Tuesday, 23 October 2007

I won for someone else!!!!

OMG I am so happy..........I just popped in this morning to see how Nicolette was going with her pink ribbon quilt.............the story behind this quilt is that she decided to make one and give away to someone with or healing from breast cancer...............
Now to decide who this was going to go to you had to nominate someone to receive the quilt and Nicolette would draw a winner (don't know how she did that - they would all be deserving)

Instantly a lady in my town who I have a little to do with and thought had amazing positive attitude to her situation came to mind and I nominated her.................anyway I have won the quilt and the bit I didn't realise is that I get a little prezzies also...........

Along the way Nicolette has taken suggestions and she has drawn all the applique for the quilt.........she is quilt (I mean quite) an artist I think they are the cutest little pics (and I told her this)........So yesterday when she had a post with some more material I thought she was getting closer to showing a finished top and today I wake up and find she has done the draw and it is coming all the way from the Netherlands to OZ as soon as Nicolette gets it quilts and bound (I could do the binding Nicolette)

You must go and see the quilt here it is gorgeous..........
THANKYOU Nicolette

....it was by Nicolette going pink that I also went pink for October................ go and check your breasts and make sure they are okay....
..for more info...Australian National Breast Cancer Centre website

Don't forget the new bloggers in the last post..........(but I had to do this new one)


  1. Hi Donna, that is such a sweet post. How did I draw a winner? You wouldn’t believe. I had several people draw a name and 5 out of 5 times, your name was drawn! It’s meant to be!!!

  2. This is so great. I guess the lady receiving this quilt will be very happy.

  3. Wow! You lucky girl and how nice to win something so special and then be able to give it to another special person. It was all a lovely jesture from Nicolette and you for the nomination.
    Have you told the lovely lady you nominated?

  4. What a gorgeous idea. Congrats on winning for your friend. I hope she enjoys the quilt.

  5. How nice of Nicolette to do this, and also you to put the name of the lady in for drawing, I bet she will be happy.

  6. Donna, that is so............good, I am sure the friend will cherish her new quilt, how wonderful of Nicolette to make it like that.

  7. Wow that lady will be so touched - and how lucky - Nicolette's quilt is amazing.

    I am so intrigued by those box bags!!

    And love all the photos of you birds and butterflies too :)

  8. What a beautiful idea and a great warning to all check our breasts. After a brush with a cancer scare last year I am very dilegent now. Your photography is just amazing. love your blog.

  9. Congratulations on winning the quilt - what a terrific idea, and how exciting to be receiving even MORE post!

  10. That is a beautiful quilt - i love all the little pictures. What a great idea to give it away to someone as well - i am constantly surprised by the generosity of blogland - congrats , i am sure your friend will love it!


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