Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Shopping help!!!!!!

a blog friend is visiting Australia from overseas and emailed to ask about patchwork shops in Sydney.

She is here for a few months so wanted to know about patchwork groups/shops in Sydney............
If you could add detailed comments as to the shop and address, suburb etc I would appreciate it.
Maybe I will have to check out a few when in Sydney next......
Some of the ones i thought of were Quiltsmith, Cottage Quilt Works, Material Obsessions but not sure of the address, suburb etc........
Hope you can help.............

.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........


  1. The Material Obsession staff were always lovely when I lived in Sydney, but they have moved so no idea their address now. I joined the Hunters Hill group (and they were lovely but day only and I got a job) and then the Eastwood group (who had two day and one night group) who were equally lovely! I made some great friends in our short time in Sydney at both this groups, so hope your friend can also. Groups contacts can be found through the guild.

  2. Patchwork Plus in Miranda, Lorraine is absolutely lovely and she has great repros. I always see Lorraine with her shop at an event and I've not been to the actual shop but here is her website http://patchworkplus.com.au/ for details.

  3. Material Obsession is in Drummoyne, very close to Birkenhead Point shopping centre, Quiltsmith is 75 Nelson Street, Annandale. Another good shop is Remnant Warehouse in Botany Road, Alexandria.

  4. Patchwork Plus is in Jackson Ave, Miranda, across the road from the huge Westfields. I think the patchwork plus website that Jindi has mentioned is a different shop from Lorraine's at Miranda-- is it in Tassie??.
    There is Peg's Pieces in the main street (Oak St) in Kirrawee, Jules in National Ave, Loftus. There is a shop in Balmain that sells Patchwork fabrics and wools-- they also have Liberty fabrics. Oatley Cottage is in Frederick St ,Oatley. Hope these names are of help.

  5. I absolutely adored being told about QuiltSmith when we were over in Sydney last year and if I went back again I would head there for sure. The selection was incredible and the girls were brilliant.

  6. I have been told by a few friends that Logan's Patchwork at 6/111 Moore Street, Leichhardt NSW 2040
    (02) 9550 9119 is a good place to shop, sadly I have only been to one place and that is at Hobbysew in Kings Park as I work there 2 days a month, they do have lots of fabric as I think I have most of it in my stash LOL. I hope she has plenty of time to visit them all :)

  7. You've already named my favourite shops. The NSW Quilt Guild has Friday Showcases once a month where they have featured quilters, Non members can go, here's a link for details http://www.quiltersguildnsw.com/events.html#friday
    If your friend is still here in April there's the Springwood Quilt Show held on the 4th weekend of April. That's always worth seeing.

  8. I really enjoyed Quilt Smith

    But I also found the Craft Depot pretty good – their prices were quite reasonable and they have some of everything


    And where your friend goes depends a lot on what styles she likes if she is going to be driving around…
    Craft Depot is really close to a train station

    Take Care


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