Sunday, 15 February 2015

kitchen help.............

well I could do with a maid and cook but that's not that help I need today................
I am designing a Bunnings kitchen with Mr Chooky...
limited it will be a basic flat pack...........
unfortunately I will be installing aforementioned kitchen with him too......
sadly it's not a new kitchen for me..........
has anyone got any tips, problems, suggestions I need them ASAP...........
It will be simple and basic.............
Something like this one.. but U shaped.......
bit lighter then these doors on the bottom with a speckled/motley bench top a bit darker then this...........I just noticed in this kitchen they have lighter doors up the top........
what do you think about that????
should the doors all be one colour?
Not going with white cupboards........
might need the full time maid then to keep the dust off..........
.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........


  1. Looks pretty good to me...I like the paler ones up top...I'd go two colours and really I wouldn't think a pale colour would be bad...I'd be hoping for cupboards all the way to the ceiling so there is no dust on top...good luck.

  2. Love the design....I like duo colors...always adds interest.

  3. Lots of fun ahead...I like the two tends to make it look bigger...dark at the top mght close it in.....woo hoo xx

  4. I like the idea of the lighter doors up top it makes it look more spacious. I agree with what Susan said about cupboards going all the way to the ceiling, but I don't think that is possible with those flatpack kitchens. One thing I would suggest is to make sure you have all your meals sorted/planned/pre-made for installation day and the day after, just one less thing to think about on the big day.

  5. Definitely choose a benchtop with a pattern - otherwise every stain, chip, crumb shows. Buy handles that are curved (D or a flat C shaped) not knobs, because the knobs catch on your clothes and poke small children in the eye. Draws are more expensive but you fit way more in. Corners are good for pantries - otherwise you end up with a poky cupboard that you loose stuff in. If you have to have a corner cupboard AND there is a open bench on the other side, then have a door on the other side as well so you can access it both sides. IF the inside cupboards have the holes all the way up both sides, buy a couple of extra shelves. It is so handy to have some cupboards divided up into three shelves rather then just two. Have fun...I would like to think installing a kitchen is a bit like adult Lego...but never having done it I cannot say, perhaps just have alcohol on hand for emergencies!

  6. Looks nice and fresh... I see some good tips have been added here.... I have never been brave enough to try this but I'm sure you will have fun and end up with a lovely new kitchen... you will show us?

  7. Sorry can't help... mine's the original kitchen... but I still like it.
    Good LuCK... xox

  8. I like he paler top doors Chooky...they don't stare you in the face like darker ones would! Drawers underneath instead of cupboards where you can as there would be more storage. We are talking of swinging our kitchen bench around as there isn't enough storage....1 cupboard, and smaller drawers.....the underneath is timber. As new timber would be expensive we are going with a lighter coloured to tie in with the top. So 2 colour types for us too even though there will be timber behind the bench on the other side!

  9. Oh Chooky, what a shame we are so far away from each other.
    My DD is the top kitchen expert at Bunnings here, she designs and helps clients pick to suit their needs.

  10. Sorry can't help you but good luck.

  11. Layout of a kitchen is the most important thing to be considered. Keep in mind the basic triangle of movement within the area. Speak to a kitchen designer to get tips. You will be amazed how a simple layout effects the functioning of a kitchen. Good luck with it all. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

  12. Sue and Pip have the best ideas.
    I havent "done" a kitchen for 25 years (several houses ago) My current kitchen was done by a developer and I hate it. Black granite benchtop (shows every fine dusting of flour imaginable) however the black kickboards are a good idea...dont show scuffing. There are black splash backs and the whole kitchen therefore feels dark. Definitely had to buy more shelves. I like drawers more than doors. Have fun!

  13. That kitchen, and others I have seen at Bunnings look really nice. I would recommend the speckly bench top. I have one and you don't have problems with keeping streaky marks off like you do with a flat colour. Cardygirl has installed one of these in a house she was in for a short time and it looked great too. I would chat to her.

  14. Who is the kitchen for if not for you....I like the classic and cottage style ones if it's for your house xx

  15. Have you checked out IKEA Kitchens....They have lots to choose from as well and they come flat pack...So full of ideas I am....LOL

  16. Hey I have a better idea....I have a beautiful kitchen you can have!!!!!! You've seen it and I know you were jealous....Lol


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