Sunday, 25 September 2016

10th Annual Secret Santa 2016..............

Hi Girls.........
I was loving the things you guessed for 10........
it was great keeping you all in suspense........
the time has come for the 10th annual Secret Santa Christmas Swap..........
for many it is a christmas tradition........
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I still can't believe something I started online 10 years ago is still able to run........blogging sure has changed in the last few years especially..........
people don't make the time to blog like they did previously........
everything has to be quicker and easier and less personal........
Hundreds and hundreds of women have joined in over the years...........some just for one year and a few have done the whole lot but many have joined year after year to take time to make a beautiful gift for someone overseas who also has a love of crafting............
I'm later this year with the signup's so you need to get stitching a bit faster............
First in best dressed as they say so if I don't get enough international girls to pair up with Aussies you may miss out............I know you will be happy to send to Australia but the joy of this swap has been sending and receiving from overseas so this tradition will continue.............

This swap is only for active bloggers......
(don't bother if you only do the darkside)
If you want to see what happened in previous years go to my labels (right sidebar) and choose Secret Santa Christmas Swap or SSCS08 etc
If you are a regular to the swap and many girls are you know the drill but if your not sure of the details you can read the rules below before you sign up........ 

If you want to join email (chookybluesscs at gmail dot com) 
(not my usual address)

 I will then email you a link for a form to complete. 

You can leave a comment on this post but to get the form you need to email the above address.............

If you have only come here to join the swap and never visited before this isn’t the swap for you......this is for my regular visitors......


The rules are simple

NO 1 Make a beautiful gift (love, time and effort required) – you can make whatever you want eg, bag, wall hanging, stitchery, table runner, Christmas theme (optional) ...send something you would love to receive... 
(not something you whip up in a couple of hours)

NO 2 Make a small decoration that can be hung on a Christmas tree (simple or fiddly up to you)

### Don't tell anyone who your SSCS partner is please. Don't share pics online of your parcel either intil it is opened. This is a secret until they receive their parcel or Christmas Day shhhhhhhhh!!!!!! A different person will be sending to you....

### international postage essential  - TRY AN KEEP WEIGH UNDER 500 grams to keep cost down

### You need to have an active blog .....posting once or twice a month.... so your partner can sneak a peek and get ideas of what to make for you and they know you are active.....therefore existing

###  Postage is ONLY  between 21st and 25th November to ensure your partner gets their present before Christmas (reason for swap)

### Make sure you "thank" your Santa - very important and post about your present when you receive it..........

### If you are difficult to contact you may be dropped from the SSCS.....several times between now and the deadline I email out and you MUST if you are going away for a week or 2 just let me know

### If everyone can follow the above it will make for another very successful SSCS..... less headaches for me.........

### Any problems make sure you contact me sooner rather than later

Please don't sign up
  • if you are not prepared to send
  • if you’re too busy
  • you can't be bothered to blog
  • if you’re not committed to making and sending quality handmade gifts

Catch you later.........

'Keeping the love of blogging alive'


  1. Me too please! Congrats on 10 years! Fab effort.

  2. 10 years. It's gone by so quickly! *doing a little happy-dance* Christmas is coming..

  3. Wow, 10 Jahre schon, herzlichen Glückwunsch!
    Ich freue mich schon....

  4. count me in too!
    congrats on 10 years of fabulous swapping!
    I've only been in 7 I think, but they have all been great! thank you Donna!

  5. Woo Hoo! I'm in! *now trotting off to the other email address*!!

  6. Wow,,,, 10 years that ls truly awesome ......well done Chooky.....I have played every year I think ... It is with a heavy heart this year it will be a no for me .....have fun everyone ...thanks for all your hard work over the years Chooky ...!his old girl just can't what she use to 💖💖💖

  7. Ooh how exciting Chooky - 10 years

  8. Yes,yes,yes...! I guess that will be the swap. Please count with me. God bless you to continue with this nice Christmas tradition!

  9. WOW 10 years , fabulous. I love this swap Chooky sew have emailed you...thanks.

  10. Thank you Chooky for the chance to take part - 10 years is an amazing effort. You are right, blogging has changed a lot....thank you.

  11. I'm happy to join in !!

  12. Congratulations on 10 wonderful to have met you through blogging!

  13. Congrats for 10 years. Love to join again. I love getting to know my blogging friends.

  14. yayayayyayayaya and congrats on doing 10 years of this

  15. Oh, yes please! Thanks so much for running it again, Chooky. It's always such an enjoyable swap.

  16. Wouldn't miss it. I won't be home for Christmas this year, but I'm sure I can make the deadline! If you match me with someone in New York I can hand deliver!

  17. Congrats on 10 years! This sounds wonderful ♥

  18. Woohoo! 10 years, wow! This was actually one of my guesses. Have fun!

  19. Oh Duh!!! Should've guessed that. Still -- 10 years is amazing for your sweet swap!!!

  20. 10 years is quite an acomplishment! I know how time consuming the organisation of such a swap can be! Therefore a huge thank you to you! I am in again :)

  21. Please count me in Chooky if there is still room.

  22. I see you need more internationals, so count me in again this year

  23. Yes please - count me in - will email you !! xxx Congratulations Chooky - look what you have started !!

  24. Hum .... I still think you're a 10! ;) Yea I'm stucking up! lol Count me in! I cannot break with traditions! I've been in this swap since it started! Hard to believe it's been 10 years.

  25. Good luck with the SSCS this year Chookie!

    I was in it for at least 3 years and always got wonderful gifts, but I have been trying to cut down on the number of swaps I do so that I could get more things done for myself and charity purposes.

    But I look forward to seeing, once again, all the great gifts that Santa and his helpers will be delivering all over the world.

  26. I am so looking forward to this again this year. Sent you an email Chooky!

  27. sad to say I wont be joining in this year .. just too much going on x Hopefully you will be doing it again next year and my life will have calmed down a little .. who ever said retirement is boring doesn't live in my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol x Hope all the swaps work out .. I will miss joining in x


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