Friday, 22 January 2021

bits and pieces.....

Just had a quick weekend away at friends. 
I'm not a beach person but I love the views..........
Sitting on their back deck with a wine, pool views and a lovely breeze chatting with my friends I finished this Lucy block and started another one...............
we have a new poddy........he's pretty quiet..........going well on the bottle..........
some great sunsets lately........big sky land where I live.............
Another view from a look out while was pretty clear and we could see so far away..........
Tia Gorge.........very rugged country..........
and I found a gorgeous patchwork shop.......Stitched and Framed.......I needed a few more pinky reds to go into the quilt design I am planning.........these are the ones I had plus a few more I dug out of the stash and the new ones all together.......great shop she even cut fat 1/4's for me as I needed that size to cut the blocks.....I think I brought even more when she said that wasn't an issue and didn't have to do the minimum 1/2 metre cut to get what I needed.........I will be going back...........
I've got a extra long weekend as we have a holiday Tuesday for Australia Day and I took Monday as leave. Might try for a zoom sewing day Monday or Tuesday (my time)......anyone keen.........I'll let you know if I am definitely going ahead........plans are a bit vague here for the weekend......but I'm hoping to sew at some stage...........
Stay safe.........
Catch you later......


  1. I’m at work on Monday but Tuesday could work for me. I have a friend coming over to cut fabric together..

  2. Gorgeous photos!! I'm game, I'll be home both days and can join in for a bit from the other side of the world.

  3. Oh what a beautiful block. Love those colors! As for the view - wow! It shows true dedication to quilting to sew with all that beauty around you! Your new red stash is gorgeous.

  4. What gorgeous views no matter where you are! Love the ocean and the sunset, especially.
    Don't you love it when you find a new shop and it is a delightful find? I recognize some of the prints in your stack. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them. I should be able to join in on some of the zoom if you decide to go ahead with it.

  5. Prachtige foto's zo van jou land.
    Lees momenteel boeken die zich in Australië en Nieuw Zeeland af spelen.
    Prachtige stoffen en en mooi blok gemaakt.
    Groetnis Annie

  6. I don't have anything on my calendar till December when I buy a new one for 2022. So I could meet for a bit

  7. Wonderful pictures, and what a lovely Lucy block! Getting away is always welcome, and then coming home is nice! I'm up for Zoom anytime you are!

  8. So am I. I prefer your Mon which is my Sunday night.

  9. gosh i am a beachy person and that is a lovely one....and gorgeous fabric collection!

  10. Wonderful views, both the ocean and your own backyard.
    Long weekends are the best! Enjoy yours.

  11. Gorgeous views. Love the fabrics. I'm happy to ZOOM either day. I wouldn't be on until about lunch on Monday. Hugs,xx

  12. lovely to get away and enjoy great views..... LB block is great and I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with your scrumptious fabrics

  13. That is a beautiful sea view, and amazing sunset. Your Lucy block is beautiful.
    No zooming for me, I am on a two person retreat for the weekend . Have a great weekend.

  14. Nice to have a get-a-way. Lovely views. Gorgeous fabrics. Not available this weekend to Zoom - Miss M is visiting. Have fun and hope to catch up with the next session.

  15. Not sure if i can be on for long, but happy to try and check in sometime, do what works for you

  16. Lovely block and fabric Chooky, ZOOM? I'll be there.

  17. Lovely views. I'll zoom in if I can 🙂

  18. Absolutely beautiful views. I love your Lucy block too

  19. i so miss the beach views, the salt air, the sound of waves... :-(

    good that you got those extra French General - no stopping you now.

    but no Aurifil?

    The mystery fabrics? keep them separate for now in case - but if not discovered by the end of 2021 - return to stash.

    got a name yet for the lamb?

  20. Every photos is special here. Thanks for sharing.


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