Sunday, 10 May 2009

cows with bling..........

Happy Mothers Day to all those mothers out there...........hope you have a great day..........

I am not really big on presents when it comes to Mothers Day just whatever the kids make for me at school usually is wonderful but this year they have "gone shopping"..............Fairy Girl was nearly in tears Friday night worrying about where she could get some flowers (no florist in town) for me and she had to tell me this "surprise" cause she didn't know where to get that one sorted when dh went to town yesterday and I got a beautiful bunch of yellow chrysanthemums..........but it got me thinking about jewellery and I know lots of Mum's might be getting some out there today.....

.....yesterday we had a farm problem..........this Mumma cow must have decided to try on some bling..............

Really someone should have told her anklets are not really her know that feeling when you try on a ring and then need water and soap to get it off..............I am sure that is some advice no one gave this mumma................

she decided that a piece of old bore casing would make for a nice anklet............but she tried it on for size and then it wouldn't come girl.............I only discovered her late Friday afternoon and she was too far from the cattle yards to bring in before dark...........

yesterday dh went and brought her in and with the help of the neighbour, some ropes, angle grinder and some screw drivers to prise it open finally the bling was off.................I am sure she won't be trying any jewellery on soon.............we have never had this happen before...........there was dirt all packed into it also.............she has a little sore on the front of her foot where it was rubbing a bit and we put some antiseptic onto it...........she will be kept around the house for a few days to make sure it is all good..........

now remember my post about the 1/4" foot the other day...........well I got one and sent it to the Farmyard and she has now a few problems and questions re binding and the old metric -v- imperial can read about it here.............tell her what you think............

and I forgot to tell you I spent some time sewing with Flutterby Angel last week and I got to see this beautiful bag.............lots of stitching detail..........

.........take care til next time.............


PS this is my 500th post...............can you believe it........I talk WAY WAY too much.............but as a little giveaway I have a Lynette Anderson pattern.........
....what do you like about Lynette Anderson's patterns and which one is your favourite ...........
have a great Mother's Day........


  1. Donna, congratulations on your 500th post, my goodness you are the woman!! We so love reading your posts. Hmm Lynette Anderson, she has great patterns to make always combining methods like stitching, applique but always have thlittle country theme rolling through. Yes her patterns are great!

  2. Good to see the bling has been removed. That might have been her jewl for mothers day?????

    Have a great mothers day and be very spoilt and we will chat soon.

  3. Wow 500 posts, that is a lot, congratulations, please keep on posting. I do like Lynette´s patterns, at least what I have seen.

  4. Donna, congratulations on your 500th post,
    Lynette Anderson,has great patterns, and I like her country style of quilts..
    poor mumma cow, so glad all is well now.

    Julia ♥

  5. oh, ouch for poor cow...I like Lynettes wimsical way of designing. I have one of her small samplers started and really need to work on getting it finished.

    Congrats on 500 posts. I am getting up there with almost 400...

  6. WOW how on earth did the cow manage to do that I am glad it is all right now Congrats on your 500th post Have a nice Mothers Day.
    Hugs Mary.

  7. Lol! Congrats on your "talkative" 500th post! I don't think you talk too much at all. I love to read all your posts, but I especially love your farm/animal posts. They lend such a distinctive flavour to your blog and give us insight into what it's like being Chookyblue!

  8. Congrats for the big 5-0-0! Thanks for sharing yourself in blogland...we love having you there!
    Hope mumma cow is okay...nice to know she is being an individual!
    Have a great day!

  9. That poor cow. Hope her leg will be all right soon. And dear me 500 posts. I really have a long way to go then.

  10. OOps! Forgot to say my favourite Lynette Anderson design is the pirate quilt I made for DS when he was a little fella!

  11. Hey Chookyblue,
    congrats on your 500th!

    Love the cow bling...makes you wonder how she got it on?

    Love any Lynette Anderson pattern, sooooo talented!

    Happy Mothers Day...aren't kids the best.
    cheers Julz

  12. Wow, 500 posts, you go girl! Congrats on that. I am glad your momma or mumma, cow is on the mend. Poor little thing. I think of all the Lynette Anderson patterns I like The Kittens Tale the best. As an animal lover I feel the most connected with it. Thank you for the opportunity to join in your giveaway. Happy Mothers Day to you...Elaine in Texas

  13. Happy Mothers Day to you Chookyblue....and 500 posts, congratulations, You are a true inspiration....and once again I thank you,

  14. Happy Mothers Day, Chooky - read my Post - now see, even if you weren't a Mum to two little human beings, you would be still be a Mum - cows need Mums, too! Have fabric on table and posting tomorrow!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  15. Happy Mothers Day and congrats on 500 posts!!! That's a lot of blogging :o).
    Glad the Mumma Mooey is ok now, what a dilemma!!
    I love Lynette Anderson's designs, especially now that she's including Hugo and Felix in them - they're sooo cute :o).
    Joy :o)

  16. Hi Chooky, dont ever think you talk too much...your blogs are very interesting to read and be part of. Lucky you noticed the cow hope she will be ok...happy mothers day to you too. I love all Lynette Anderson doing the Friends for Christmas right now so that would be my fav I reckon...cheers

  17. Yes well, your post about quarter inch foot prompted me to go buy one too! LOL

  18. Phew.. lucky you found the cow with 'bling' before she got too poorly..
    congrats on 500 posts.. and no, I dont think you talk too much, I enjoy your pics from around your farm!
    I love Lynettes simple designs clean and very acheivable...

    take care


  19. Congratulations on saving your cow and 500 posts. Your daughter sounds like she loves you very much. I hope you enjoyed your special day. Lynettes paterns have a unique style. Lots to look at in one of her patterns. I don't really have a favourite. Happy days.

