Friday, 22 May 2020

Scrub Stitchin' Corona Style........

 Wow sorry i've been trying to get here..........had issues emailing my pics to the post like i usually do so I got delayed........Life's busy for continues and with the changes due to corona virus its very chance to work from home or sit at home and sew like some........
We've had rain and things have been lovely and green........drying out a bit at present but we have an amazing bulk of feed in the paddocks for the stock.........its been wonderful not feeding.......yes we have been doing that for 3 years.......
Due to corona virus Scrub Stitchin' had to be cancelled........I was so devastated........I had been looking forward for months and months to the time away, see everyone and to stop.........It was supposed to be the weekend before the end I pushed it back a week as I figured no one would have anything fun to do at easter so we could all joined in together then online.....
So we had a zoom sewing was the next best thing really...........we got on at 10am and the last of us got off about was just lovely to sit and stitch and chat...........
So what did we stitch???
I decided I would try and send everyone a the end given the rapid chances with corona virus I ended up getting Anni from The Home Patch / Hatched and Patched to send off the parcels directly.............
I had been so busy over summer I asked my friend Anni what new projects did she have...........this ended up with Anni making a special design just for us.........
ta da.............Anni's latest design........its also now available for everyone to make now........ 
Time With Friends Pouch can be found here
I just asked the girls to choose pink or blue........they had no idea why..........
I also likes this little needlebook with some wool applique also.........
So I got it added into the parcels too..........
Little Bird Needlebook can be found here
Thanks heaps Anni @homepatch or @hatchedandpatched
Thanks to all the Scrub girls for making the day was so wonderful to catch up.......
we also had more lovely rain around easter and the creek filled need to isolate we couldn't go anywhere anyway.....
Stay tuned.......i'll be back pretty soon...........the Chookshed 8th Birthday party was supposed to be next weekend but it's also cancelled due to Corona........BUT I have plans for the following Saturday or Sunday.......more on that soon......
OMG I almost forgot..........I have a spare kit.........given the issues with postage at present this will be a Australia only draw.........sorry international girls........
So if you would like to win this little kit or you would like to nominate a friend leave a comment........
tell me what would you pop into your pouch (7x12in)
Catch you later.........


  1. Great to hear from you, and so good to see that green and water at your place. Have been checking out your weather and pleased for you. Sorry didn't get into the zoom party, but was thinking of you all. Different world we are living in isn't it? The pouches look good, I will have to get lessons on hand stitching??

  2. Huge thank you Chooky for inviting me to join all the Scrub Stitching ladies and the beautiful pouch.
    Nice to have water in the creek and some green paddocks..

  3. Lovely, lovely post and gorgeous pictures (I loooove your header picture !) and your stitching choice is gorgeous :)
    Take care, stay safe, and enjoy the season !
    In stitches,

  4. Lovely to see your post Chooky! Thanks so much for arranging the new look (hopefully only temporary) Scrub stitching. So good to see the green at your place :-)

  5. So good to see your post, but best of all to hear that you've had rain and have feed. What a turnaround! We also had good rain back in late Jan, just when we need it. Great response and outlook much brighter for the year.
    My Corona lockdown has been very busy. Five grandchildren for homeschooling which has just finished this week. Consequently, not a lot of sewing. Cheers

  6. Loved reading that you have had rain and now feed for cattle. I would have loved to joined your zoom meeting. Love your little pouches,a wonderful project to work on. No international mail at the moment,hopefully soon. Keep safe and well.

  7. Wonderful to see your post Chooky, great to hear you have green and to see the creek with water, above if it was a bit much at the time. Thank you for organising the pouch and needle keeper for us to make and for the zoom session, it was great to see everyone. Let's hope next year we catch all up at Baradine.

  8. So glad to see you back in blogland, Chooky. Yes, my friend, we live in strange times due to the virus, but this will pass too. Hugs, sweetie, and don't worry about your international friends (like me). We all understand. Kisses and please take care of yourself.

  9. I'd pop in a plane ticket to Australia. I nominate Jenny in my place for the pouch.
    It was such a surprise to see you blog post I squeaked out loud!

  10. Thank goodness for technology....never thought I would say that! But being able to keep in touch has been so important! I can just imagine how disappointed you were to have to cancel. What a wonderful surprise for everyone...and so lovely of Anni to design something gorgeous especially for you all. So happy you got rain and things have eased ever so slightly for you. Certainly are strange and crazy times...Big hugs and take care xx

  11. Good to see a post from you. It would be so different to see up your way than when went went through last year. About time you had a rest from feeding the cattle. Aust has had all elements thrown at her in the last 6 months... Drought, fires, heat wave, floods, COVID. At least we can still sew and who said you can't learn new tricks. There are so many people learning about technology. How things have changed. Love the pouch.. I would make it my emetgency travel pouch. Spare-needles, thread, scissors,thimble, my little 3" epp stars, a few gold coins for that well needed coffee and of course a few lollies to go with it.

  12. Isn't technology great in times like these. I"m so glad you could still do "Scrub Stitchin'. Annie's kit is lovely.

    Take care of yourself.

  13. glad you got to 'see" some of the Scrub Stitchin girls virtually...and that you finally had some decent rain!
    Anni's kit is lovely...and I would put my travel pack of hexis in it

  14. What a delightful project Chooky. So glad you were able to stitch together even on Zoom. We have been doing that too. I would put a stitchery project in the pouch with all the threads, needles and scissors ready to start.

  15. So glad to see you post and read you are getting rain. I know how needed it is and now you have feed for the cattle.
    The pouch is lovely and 'IF' I could enter and win I would put my sewing tools inside. Since I live in the California, can I throw Jenny Rogers name into the contest? She has the Jenny Elephantz blog and is such a sweet person. Maybe not.....she lives in NZ. Oh well, good to know you're doing well. Patty McDonald

  16. OMG how I have missed Blogland!! Apart from things falling apart after our move in December, like you there has been no "rest" with Corona Virus - like you it has just been flat out at work, daily changes to what we are doing and such!! It's been horrendous to say the least - Glad to hear you finally have feed for the stock as that has been such a stress for you guys over the past couple of years! As for the pouch - oh what a Godsend that would be right now - I need somewhere to put some very basic sewing items into since I haven't been able to set up my sewing area since we moved and much of my bits and pieces have to be found in tubs - rather depressive ..... I really just want to be able to at least do a bit of hand stitching to begin feeling "normal" again ..... no doubt you can relate to wanting "normal"!! Anyhow, nice to drop in again Hugs Sharm xo

  17. Sew glad you have had good rains and able to stop hand feeding! Covid19 has cancelled all the fun stuff! Having a zoom sew along was a great alternative and I hope you can do it again with your friends.

  18. So pleased that you have been getting some rain - it has been such a long time. I saw a few of those pouches around blogland at the time of Scrub Stitching - they are so cute and I love the little needlebook. xx


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