Sunday, 31 May 2015

Mood light and new plans.....

Maybe you can try and pic which feet belongs to which girl..............
The girls are out of bed much earlier today...... 
Plans being made by me and Googy...... We did this last time...... 
One jelly roll some background fabric and keen sewers..... 
It's going to be a good day...... 
Might be interesting for the girls getting out of here.... But more rain....... Slipping and sliding will be the order of the day....... Muddy cars like they have never had before...... Lol  


  1. Nice to see the rain, tis raining here too...I wonder who owns which legs n slippers lol

  2. I'm picking you have the blue PJ's, red slippers.....
    Hope you get get rained out...

  3. I'm picking Chooky in the red slippers....Kate in the cream and Googy in blue!

  4. Oh no......what if they get flooded you have enough fabric to keep them going? In Sydney today so the sewing party is over for me :(

  5. No chooky jammies so too hard to guess!! No clues!! Rain is good....enjoy that sewing.

  6. Hmm kate on left' googy in moddle and chooky on right!!! How did i do?
    Have just stopped for a cuppa and thought i wud drop in. I have been over at cheryls (dorys) for a bit of cake. Yummo,.
    Thought i wid drop in even tho i didnt sogn up, back to stitching gotta go! Have fun girls.

  7. No chooky jammies so too hard to guess!! No clues!! Rain is good....enjoy that sewing.

  8. Wonderful rain and hope you all stayed in your jarmies all day..wonderful to sew in.

  9. I agree nice jim not too many clues as to who is who but here goes..Kate on the left in the cupcakes, Chooky in the centre only cause I thought well owls are birds...and then Googy Girl on the right in the blue dog ones with her bag of wool for her crochet blanket next to her..whichever is which it will be fun to find out

  10. So glad for you friends, rain, bubbles, quilts, cool weather. Fun


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