Wednesday, 26 December 2012

KERST Swap..........

Back in September Katrien posted about a swap she was hosting........Dutch translations need to come in here as Kerstruil - Christmas Swap. I was the only Australian girl and the other participants are from Belgium, Netherlands, Norway. Most of the girls blogs I have to translate as they only write in their language.
You had to include a present from each letter of the word KERST.
Bit challenging and saw me going to google translate thinking of things to send/make and seeing what they translated too and if it was a letter for the word K E R S T.
 I was unsure who the parcel had come from as I didn't think i had a card and nothing identified the sender on the parcel. But late on Christmas eve I found a card while cleaning up and discovered it was from swap partner Katrien. It must have got seperated from the parcel when i pulled the presents out.
These are the goodies that Katrien sent to me.
kerstsokjes - Christmas socks (stocking ornaments now hanging on the tree)
kaarsjes - candles
engel - angel
rood - red (thread)
rolmeter - tape measure (pink ribbon is actually a tape measure)
roze - pink (DMC thread)
speldenkussen - pincushion
schaar - scissors
(and scissor holder)
tasjes - bag
a little zipper purse bag and a strawberry fold up carry bag
Wow what wonderful gifts I have received..............thanks so much Katrien.  It has been such a fun swap and i can't wait to go and see what the other girls have received in the swap too. 
Everyone is going to do a post on 26th Dec.
Catch you later..............


  1. I'm glad you like my parcel.
    Enjoy them.

  2. What fun Chooky..
    Loved your gifts...

  3. Lovely gifts Chooky and what a wonderful swap to be in....

  4. what an interesting swap Chooky and a challenge to do ,well done,and lovely gifts received.xx

  5. Fun and challenging! Great gifts.

  6. The only australian girl. Nice you tried the words with dutch meanings.
    greetings from Liesbeth

  7. Nice presents from Katrien. I loved the one I received from you.

  8. What a beautifull presents you got. I understand it has been a challenge for you to find things in the words Kerst.

  9. Lovely gifts, thank goodness for last minute Christmas cleanups!

  10. What a lovely gifts you get.
    Enjoy them all.
    Gr. Miranda

  11. What absolutely lovely gifts you received

  12. That looks like a great swap :)
    Love all the gifts you have received :)

  13. You received wonderful gifts from Katrien but also send wonderful ones to Holland! Nice to visit your blog. Love from cold and rainy Holland.

  14. How fun...a swap with translation challenges!...gorgeous things you received from Katrien...

  15. Those are nice presents you received from Katrien! The things you've send to Holland were also very nice!


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