  20. Hey chooky!
    500 eh? and you think I can
    Congratulations! You do the best job with your blog and helping so many of us 'technically challenged' bloggers!

    I am actually enjoying Lynette Anderson's Noah's Ark wall hanging at the moment.....maybe that's because I now have a special little person to give it to??

    Hope you enjoyed your mother's day!

  21. Happy Happy 500 posts-looking forward to reading many more. Glad the cow with bling had a happy ending!

  22. Chat 500... Truly a Milestone Achievement Chookyblue !!! Awesomely Well Done...

    " Cows with Bling " makes me Sooo... wish I could Sketch & Draw the images that conjures... Lol

    Luv Lynette's Chrissie Designs actually have one here ...WISP !!!

  23. 500 posts! Congrats! I am just a beginner so I don't know much about patterns and fabric yet but I am learning. Happy Mothers Day!

  24. Congratulations on your 500th post. Wow!! That's great. Lynette Anderson has soooo many wonderful patterns, I could barely choose. But I really love her BOM quilt pattern Your Home or Mine. It's beautiful.

  25. Congrats on the 500th. Poor Mama cow hope the bling injury heals quickly.

  26. 500!!! Glad your daughter got her flowers for you. She sounds sweet with a love for giving. My favorite Lynette Anderson - aside from all of them are her Christmas stitcheries. And how generous of her to do the Noah's Ark Bom. And the buttons of felix the cat - too cute.

  27. I'm so glad you like talking so much!!! you always brighten my day! Don't think theres anything I don't like about Lynnette Anderson's patterns. I love the colors and fabrics she uses and her style of stitching. Think my favorite would be her felix kitty quilt.

  28. WOWZER 500 huh?? i'll have to look and see how many I have.Remember when you and i are neck in neck?? Did you pass me up?
    The poor cow. Bling isnt always a good thing.
    Hope you had a Happy Mothers Day Donna.

  29. 459, yep you talk, uh type more than me. :-)

  30. Well that was a good read, poor cow, lucky you spotted it!
    Happy 500th Blogoversary, what a milestone!! Well Done!!
    My favourite pattern is Eggs for Breakfast, I love chooks and the country theme!!

  31. Poor cow!

    Congratulations Donna... WOW.. 500 posts!! Hope to see many many more!

    I’m working on Lynette’s cows and daisies quilt (for far too long now..) and I guess it’s still my favourite pattern... who would have guessed?!
    I also love the kitties quilt but I’m having a hard time spending over 100,- Euro’s on patterns before I can even start a quilt.

  32. Wow and I thought 400 posts was a lot!

    Love the title you gave to your post 'cows with bling' - gave me a chuckle, but poor thing. Glad she's in good hands :)

  33. congrats on 500 posts! Oh my goodness Lynette's designs are fab! I was going to say HENS IN THE YARD but then I saw the BUTTERFLY COLLECTION! I also love her pincushions. It would be a great honor to have any of her patterns.
    :) Missy

  34. Congratulations on your milestone! I am glad your dear cow did not get anything pierced for bling...hmmm...disapproval! Hee!

  35. WOW! 500!! Congratulations!

  36. Well your poor cow! They do some funny things sometimes don't they. How did she go with the angle grinder going? Sometimes they surprise you with how placid they can be or play up lots. DH oten puts ear tags in/out just in the yard without using the crush - depends on the beast.
    Wow, 500 posts. Now, I wonder WHICH pattern is it you are giving away???????
    I do like Lynette's work, some patterns more appealing than others. It depends on the intention of the project - what, where and who. Lynette's work is very original and this is so nice to see.

  37. PS I should have added, that dh used to catch and mark all our calves in the paddock until he had his appendix out. HEHEHEHEE if tey got a bit big he had to run alot then work REALLY hard to hold onto them LOL *grin* fun fun fun

  38. I love Lynette's patterns because she always adds some whimsy to them.

  39. 500 posts!! My goodness! I think I'm only up to 70 or something...
    Lynette Anderson? She is awesome I tell you. Anything she makes is amazing, and something I want to make. I love how she includes felix and Hugo in her pieces - it's great!

  40. Hi Chooky....congratulations on your 500th be some great posts in that lot.
    I love Lynette Andersons designs, the thing that amazes me is that she will sit a chook, a cat, a dog, a sewing machine on a roof of a house that is sometimes bigger than the windows in it...perspective is out of wack but it works! She is very talented at "filling the space" with her design work....very inspiring! Every pattern of Lynette's is a favourite pattern, you can dig them out of your stash years from now and they will be "just right" for a current project. Aren't we lucky she's an Aussie and belongs to us!


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