Monday, 31 December 2012

SSCS Presets 2..........

UPDATE Woops yesterday I put the names under the pics and today it is above the pics so i am moving them all right now
Josie for WendyB
Julie for Grethe
Karol-Ann for Shari
Kate for Anne Heidi
Kayly for Ulla
Kerry for Caroline
Kerstin for Carole
Kris for SusanNZ
Laila for Lisa
Lea for Nicky
LeanneM for Oddbjorg
Lisa for Nancy
Lyn for Peg
Lynda for Tonje
Lynn for Sheryl (Shez)
Maria for Diane
Marica for SueM
Martine for SandyC
MayBritt for Kerstin
MayK for Sisbabe
Miche'le for Maria
Michell for Tracee
Michelle for Vickie
Nancy for Kayly
Nicky for CherylT
Noela for AnneHeidi
Noemia for CherylH
Oddbjorg for Lea
Odette for Noela
Pam for Denice
Patricia for Shiree
Here we go with some more amazing gifts.........
Catch you later..............


  1. More beautiful gifts. Everyone has outdone themselves!

  2. Chooky how wonderful are all these gifts ..loved what Lyn sent to me....oh I better go the pressure is on me!!!!!!

  3. Peg what are doing on the computer you should be stitching,oops so should i,lots of gorgeous gifts here so much fun to see this xmas exhibition.

  4. Thank you for doing this Chooky...I love seeing what everyone has made!

  5. Everyone did a wonderful job on their swap gifts. Such a variety of styles and fabrics. Hugs....

  6. What a talented bunch of ladies!

  7. Love seeing everybodies amazing work.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. There are lots of talented people who were a part of this swap

  9. Oh I just love how original everyone has been, this is a wonderful parade.

    Chooky much thanks for letting me play in this swap, I tried to add the thanks to my post but blogger wasn't letting me save it anymore, and I did not want to delay posting it even longer. This has been a fab swap and you have been a marvellous host :)

  10. So much beauty in one post! If you could display all of the work in one place it would make one stunning patchwork exhibition.

  11. So many lovely gifts!!! I LOVE mine :-)

  12. Looking wonderful..... so many ideas here for projects for 2013 that I really 'need' to


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