Sunday, 24 May 2020

Chookshed party thoughts.....

Proof I have been sewing a little bit..... Just a thread here or there but these little stitcheries are getting done..... 
The sunsets have been amazing
Just some thoughts..... Since part of the chookshed party has been cancelled as in real friends coming for a sleep over to sew with me... But you out there online have joined in most years..... 
So this year I'm thinking of really going virtual..... I mean usually you share a post of what you got up to...... 
Would you join virtually online in a zoom link up? 
Let me know your thoughts.... 
If your keen what country are you from? 
Also think it will be the
 6th and/or 7th June
What's your thoughts blog friends???
Stay safe
Catch you later


  1. Great idea, would love to join in.

  2. Yep would love to join in....
    Nice to be able to get a few stitches done..

  3. Would LOVE to join :) I haven't been blogging for quite some time, Don't know why exactly, but I'm missing the connections, here in my little corner of the world (Belgium))…

  4. I would love to join in for a couple of hours from Canada.

  5. Count me in Chooky, what a great idea. :-)

  6. Depending on what time you end up doing it (and if it's something we can join in & come back in a bit later if we can't commit for a set time) ... I would love to join in.
    PS - Qld, Aust :)

  7. Love the sunset photo. Some incredible ones here too. I won't be joining in but have an awesome time.

  8. beautiful sunsets!
    I can join in either day on that work, yay!

  9. I would truly love to join you all with a glass of wine in one hand and my applique in the other, however, I am hopeless when it comes to technology so I will just join you in spirit! Have fun and post your accomplishments.

  10. Great to see you finding a tiny bit of stitching time. Definitely count me in.

  11. Count me in - I'll be connecting and leaving etc but will do what I can! I have plenty to sew - love the progress on your stitcheries.

  12. That sunset is amazing! A virtual meet up sounds like a great plan x


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