Wednesday, 1 April 2009

the things you do........

I have now received my tea swap parcel but as i have been busy with work I haven't had a chance to take some pics to show you.......... then i thought this afternoon when I got home I could take some photos but dh had other foot was a bit sore this afternoon after work and I was ready to sit back and relax..........but dh dragged my off to the cattle yards and I had to help pull a calf from a my farming girl friends you know how this can be good or BAD well this was BAD and it took ages and now I am totally stuffed (and we lost the calf) back is a little niggly so off to bed.........another day out tomorrow but hopefully I can very soon show you the fab parcel Bonnie sent is beautiful........oh and I got the next pincushion BOM in the mail today...............


on a totally different subject I found out my sister is going to New York later in the US girls what is the "must see must do" in New York............I am SO SO SO SO JEALOUS.........wished it was me..........maybe one day in the very distant

.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........


  1. Looking forward to seeing your teaswap things AND a new pincushion made up in the next week or two????
    sorry about the calf, it can be heartbreaking.
    Bec xxx

  2. Sleep well Chooky - sorry you lost the calf. I'm heading to the US in 7 years. It will take me that long to save up.

  3. What a day you have had. You deserve bed I'd say. So Miss J off to US not Miss C? Hope she can do a bit of shopping for you?

  4. sorry about your calf.

    anout new york...
    tell her she has to see a play on broadway, new york shows are ALWAYS better!!!
    tell her to go to serendipity to have their famous frozen hot chocolate.
    and then of course see the empire state building, statue of liberty, times square, bloomingdale's...
    and of course go have lombardi's pizza.

  5. that was supposed to say 'about' new york...
    not 'anout' new york...

  6. I can't wait to see the pictures. Isn't it amazing how time gets away from us. I couldn't imagine pulling a calf. I helped a pygmy goat one tim have 6 babies. Five of the babies lived and the Mom ended up dying. It was so sad. But I had to bottle feed all those babies and they ended up doing great. Farming is a lot of work but yet so rewarding.

  7. I live just outside NYC. It depends on her interests - there is SO much to see and do in NY! Musuems, broadway, shopping, etc.

  8. OH, I'm so sorry you lost the calf. I know my Mom and Dad had to help one of there cows and it took forever. Dad finally hooked up the little four wheeler after so long, they couldn't do anything else. Little calf and Mom ended up fine, but I bet you that cow didn't want to see another bull for a while.
    Rest up,

  9. Sorry about the calf. :( Even though I've seriously not had anything to do with cows (other than the fact that they are mostly always in the paddock near our house!) - I do understand the whole good/bad animal thing. That's sad when you know you've done all you can - and there just wasn't anything eles you can do.

    NEW YORK! WOW! I'd be jealous too! My brother travels overseas several times a year... I'm jealous of him! My turn will come... ONE DAY I HOPE!

  10. So sorry to hear about your calf. Poor thing. Poor you too!
    I've only been to NY once (for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!) and must say that I truly enjoyed the huge piece of pizza that was my Thanksgiving dinner!

  11. Oh, poor Chooky! you must be completely beat! go sleep some, and hope you feel better. Sorry about the calf. I did not help dad with the cows (I had brothers that did) but I always felt so bad when we lost one of the calves that Dad was tempted to stop telling me when they would be helping a cow deliver.

    I've only been to NY once in my life, but I loved it. Too bad my visit was very short so I don't think I am qualified to make suggestions. Although... there's the famous shake-shack in the vicinity of Gramercy... will get back to you to give you the correct info...t

  12. So in the end a good and bad day. Take some time for yourself. Sounds like you deserve it.

  13. Look after yourself chooky. I can't imagine ever gettting overseas unless a lottery win intervenes...

  14. You poor thing, you must be exhausted... Sleep well...

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  15. I didnt get to New York but the part of the US I did see was so gorgeous that I wanted to move there. I am jealous too and I cant wait to go back.
    take care of your back

  16. I'm looking forward to see al the teaswap pictures! everywhere i see the teaswap it looks beautifull!


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