Saturday, 16 November 2013

goanna, thread catcher.......

Yesterday I had a goanna in the he was back again on the other side of the garden......I took a pic but it didn't turn out so well on my phone.......right at the Chookshed..........yesterday I saw him dig in some dirt and pull out and eat 3 mice...........he has a mouth full here...........
the girls got a shot/pic of him in this big metal drum when he crawled into it...........
See him down the bottom..............
not sure what they would have done if he ran
lots of clouds floating around but NOTHING............

Fairy Girl has a friend out and they wanted to make some thread catchers - not that they are using them for that purpose.......but they had fun making them........

AND last night the wallaby also dined on lettuce............Fairy Girl had planted a few of the leafy know so you can pick a few leaves here and there............well the centre of all 3 is completely gone................

Can anyone help me with this (below)...............think it is a veggie but Fairy Girl lost the tag and she was the one shopping with Mr Chooky when she got it so I have no idea.......
Oh and remember my Google Plus issues.......see you all hate it like I do...(along with facebook)
.....well I thought maybe Melanie doesn't know why we don't comment so I told her in an email..............she has fixed it somehow........we can comment now.........
well done Melanie at Pinnylea Creations...........
pop over and leave her a comment as she has had post upon post of creativeness with out any comments.........goodness knows why she was still blogging with no comments at all..........that would be a bit disheartening.............
Catch you later


  1. lots happening at your place Chooky ,well done girls your baskets look fantastic,sorry chooky dont know what that plant is.xx

  2. The baskets look great and who cares what they use them for really as long as they create. Goanna's are so interesting to watch, I haven't seen one for ages so its nice to see your piccies.


    I'm a follower of Melanie now.

  3. I just thought people were a little shy and that's the way blogging worked (LOL; told you I am technologically impaired!).
    I would never go out in the garden again if I thought I'd see a goanna like that (Pom in me I'm totally afraid of lizards, snakes, spiders ...... and the list goes on!!).

  4. Love the fabrc baskets, as for the goanna i will let u have him.

  5. You can keep your goanna (I have a severe reaction to reptiles - I go higher and higher and a goanna would follow me!!).Is the plant a cauliflower or broccoli - looks similar. The girls did a great job on the baskets!!

  6. Have been thinking about that plant and I think it may be an eggplant - not quite right for caulie or broccoli!!

  7. love your goanna!.. he's a good little mouser....the little bird on the fence is checking him out too!
    fairygirl and her friend did well with their fabric boxes.. I use my all the time ..just for holding things!!

  8. great goanna... there was one around here the other day.. the birds went crazy... that looks like eggplant to me....

  9. Hi Chooky
    The plant is an eggplant. :-)) Shelley

  10. Glad those people knew what your plant was - I have no idea...
    Little baskets are great for all sorts of things...not too sure on your goanna.

  11. Lovely goanna, although I'd be keeping my distance! That plant is an eggplant, I'm growing a few myself at the moment.

  12. Pity the goanna didn't fancy eating the roo's! Lovely thread catchers made by the girls. Sorry never been good at veggie plant ID but impressed your daughter would grow and eat it if it is an eggplant! Although I like it in dip!

  13. Great work fairy girl on the sewing and gardening front. Damn wallabies bit like the rabbits at Port Elliot they wait until something looks lovely then they eat it urrrrr.

  14. You do have some interesting pets!!!! the baskets the girls have made...Visited Mel yesterday....

  15. I think the plant is an eggplant too! The thread catchers look amazing! The goanna is a bit scary...we have recently seen a copper head snake here, I am NOT going near that part of the garden for a while!! Oh it it so sad to see what damage the wallabies do, we have rabbits here and they are eating everything in sight - even the rose flowers!! Hang in there for some rain, I wish we could send up what we have been having here!

  16. I see that someone has already identified the eggplant. Looks a healthy specimum too! Here in suburbia my veggie patch gets trashed by possums and bush turkeys!

  17. Definitely an eggplant Chooky! Great work on the thread catchers girls they look great! Kx.

  18. Never a dull moment at your place.

  19. Hello Donna,

    I will be around for some fried eggplant in a month or two. Hope the nibbly creatures find something else to nibble on. Have you tried some chilli on the veg, apparently they don't like that.
    Fairy girl and her friend have done some wonderful sewing.

    happy days.

  20. Ohh poor little hungry wallaby ;) lol no really how annoying !!!

  21. A very newsy post. The girls have done a great job with their stitching. At least the goanna removed some mice. Now you just have to remove a wallaby. Pesky thing. They are so cute until they become destructive. I'll add my comment about the eggplant as well. I only bought my seedlings this morning, so you'll be enjoying them long before us.

  22. I'll swap the wallaby for a wombat,goes through fences like a bulldozer and has the dogs barking all night, the wallabies round here keep in the bush across the road and wont go anywhere near the dogs or my veggies.