Thursday, 20 December 2012


woohoo work is done for a few holidays have started............
thanks for your comments on the last post.........we're all in the same boat...........
it just seems worse here this year then previous but we'll keep going for now.......
Here is my SSCS's from the lovely Carole in the USA..........
she included some other goodies.............
lovely patterns.......
all wrapped in a couple of fat 1/4's that she knows I love.............and a little diary with a pretty quilty cover............thanks so much Carole............
And here is the main present............sitting safely on the bench but maybe by tomorrow we may see a Christmas tree to put it under............Fairy Girl is bursting at the seems and I want it up too but I need to clean and tidy first............
And here is the pile of parcels from the KERSTruil (CHRISTmas) Swap Katrien is hosting.........
my partner is a mystery at this time...........thankyou if you are reading this...........
And a snap from the garden...............I am amazed at the crepe myrtles and agapanthus considering the SERIOUS LACK of rain.............
We have not had 2 inchs of rain in the last 4 months and with the heat everything is SOOOOOO dry........
Mr Chooky has to do some work on a water pump this morning so crossing fingers and toes all is fine for him to fix it as the next week is HOT HOT HOT.............the garden won't survive without water in these temps...........
It's nearly 30degC now.......and it's not 7am yet..........supposed to be 40C (104F)today and the rest of the week around 37/38deg (100F+) so Christmas Day is going to be a hot one this year.............
Ok better go........pump repairs, feeeding sheep and the onto the house cleaning..............
Catch you later..............
PS hope you like the new header.............they were cut out but the kids got to put in bolts and belt patterns/slits into them with tools and add the Santa hats.....lots of fun.....
I love the new decorations.........kangaroo and gecko..........


  1. oh so hot and dry here too!! sigh.... great gifties and your header is just delightful... what fun yoiu all had.. Happy Christmas to you and yours...

  2. This weather is dreadful, I hope it rains soon for all of us. I hope you have time to catch your breath and unwind now that holidays have started. Thank goodness for the aggies, they are the only flower in my garden at the moment.

  3. Your new header looks it!! The garden is doing well with the lack of rain....hope you get some soon.
    Merry Christmas to you & your family Chooky!!

  4. the kids did a great job they look fantastic,i would love some of your hot days we are having such stupid weather,we are back to heaters on but on the weekend it is supposed to be around 34 deg,lol,then we will go back to cold days again its crazy.Hope you get some rain your way chooky and lovely gifts you have received.xx

  5. Love your Header and Gifties.....Hope the kids get the Tree up in Time....
    Merry Xmas to you and your Family .....Hope you Enjoy the Holiday Break.

  6. Gorgeous gifts chooky! I hope you can bear the heat. Awful having Christmas when it is that hot! I know Agapanthus can survive almost anything and the garden does look lovely. Merry Christmas

  7. Your crepe myrtle looks beautiful ... I'll have to see if mine even have buds.
    Make sure you squeeze some 'me' time into your day :)

  8. Its always such a rush isn't it?? Your garden looks lovely - I think all the east side of Australia needs rain. Here's hoping. Brilliant header. Goal for nest year - personalise the header and change it every 3 months or so... (Note - not "resolution".

  9. your garden looks lovely Chook, it is a credit to you.

  10. Love your new cut outs - They are gorgeous. Have a merry christmas xx Fee

  11. Stay Cool, and Merry Christmas.
    Hope that cleaning gets done and the tree goes up :)

  12. Love pressies Chooky. I'm so sorry to hear you have had no rain for so long. That must be incredibly frustrating especially coming into more heat. Your garden is so amazing considering no water! xo

  13. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the rain to come. Over here in the West, we are having weird weather but today is 40C!! Very hot. Love all your Chrissy things.
    Cheers, Anita.

  14. Hi, Lovely gifts! I know you said agapanthus are really hardy. Where i work is a huge carpark it is all asphalt .In one little crack there is an agapanthus sprouted up from nowhere...flowering away all on it's lonesome. We tend to chop them down here they grow like weeds on the side of the rds! I saw a tip where you dry them off and then spray with gold paint and they make a pretty table decoration for what ever you like.... sue~nz

  15. So glad to hear you are having a little break from all the humdrum of everyday and work!!.....lovely to see your swap here too....very cute roo and gecko......enjoy your break.......

  16. Don't you know from who the parcel is from the Kerstruil ???? Lol.

  17. Oh, how I wish I could give you some of the rain we are experiencing here in Washington State and Oregon.
    (I live on the border, so I see both states daily).
    our flowers are beautiful. I can't imagine that kind of heat. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Carline

  18. I still cant imagine being in hot weather for Christmas. We should have snow for Christmas but I dont think so, not this year. It's minus 3 today, a little windy but no sunshine and no snow...Bahumbug!
    Your garden looks lovely! Mine is hibernating right now. Not a blossom in sight, only the evergreens are looking nice right now. Good luck with your tree etc. it will all come together very quickly always does eh?!
    Your presants look delicious...good for you for waiting...dont think i could wait. We dont put any gifts under our tree until Christmas Eve after we get home from church.
    I will be sending you a little somethink in the New Year. I have been ill for the past 6 weeks and have not had the chance to get out to the post office.
    Merry Christmas! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  19. New header is awesome. Going home to talk my Dad into finding me some old tin from out the farm...he hates the fact the neighbours decorate with lights in town, so think this year he might be joining in with a farm version of Chrissy decs...thanks for the brillent idea!

  20. It was so hot here yesterday too! Glad it's much cooler today. Have a great Christmas!

    PS: I'm hosting my last giveaway for the year! It's an ecostore store gift pack valued at $100, hope you enter here:

  21. i can't beleive how different our weather is and we only live 6 hrs hours apart
    it has been overcast here for days, it's driving me nuts because it's summer, i want to swim in the pool and i want to hang out my washing and get it done, we are heading away camping for a week on boxing day and it is forcast to pour, not much fun putting up tents in the rain, actually not much fun holidaying near the ocean when it is overcast and raining

    the weather man needs to sort this

  22. Everything about your blog is great especially the header with little tin friends decorated by fairy girl and book worm. Hope it rains for you. Its is so hot here too. Not as bad today though.

  23. I love the new header...such a cute angel and lovely extra goodies from Carole...what an enticing pile of wrapped goodies under your tree (I'm assuming by now Fairygirl has been rescued from bursting and it is up)...I really should plant my crepe myrtle that is so incredibly pot bound I thought it was dead but it has surprised me and sprung back into gorgeous healthy foliage, if only I could decide just where to plant it that would help! enjoy your lovely garden display...we've hardly had any rain either, the ground is so so dry, sending vibes for rain!...

  24. Yes I like your new header :) And still it is hot, I can´t imagine how it feels. I wish you and your family a merry Christmas.

  25. Lovely ornament, and such pretty gifties with it. I love your Aussie Christmas header :)


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