Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I'm in love and Mags.........

I'm in love...........with my new light.........I have shared a few pics (of my old light) with Bec when we have been discussing is currently broken and dh "reckons" he can fix it but it has not happened so when shopping on Monday I got this baby...........she was just perfect when stitching last night..............this one has those energy saver globes and I have the daylight style globes and highest watts I could put into it in the bottom and a lower one in the top is the best "white light" to stitch with...........this is much more stylish then the other craft lights available...........

When I was asking Lurline which Volume (131) of Down Under Quilts her article was in (as I had to hunt one down - not available locally) lovely Lurline said she would send me one..............

Lurlines magazine article.........................what a massive article (8 pages).............and beautiful quilts talented friend.............

She also sent me the last volume..............I am in love with the quilt on the problem I have never paper pieced............but hopefully in the next month or so I will give one of the curves ago............

Then last week Country Threads (that some kind family member subscribed me to) arrived............another wonderful mag...........

This month it also had an article on the CWA (Country Womens Association)............they have their state conference on in the next few weeks and they have a display of handicrafts (all sorts) on display during the Mum tells me it is pretty good so if anyone is in Broken Hill during the first week in May check it out............the handicraft display is open to the public to view...........oh and Fairy Girls bag made it to state for her age group she is very excited...........

........take care til next time.............


  1. Oooh - I'm jealous - I love your lamp. Wish I could get some Australian magazines here - I really want Homespun - but with the postage the subscription is more than $200! That would be alot of fabric.

  2. Love the mags! Wow, Lurline is one talented lady, gorgeous quilts....

    That new lamp is great, wish list time!

    Happy stitchin'

  3. I love your new light.Lucky girl. I want it in my home. I will put my order in.

  4. Your lamp looks fabulous, very pratical in that it will give you good overhead lighting as well as stronger more direct light.
    I have a friend and a mil involved with CWA and in March saw the Crookwell NSW CWA craft display - there was a variety of crafts and lots of beautiful things there. By the way, the mil won 8/10 of the cooking sections and therefore secured the regional CWA cooking comp for Crookwell, she was very pleased! A good organisation for women, both country and city I might add.
    The magazines look very enticing - what was Lurline's article about???

  5. The lamp looks fabulous, much nicer than the other quilt by lamps..
    Enjoy reading your new mags...doesn't Lurline's article and pics look good..
    Julia ♥

  6. This is a timely post for me as I am on the lookout for a light to use in the evenings with no idea what to get. I now know what to put on my shopping list...thanks so much..cheers!

  7. i've just started paper piecing hexagons and they are very easy - but i'm not sure if curves are as easy. goodluck with it though :)

  8. Nice new lights to look after your eyes! So pleased you enjoyed the mags - I bought the one with the red cushion on the cover, too - just love it!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  9. That is a very very nice lamp! I like it a lot!!!!
    And the images of those quilts!!! Makes you wanna make them right there and then!

    Oh do show what you make with them!

  10. What a lovely new light to read those lovely new magazines!!! Congrats to fairy girl.

  11. Foundation piecing is quite easy really - sewing straight on the lines is just the best way to get an accurate result especially for tiny pieces.

    I don't use paper - I hate having to tear it all out after I have finished the stitching - so I use the lightest weight sew-in interfacing I can find and leave it in place.

    Using interfacing that is left in the work compensates for bias, difference in weight in fabrics when you choose to use fabrics other than cotton; and it successfully supports the tiniest of pieces if you are working in miniature!


  12. Hey Donna! Oh, doesn't a good sewing light make life soooooo much easier! We usually only have dim lamplight in our lounge room, so I really rely on my sewing light to stitch at night - enjoy yours! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  13. WOW that is some light you have there. Love it. Lurline's quilts look awesome.

  14. Hi Donna,
    I have the exact same lamp, and have had now for several years, I just could not be without it! .. and yes, Lurline's quilts are just so fabulous,
    have fun, Shiree

  15. Love the light... I have had trouble with my light (and eyes..LOL) & have just got a new daylight globe & new glasses which have made life much easier. The mags are great...Lurline's spread is great! Paper piecing is fine- you would enjoy it.

  16. lucky you I have been looking for the magazine with Lurline in it
    OH I love that cover quilt too, paper piecing is easy once you get the hang of it!
    you can do it!

  17. Great Light you have got you, hmm I am a bit envious!!
    Lovely magazines..

  18. A little birdie told me you were in a lighting shop!
    Looks great....

  19. You are very lucky to get a wonderful new lamp. I'm going to look for the magazine Lurline is in, she is very talented.
    I love getting subscriptions to magazines.

  20. That light looks just perfect and you can't go past a good mag or two!

  21. Hi your new light. I also went "light happy" this month and brought myself two portable Daylight for the caravan and one for my desk. They are fabulous...very good light to stitch by, which is just as well because I am up to 1.30am each night stitching!

  22. Love the light perfect for stitiching and reading mags.


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