Tuesday, 7 April 2009

the whirly gig called life............

My foot is pretty much fine again.....thanks for your caring emails...........not running anywhere yet but managed to walk around some lovely gardens on the weekend...........need time to go thru the pics so I can share some.........

but as things improved the whirly gig of life is spinning full speed again and oh to dream of those few days laying on the lounge................feels like it was months ago and it was only days ago.............and I am so happy daylight savings is over but it takes a week or 2 to adjust once it does change...........

trying to be more efficient here and show you the mail within the week it arrives this time............

remember I had the Aviary charm pack not that many posts back well I HAD to buy something to go with it...........the Provincial Patch girls sent this lot to me..........thanks Kerri and Julie lovely girls......go say Hi to Kerri as she is laid up at the moment...........

and just cause I needed a little more Foothills Fabric and Threads had this to go with it all too.......I just rang up both businesses and said I need a bit of that one in the picture...........excellent service.........

Bec has been showing pics of her ironing pile...........well I am going to really have to deal with mine as dh found a dead mouse in it tonight.............think the lot will go back thru the wash..................yuk............yep I know what your saying iron it as soon as it is dry but it just doesn't happen here.....

......and the mice are back I have had breaks but I am SOOOOO sick of them..........

and Trudi's Craft Room has finished the punch needle project from GDITC.............check it out

.........take care til next time.............

PS a few more cooler nights so I can sleep under the doona.........hope spring is popping up in the other 1/2 of the world............


  1. Well Spring is officially here and after a week of gorgeous sunny weather...yesterday was rain/snow/wind/hail. Today COLD, snow and wind! UGH.

    Looks like you've done some recent serious shopping.

  2. Hey Donna! Oooooh that Aviary!! My little hoard of Aviary arrived from Julie today!! YAY!! And you have my sympathies with the mouse problem - we're in the same boat! Except we also have rats in the ceiling - oh and a dead one under the bathtub where we can't get to it! It is NOT fun to go in our bathroom at the moment!!!! SIGH! Just one more part of cold weather that I HATE! Good hunting and happy stitching! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  3. pretty fabric - if I find a mouse in my ironing pile - I'm giving up ironing.

  4. Great to see you have got your new stash. Have fun with it.
    Happy Easter. Very cold here and no rain. Hope to get some soon.

    Cheers Kez

  5. Mmmm... love the latest additions to your stash - just yummy!

    Ewww. So sorry to hear about the mice troubles. You have my sympathies.

    Yes! Spring is starting to become apparent here. Today are temps are on the plus side!!! Yay!

  6. Nice fabric! I'm looking forward to the cooler weather setting in! The kids have been playing outside heaps in the last week!! I hate hot weather!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful fabrics, but I kan do without the mouse, lol...

  8. ahhh Chooky Aviary is just so beautiful! I decided not to get any - still have Simplicity here - but it is getting hard to resist after seeing yours. mmm might be harder still when you share what you are making!
    Bec xxx
    PS for the ironing - Maree is joining me in doing half hour a day so I will blog about this later.

  9. Glad all your loveliness arrived safe and sound. Don't let the mice near it. lol

  10. Your Aviary stash looks gorgeous...any plans for it yet? I get so much pleasure just from looking at it! I love the cooler weather... doonas...easier to sleep. Have a lovely Easter!

  11. Lovely purchases and I totally sympathise about the mouse. I found a dead one in the garage and nearly heaved....and I didn't have to touch it or rewash clothes. I NEVER iron. I just put everything back in the cupboard until I need it.

  12. Awesome stash there missus, you'll be opeing your own shop soon.

  13. Love your fabric.
    Glad you are feeling better.

  14. Ahhrghhh! Rodents! I'm at the point where I get excited at every brown snake sighting in our street. (Come lovely brown snake and eat my rodents!) We live across the road from a reservoir - hence the rodents and snakes!

    I love aviary! I have a similar stash waiting for me to get some time? inspiration? something! I'm just enjoying looking at it at the moment.

  15. What gorguss stuff you have there Chooky. Can't wait to see your little house pin cushion finished. If you want some real nice 100% wool felt to do it in, go to;
    it's not cheap but it is the absolute best!
    Many Blessings

  16. I haven't escaped the rodents either, both varieties at this abode. Yukko...I think that is what DH's are for...isnt it?
    I think they are getting smarter as we havent been able to trap them...we now have baits everywhere. Where is your shotgun Miss Chooky???

  17. I'm so glad to hear your foot is better.

    You have done some shopping and can't wait to see all the products you get made. I'm with you on daylight savings time. I wish they didn't have it.

    Keep Stitchen'

  18. Spring will be officially here on the 23rd of April. It is good that you are getting better.

  19. Happy Easter Donna, I like the new fabrics you purchased.....not fond of mices or ratties, yuck....Regards Lyn

  20. Lovely fabric and soooo sick of the mice .

  21. so glad you're doing better. enjoy that aviary!

  22. Have fun playing with your new fabric! The Aviary range is just so lovely. I think I'll get some when I'm at work next.

    I'm looking forward to the cooler weather. I love wood heaters, and rain on the tin roof, and the fresh air smell. Although, I feel the cold alot more lately. So I'm not looking forward to that!

  23. Hi, this will be off the official subject but a while back you asked about Twitter/twittering. I overheard a conversation on the plane as we flew home -- twittering is for old people. The young people say that old people sign up for Twitter because they think it will make them seem younger but it has the opposit effect. lol Thought you would need this information in case you were thinking about signing up!
    Happy Easter!

  24. Sorry to hear you've had a bad foot. Love those aviary fabrics ... I am waiting for a sale! You have received lots of lovely mail ... lucky you ... but you can keep the mouse!

  25. A mouse in your ironing pile...Im impressed!! Im sure there is a message there...just cant think of it... The best thing about winter is that if you shake the washing well when you get it out of the dryer you dont have to iron it...roll on dryer season!!

  26. Thankyou for welcoming me.
    It is so nice to meet so many lovely and caring people in blog land. (I suppose the mice are the last things you want to see on my blog at the moment.luckily they arn't real :)


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