Tuesday, 15 September 2020


Recently I had an afternoon in the Chookshed.......
Did I sew anything no......
But I chatted, drank bubbles and ate nibbles after we helped finalise a friends quilt top layout......
Worked out the backing for a quilt....
had a visitor
who thought she needed to sew with us - cheeky Bridget.... 
and just enjoyed the pretty flowers to regroup to tackle another week of work.... 
But time with friends can rejuvenate you - thanks Jannimary and Miss Jules..... 
stay safe..... 
catch you later.... 


  1. It is good to have a play day. Nice layout on the quilt.

  2. Glad you had some time in the chookshed, lovely chevron quilt, and those dandelions take me back a few years, when we used to make chain necklaces with the kids.

  3. Wonderful to have time with friends in the chookshed. That quilt layout looks wonderful. I like your cheeky visitor , she wanted to join the fun! Hope work goes well for you this week.

  4. So glad you got a sewing weekend or so with Janice & Miss Jules. Was Bridget any help??

  5. Oh Chooky, I am glad you had such a great time! And I love the visitor!

  6. Oh your little visitor is the cutest! A sew-day is almost as good as a holiday :)

  7. That is a really pretty, graphically bold quilt.
    Had a giggle about Bridget--so cute!
    Sounds like a rejuvenating time at the shed!

  8. Great to see you had a fun time in the Chookshed with your friends...
    Nice quilt. Bridget must have given it a tick on approval too!
    Dandelions do give a nice display of colour .

  9. Aaah, spending an afternoon with quilt friends is soooo much fun, indeed :) ... add to that the lovely Bridget, visiting you, wonderful !

  10. sewing get togethers with friends fill the soul with happiness!!
    lovely quilt top in blues.
    Maybe Bridget popped by to see if you were doing some knitting?

  11. Lovely way to spend some time with friends. Great quilt top and I love your cheeky visitor. xx

  12. It's so nice you were able to spend time with friends--including sweet Bridget!

  13. How wonderful - good on you!

  14. excellent fun... time with friends is well spent...

  15. Lovely time out and you did a good job on that beautiful quilt too xx

  16. It was such a fun afternoon. Jules’ quilt looks great. I love the photo of her working on the layout. Bridget is just too cheeky.

  17. Oh my gosh!! I have been wanting to find some old vintage shabby chic material lately. Haven't stumbled upon it yet. I am not by any means a quilter but I love the idea of some material crafties. Also OMG I want a sheep so badddddd (see what I did there XD lol) but seriously I can't wait to get a sheep one day- they are SO SWEET!!

  18. Too fun that you all could get together! It would seem that Jannimary visits often. I thought you two were a few hours apart.

    THat backing for the red quit is GORGEOUS! It is like a little sneak peak without the whole reveal for me here!

  19. Time with others is such a cherished thing especially during these times. Cheeky sheep! I think she wanted to see what all the partying was about. That quilt is beautiful.

  20. Wish I could visit, miss you girls


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