Sunday, 6 December 2020

The last few days we've had some wild storms floating about..........
this is the storm that rolled in Thursday..........
extreme winds when it hit caused quite some damage around town.......
it had everything..........dust, wild winds, rain and a bit of hail..........
while worrying about what was to come it was so cool watching this roll in.....
Mr Chooky was out of town and this is the pic he snapped of it rolling in.......... 

we had some damage at home too.........this is part of a big white cedar tree that broke into several parts in the storm......going to cut that up now...........we lost some tin off the roof.........getting that looked at this week........its all just more jobs to deal with.......

other bits of branches down in the garden also.............
this is just a random pic from the last few weeks.......the temps have been pretty high and hot been pretty hectic so no sewing at all...........
the Chookshed has been out of bounds with the heat........
the next weeks temps are looking better but I think the humidity will be up a bit.......
I've had garden water pump issues as you always do in very hot weather........just when you really need it working properly but it's sort of sorted........we need to run some new pipe..........
Anyway.......hope your all preps for Christmas here at all........can't believe it is already the 6th December........don't even know if I will put up the tree......maybe I will just skip Christmas this year.......what do you think?
Catch you later............


  1. Just another typical day on the farm. Wish I could send you some snow.

  2. Sorry about the damage, we also have had wild winds this week, and gone from very hot to very cold today and out with the winter woolies again. Great photos of the storm rolling in. No Christmas preparations here either and def no tree going up, but then noone is coming either. I will concentrate on the real reason for the season and forget all the commercial stuff and just hope the rules change for household gatherings so we can have a family Christmas on the 19th.

  3. You certainly get extremes of weather in your area! Sorry to read about the damage. The storm photos are impressive. No Christmas prep here either, can't find the tree to put up, so not sure if that will be happening!

  4. The highs & lows...funny how Christmas sneaks up EVERY year.
    Tree is not essential - fun & relaxation is - hope you get a fay to rest- drink bubbles - and hand sew at least.

  5. Sorry that you have to deal with storm damage as well as all the other challenges. I hooe you get some time to yourself soon.

  6. The storms have been bad. Hope there isn’t any more damage for you. I am enjoying the cooler nights too. We have decided to not put up the tree. We have put lights in our garden. There is a tree growing around a cone shaped frame in our pebble garden. We put lights around that so this will be our Xmas tree this time.

  7. I am sorry for the damages, Chooky, but I am glad that you are OK. Your photos are fantastic, my friend. Kisses!

  8. Oh no! Sorry about the damage you had after the storms. It's been a crazy start to the summer.

  9. Those storms are sooooo destructive. Hope you can find your way into the sewing room for some well earned timeout.

  10. Angry looking skies.....sorry about the damage. Wishing you some you time soon. Fling some ornies and a bit of tinsel will lift your spirits xx

  11. What a pity to lose your white cedar and I hope you get your roof fixed soon. We were at Gunnedah on Thursday night, so also received the storms. Fortunately no damage, but it was certainly spectacular. If you don’t feel like putting up the Christmas tree, just don’t. Christmas still comes around whether we decorate or not. Here’s hoping your cooler weather comes through.

  12. Always sad to lose a tree. Fantastic pictures! Yes, I do love to watch a storm rolling in even knowing there are bound to be problems. xx

  13. 2020 has been full of Ups & DoWns to say the least.
    Hope no more damaging storms blow your way.
    Merry Christmas xox

  14. Dat was een flinke storm. boze luchten op de foto.
    Hoop dat het weer nu weer goed is.
    Groetnis Annie

  15. Sorry to see the damage from the storm. Sadly it does add more work to your busy lives....
    Like you not sure about decorating so just do what you want....
    Hugs 🤗

  16. Chooky, it is against the law to skip Christmas, isn't it? Putting up the tree is a chore for me as well. I can't imagine doing it in the heat.
    The storm is pretty, but I am sorry it is destructive.

  17. Sorry to hear about the damage the storm caused to your roof and tree. Hope it all will sort out.

  18. amazing shots of the sky!
    hope you get a reprieve from the heat to allow you in the shed to have some craft time.

  19. Beautiful photos of the storms, even if you did get some damage. I could send pics of our weather but you can do it yourself by pulling out a gray crayon or solid gray fat quarter and looking at it!

  20. I hope your roof is fixed now. I hate those big storms.


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