Thursday, 7 October 2021

fun weekend......

Annette arrived Friday and we went and cleared off the beast in preparation for having a play........
But before I attempted to tackle the beast I wanted to achieve something.....
I had been playing with this quilt below.......I had pulled out 2 blocks in the bottom corner but on looking closer I had to reverse stitch all 6 much for achieving.....
I was so cross as I had already attached the 1st border...........
But finally we went forward stitching and it was back together and the final border was attached............
For some reason this one is square but I thought it was going to be rectangle from the picture.........oh well.......I think its about 70in to join the backing and see about quilting.......
Today I was sitting looking at the bottom corner and thought I had buggered it up but turns out I just had it upside down to how I had been looking at it.........phew.........
I've been walking over to the dam a bit and it is so nice to see it chockers full heading into summer..... we had almost 2 inchs of rain last week........Annette and I walked over also.........
We loaded some fabric onto the beast and had a play.....broke a few threads....just trying to get even stitches at present.........i'm not in love..........Its official Lou @ Manxgirl Living and Crafting Down Under needs to come visit....but I have left it on and will keep playing.......
OK it may not be the one that got taken to Princess Pantry but it was pretty dam tasty........Loved this cake...........Its the one Annette was talking about on zoom last time. Its a ginger fluff sponge........ I'm going to try making one...... Or at least a sponge cake on the weekend......
Annette was working on this one at home and had a few blocks to join on the 5th row.........once that was done she started sewing the rows looks great.............. Top together ready for pretty in Tilda fabrics
The whole time I was going in and outside I could smell this gorgeous rose........Susan Cooper Rose from Swanes.
And this section is ready to pop into the quilt.........
Annette was hand stitching more Ruby blocks to the backgrounds but I forgot to take a photo......
It was a lovely time sewing with a friend in the Chookshed..... Miss Jules even popped over late one afternoon...... And we had two scrub stitching friends on zoom for awhile also......
It was a lovely weekend with Annette.....
I did sew borders on another top..... But I'll save that for the next post ......
Catch you later.....


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Must try the ginger fluff sponge. Gorgeous rose. Hugs, xx

  2. That cake looks delish and your rose is a beauty. Such a fab weekend!

  3. Sounds like the ideal weekend. Great to see all that water in the dam. Your rose is stunning and to have a perfumed is one a real bonus.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Wish I could have been there to play too.
    Don't give up on frame quilting, keep trying, one day it will just work and you will be delighted.

  5. OOOh a new toy... the beast ... what is it???
    You'll master the quilting in no time I'm sure... xox

  6. The beast??? Sounds intriguing, tell us more

  7. very pretty quilt top, shame about the reverse sewing, it can be so frustrating.
    lots of practice on the quilting machine will give you confidence.
    How wonderful to spend the weekend with a sewing buddy. Annette's quilt looks great!
    lovely new blue piecing to add to the others.

  8. Sounds like a great weekend, how lovely to have a friend to stay. Lots achieved too. Pretty rose and great picture of the dam - good to get so much rain. xx

  9. Fun weekend with Annette and you both worked on pretty quilts..
    Hope you sort that “Beast” out…..

  10. Was the recipe for that sponge posted anywhere? I want to true it.

  11. omigosh...that rose is so spectacularly beautiful...good job on the lanterns!

  12. I’m so pleased Annette was able to get through after the rains. It looks like you had a fabulous time in the chookshed. The quilts have turned out great. You’ll get there with the beast. At least you made a start. I’m sure the sponge would have been delicious and your rose looks so pretty.

  13. Oh dear! Don't you hate that sinking feeling when you realise you have to unpull blocks? However, it was worth the effort and you now have another finish. Well done! Annette's quilt is beautiful and your BL must be coming close to the finish line now.

  14. You have a "Beast" ??? - how wonderful - I'm sure it will get easier with time - you know the mantra "practice practice practice"!!!
    Sounds like a fun weekend - Im sure it was wonderful to have real company - and ginger sponge!

  15. Your finished is quilt is so beautiful! I love the colors, fabrics, and especially the border fabric. Sorry you had some struggles with it, but all is well now.
    Your friend's quilt is stunning as well. I am thinking I need to put one of those on my bucket list. I figure I could use up scraps.
    Your cake is so so pretty!

  16. You achieved a lot. The quilts are lovely. Keep plodding on the the beast I'm sure you will master it like all else you do. Hey get Mr Chooky on to it how's that for an idea?

  17. Your quilt is so pretty. I love the fabrics you have used. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. That cake looks delicious!

  18. How lovely to have a friend over to play! Cake looks yummy, projects are beautiful, and so good to see a full dam!! xx

  19. What a great weekend...your top looks lovely, so pretty...


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