Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Some SSCS inspiration...............

This is what you girl have done in the past.......
2015 main swap gifts........
I'll let you be inspired........hope I have the right names on the pics.........
I am missing a few girls swaps....
The swap is still open but we have too many Aussies at the moment for overseas girls........come on international girls........
swap closing very soon........
Kris for Alexandra.jpg
Maria W for Martine.jpg
Gail for Noela.jpg
Deb for Laila.jpg
Noemia for Kaylee.jpg
Christiane for Kerrie.jpg
Marika for DianeS.jpg
Susan for Clare.jpg
Wendy for Sandi.jpg
Sylvia for JulieS.jpg
Laila for Peg.jpg
Jo for Oddbjorg.jpg
MichelleU for Kris.jpg
JulieG for Martina.jpg
Diane Mc For Deb.jpg
Dagmar for Anthea.jpg
Tonje to Maria W.jpg
Clare for FionaH.jpg
Katie for Sheryl.jpg
MariaG for Tonje.jpg
Raewyn for Annette.jpg
Sonia for Raewyn.jpg
Fiona H for Katie.jpg
AnneHeidi for CherylH.jpg
Alexandra for JulieG.jpg
Martina for Jeanette.jpg
Uta for CherylS.jpg
CherylH for MichelleU.jpg
Jeanette for Stepahnie.jpg
Noela for Marion.jpg
JulieS for Michell.jpg
MichelleR for Marika.jpg
Marica for MichelleR.jpg
Florence for Lisa.jpg
Lisa for AnneHeidi.jpg
Carin for Cheryll.jpg
Simone for Gail.jpg
Jan for Josie.jpg
Sheryl for Christiane.jpg
Denice for Jo.jpg
Jenny for Noemia.jpg
Anthea for Karol-Ann.jpg
Karol-Ann for Jenny.jpg
Michell for MariaG.jpg
Janice for Carole.jpg
CherylS for DianeMc.jpg
Kerrie for Lyn.jpg
Cheryll for Florence.jpg
Suze for Dagmar.jpg
Stefanie for Simone.jpg
JulieS for Michell-001.jpg
Sandi for Marica.jpg

Lyn for Fiona Bubz.jpg
Oddbjorg for Janice.jpg
Christin for Sonia.jpg
Kate for Carin.jpg
Catch you later........


  1. so many awesome presents! come on girls! it's lots of fun

  2. I hope my form came back to you. Lovely to see what was made for each other. Happy Stitching.

  3. It's always such a fabulous fun swap.. Sew many different beautiful gifts made and exchanged...

  4. So many gorgeous hand made gifts there. People are so generous and really put their heart into their work. Good on you for arranging this. I have sworn off swaps for a while until I catch up with my own projects etc.

  5. case you're reading this.....that bag goes everywhere with me! Even Anni Downs has seen it. It is being well used. Thank you again. :-) CherylS

  6. They are all amazing. Such incredible work with so much love in each and all great post.

  7. Beautiful home made presents !
    I'm excited :)
    Martine - FRANCE

  8. Was für eine Vielfalt an beeindruckenden Geschenken!

  9. Beautiful gifts...lovely to stitch and plan for a secret someone.

  10. How gorgeous are all those gifts. A great lot of inspiration

  11. Que variedad y que preciosos trabajos!!!!!!!!


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