bookwork..........and continue trying to keep the garden have no idea what it is like chasing hoses...........I love my timers.............I put hoses on of an evening and they turn themselves's another hot day here today but suppose to be cooler again tomorrow..........the temps are so up and down....thank goodness for insulation and blinds I am just shutting my self away  for the afternoon.....I don't have the air con on yet and it is 35deg outside....
Hope you like the header.............
So behind with emails........
Take care........


  1. Life as a farmer is never easy, it takes a love of the land to survive....but it is very hard. Take care dear friend in these tough times, whilst we are not there to help and support, you know your "pretend" friends care very much. Xx

  2. A pretty ordinary day here today,muggy and lots of smoke...I NEVER have the ironing under control...

  3. OMGosh Chookyblue - if only we could do something to help. What a tough time you (and others) are having.
    I will not take my food so much for granted - although I prefer to think that meat comes from the supermarket - I don't like to think of it when its at the beginning of the food chain.

  4. Love the header Chooky! I've just finished a 'farm' seemed as though I was in it....drought/floods ...just what you talk about! It's a tough life there with real love of the land going through you. I think those drought drinks sound pretty good!

  5. How does one respond....... Well done to you, your family and all those that deal with our crazy weather to feed and resource the rest of us. We do appreciate it.
    So sad about the lives lost. Look forward to the blog meet. Sharyn:)

  6. Thinking of you, drought not good, and yes you are right, if it was fire or flood then action would be quick. Thinking of you in the loss of those you are mourning, it is hard when they take their own lives, had experience with that also. Hugs to you.

  7. Well goodness Chooky - you have had a LOT on your plate lately!!! I love the new header, but feel for you and the others in our land facing the tough decisions drought brings along with it. Hoping and praying things get better in the coming months!!! - Will you guys get hit by the tropical storms if they come through NT & Qld?

  8. First off your header looks great...I feel your pain, hopefully this drought will clear up more sooner than later or the Government finally pulls their heads out of their proverbial ^$&(*(*&1 It is so sad when a life is lost by accident or other wise my heart goes out to their families. You take care Chooky.

  9. Hang in there....we're all hoping it rains soon. Love your nine patches. X

  10. Gosh Chooky, it's so hard for people to appreciate the life of a farmer if they have no experience of it. Just having people consider what you are going through if you are not in the same profession or don't walk the same circuit as them is hard. People get inside their little bubble and only consider themselves, it's a very hard trait of the human being. I so hope you get some rain this summer. The seasons have turned to shyte in the last couple of years and I think predicting the weather must be a taxing job, they're never right.
    I feel for the families of those poor people you mentioned, hopefully they are able to feel some relief soon but god knows let's hope noone else needs to release themselves from the pressures in this way anymore.
    If there is anything at all I can do from NZ don't hesitate to yell out. Thinking of you all. xx

  11. People forget that farmers don't get a pay packet for their work like other people....and the hours worked per week - bloody hell, start adding them up!

    So sad to hear of those who took their lives, its hard to understand how desperate you would have to be.
    Although not on the land, we had 2 guys take their lives in one week, in our small community. Family men with families who loved them. I will never understand it.

    This bastard weather is not fair on farmers, their wives and kids, its just not!

    That quilt looked lovely, I hope who got it was wonderfully surprised and delighted!

    What work were you doing in town? I hope it was worth the travel and hours away from the farm, so often it isn't, which is so annoying! And you have enough to juggle...

    Here's to a some rain your way (*sips wine) and sooon!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  12. Life is hard when your lively hood is controlled by the weather. My father was a professional fisherman some times where good some were not. Wish I could send you some rain.

  13. Its hard Chooky, it all started out so good....we do need that your block...6 sleeps...

  14. oh my chooky i love your new header but it has made me realize how dry it is there,oh i so pray for rain for you guys.xx

  15. I'm still doing that rain dance for you... perhaps I had better quicken the tempo! Fingers crossed that it arrives soon! :)

  16. No matter what country, we need to appreciate the farmers more. We need to understand the life that people lead to allow us to have what we eat and sew and to understand the never ending work it takes for us to have these things. Thank you for reminding us that it is not like in the nursery rhymes. Love the cows in the header.

  17. Shall I do a rain dance for you? Lol
    Love ya chicky!!xx

  18. A wonderful post Chooky! I will always remember being told of some children who ran inside screaming and terrified when it rained towards the end of the last drought - they were 5yrs and 3yrs - they had been born in the drought and had never experienced rain and were frightened by it. You really have to go through shooting stock, carting water and feed, watch a 2,000 acre of dust coming at you in a dust storm to really understand and empathise with others that are affected by drought. I pray that it ends sooner than later for you lovely lad, and for your family!!

  19. Oh Chooky it must be so hard but remember your the best Chook on the block, so hang in there.

  20. Wishing you plenty of dark clouds to bring that much needed rain. Thanks for the blog links, which gave lots of interesting info on the subject.

  21. I am so sad for you that live is so hard. It is so unfair. Here we have almost to much rain. I hope the idea that I think of you cheers you up a little.

  22. You have much to think of. A great quilt you are showing.

  23. I like the header!!! I'm touched by your story. I wish I could send you some rain.
    Love, Martine

  24. Hear Hear and very well said Chooky!
    I'll be popping over to those other links when I get a chance too.
    Great header :o)

  25. Chooky blue, have just discovered the links you mentioned. Found an article in the Victorian Weekly Times about country blogging, these ladies were mentioned. Drought is so soul destroying, praying for lots of rain ASAP for your family and everybody caught up in this hardship.

  26. Thinking of you. If I could send rain I would.
    ((Hugs)) Lou x

  27. Rain thoughts to you chook...The quilt is Magnificent! Say hi to my friend Jan at the blog meet.

  28. Oh Chooky!! life can be so tough living on the land I'm sure you have great memories of the better times and know that's why you stay, you go and enjoy those drought drinks with your friends and neighbours....
    the heart quilt is lovely, thanks for the blog links learnt something about the rest of our wonderful country today! xx

  29. Chooky, you have so much on your mind & your plate too... I hope you enjoy the blog meet... sending lots of 'rain prayers' to QLD & NSW...

  30. yes definitely a dry and crunchy in many places.....nine patches are lovely and the quilt too. Enjoy the blog meet...some quilty respite sounds good :)

  31. Yes there is no doubt that you certainly work just soo hard in living on the land. My hat does go out to you. Love your new head, and this quilt just looks amazing.


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