Thursday, 21 May 2009

Hatched & Patched Angel Love Cushion..........

Wow we have had some wonderful rain over the last few days...great for the crops just emerging........beautiful soaking rain......hope no one is being flooded out by the wild weather up the coast.........

I started this stitchery more then 12 months ago and it got put aside and
then about 6 months later it got some borders and then I have been trying to
decide what to do with it.......wall hanging??? Cushions???? Bag???? 

Guess the cushion won out and then I decided to put a frill on the
edge.........I used some of the chenille that Flower Garden gave me ages ago
for the backing........ I was not sure where to put it but it got displayed
in front of my quilt in the background at our local show (you can find the
quilt here) and I decided then it would look good on that bed....
.....the quilt and the cushion both got 2nds at our local show..........

The pattern for the stitchery is a Simple Stitchings pattern of Anni Downs
Hatched and Patched called Angel Love....
After a drought on finishes I have finished this for the OPAM
challenge.......hosted by Tag Along Teddies and Abyquilt..........

.........take care til next time.............


  1. Love Love Love it. See I love stitcheries etc in cushions but I think I agree with you and put mine in a frame! congrats on your wins too. I knew you would xx

  2. well done on finishing the cushion... and also for getting the prizes!!

  3. Your cushion is lovely the frill on the edge just sets it off.
    Hugs Mary.

  4. The cushion looks really have finished it off really nicely too. Glad the weather is giving you some much needed rain.

  5. You are on a roll. You should come away with us this weekend and get lots more done??? I've got the bailies made for the night cap!!!

  6. hey well done, another wisp completed huh! we have had lots of rain too!! the lakes are really full, but somehow it doesn't make the electricity bill any cheaper - the hydro dams just making more power, dumping it and spilling more water! doesn't make sense,
    your cushion looks really great however!!!

  7. the pillow looks great - and as far as i'm concerned you can never have enough cushions.
    congratulations on the wins in the show.

  8. Well done on the prizes Chooky.
    It's good to hear you are getting the rain. Do you want ours too?

  9. I love the cushion, you will get a lot of enjoyment out of it, very nice ruffle!

  10. Love it. I love Anni Downs stitcheries... congrats on your win
    both items look fab

  11. yummy.... what a gorgeous cushion chooky....the frill on it is fabulous.... the colours are stunning... congrats on finishing.

  12. Gorgeous cushion. Hey, wheres OUR rain! Come on, send it down south. xx

  13. I like the stitchy quilty combo..and fabrics are lovely

  14. Love the cushion! Feels good to get things finished hey.

  15. I love the stitcheries on cushions too. It looks great.

  16. KEEEEUTE! I love all your redwork. Every time you post I love it to see what goodies you are doing!

  17. That pillow is soooo cute Donna. I love it and the fabric you used. Very cute!

  18. Woo!Hoo! Second!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  19. The Angel Stitchery looks right @ home on your Cushion Chookyblue... Well Done on picking up a couple of Prizes @ the Show !

  20. These are fabulous littler stitcheries that are easily accomplished over a night or two, depending on the time spent stitching.
    There are so many options to use them for.
    Love your cushion, and love the fabrics! Is some of that Chocolat????

  21. Gorgeous cushion and so happy to hear you have had rain!
    Hugs - Petal♥


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