Sunday, 28 February 2021


I brought these fabrics from Jude @ News from Jude when she was having a sale and raising money for cancer.........
Just so so pretty........
funny how I found a few more to add from my stash.....had no idea i had them........
So then when Jude had a competition to guess how many stitches/inch in a quilt she had quilted I guessed right..........goodness knows how but I won some fabric.... see Judes posts here and the gorgeous quilt............
So I choose the gorgeous fabrics above to add to the others for border/sashing.........I brought some and had a voucher to pay for the rest............very exciting when it arrived.....

Now onto some farm stuff.......We've a had a few mice inside for months......Just kept getting a few in the traps each night since Sept/Oct........but over summer with it being so mild and we had rain at times the mouse population has exploded........thankfully inside it's not too bad they have been quiet but outside OMG......sheds, haystacks, vehicles, farm machinery nothing is off I am poisoning, trapping in cages and mice goes on and on and I won't show you the buckets of mice I pick up some days but take it from me it's just disgusting.....daily it's minimum 50 mice and up to 4-500.....
I shared this pic because has anyone ever seen a different coloured mouse????
Is this caramel mouse the albino version........
i've n ever seen one like it.....Any there is no relief at work and we are currently over run with them.....some days the office reeks of dead mice and we just can't find them.......Just hoping for an early winter and a sharp cold break may knock them back..........
It's wearing thin. The cost, smell and the time it takes to deal with the mice......
The damage they are causing also.....
On one of the zoom sewing days Carole @ Quilting Adventures was talking about these needles and Jude got some from her supplier for me too.....I'll let you know what I think for EPP.............
Ok must get to bed.......
Stay Safe......
Catch you later....


  1. Ugh, that is a lot of mice! We sometimes get them here in the house, but there are ringneck snakes in the woods that help keep the population under control. I saw a newscast this morning that London is getting overrun with mice due to fewer people about from the pandemic.

  2. I cannot imagine that many mice per day! We have about 30 cats out in the dairy barn and their job is to keep the mice under control. We do get them here in the farmhouse but nothing to complain about. We have set traps and sometimes put out a poison that causes them to decompose without und fragrance.

  3. Just beautiful fabric
    a quick note on the mice....yuck. But I read somewhere they only need a hole the width of a pencil to get through so if you are looking for where the dead ones are because of the odor, look for the tiniest hole. But you probably knew that.

  4. First of all, your new fabric is indeed just what you needed!! That is so awful about the are overrun!!!

  5. We have been seeing reports on the news about the plague of mice...disgusting. Having to deal with it must be awful. Gorgeous fabric.

  6. Congrats on your WiN & a great choice of fabric. The project can't be anything but gorgeous.
    Hope all those pesky mice leave your home & go on a vacation...xox

  7. beautiful fabrics..good choice and win! dead mouse is smelly enough, plagues would be almost unbearable, I hope you get that break in weather to stop them in their tracks very soon!

  8. what pretty fabrics!
    wow you poor thing with your mice plague. I can send you to four legged friends that would help reduce the numbers!
    I use bohin needles for applique and I really like them.
    can't wait to see what project you are inspired to make with those very pretty fabrics.

  9. What a great win! Such pretty fabrics.

  10. OH wow. That is a lot of mice. I used to have mice until I got cats. They stay outdoors, but I cannot believe the difference they made for us.

    It would seem that you have been in buying mode. You go girl!

  11. Lovely about the fabrics - and the win!!! yahoo
    cant talk about the mice..erk..I know Im just a city clicker - one and Id be outside the house until it was removed...
    I'm sure you will love the needles too.

  12. What a pendulum swing from the lovely fabrics to the piles of dead mice! :)
    I have never had to deal with mice in such numbers. When my grandpa died and they sold the farm, we cleaned out the hen houses and found several nests of mice. And we have had a few come into our home, but easily caught--nothing like what you are dealing with. Yikes!!
    I hope you can get it under control soon. I know the smell can be awful!
    I have heard good things about those needles, but never tried them. I will await your opinion with interest.

  13. Beautiful collection of pretty fabrics....

    It’s dreadful when you have such a horrible mouse plague.. I’ve never seen a caramel coloured one either.....

  14. Oh I feel your pain! I haven't reached anywhere near your numbers but I have trapped 72 this winter in my office. They wanted to hire an exterminator - I said, not for this farm girl, I can catch my own thank you! I don't use poison because we have so many dogs at the boatyard but the snap traps work just fine each night. Hope you get a handle on yours soon. And, no I have never seen a cream colored mouse. I have seen an albino or two but they always have reddish eyes. Maybe you can get a local scientist interested in it and they will help you trap all the mice! Enjoy those gorgeous fabrics.

  15. Yugh! I can’t imagine how you deal with them all. I heard on the radio how one office in your town had them get in the photocopier. We need a really cold sharp snap in the weather to kill them off. On a brighter note, they are such pretty fabrics. I’m sure you will make something lovely with them. Enjoy playing with your new needles.

  16. I think you need an owl! And plenty of pussycats! Beautiful fabrics. xx

  17. Chooky, there is no way around it. You need several cats......nice fabric.

  18. Well done on your win and that fabric is beautiful.
    So many mice, the population certainly has exploded.

  19. Looking forward to seeing what you do with those fabrics, note to self, get on and use mine up, you can have those mice, sorry about all the damage they cause, let alone the smell!


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