Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Oh I love planning things sometimes..............recently my "partner in crime" aka Kylie from Indigo and Quince checked out a venue which we are going to have a retreat at........
For those in the know it is going to be perfect.....well thats what we think............I should be sending you all an email in the next few days hopefully..........
ReTrEaT tImE
So I love planning things like this.............my MIL would not agree when it comes to other things like Chirtsmas lunch.........when months out I am not organised with a menu and who is coming, what I want her to bring etc......she is the queen of lists......I think I drive her nuts......but I know it will happen and I usualy have the same sort of things so not many changes needed........but I do like organising things like crafty gatherings/retreats etc........get the bones of it done and work on the details closer to the time..........
Are you a planner or do you like someone else to do all that???
Do you like crafty weekends to be inexpensive or very indulgent???
Asking lots of questions lately aren't I........Oh well someone has to annoy you.......today it's me.....lol
best go do some cleaning for my visitors..............3 sleeps and some of the girls will be here.......
.........take care til next time.....Chookyblue.........


  1. I drove one of my cousins crazy one Thanksgiving when I asked her to bring a salad, she wanted me to tell her WHICH salad to bring! I made her decide.

  2. I like plans, I like lists, I like to know what I am doing "in advance" - not months ahead but at least a week or two depending on how big a "thing" it is.
    A retreat needs planning - esp if its the first time you are going to a certain place.

    Enjoy your preparations.
    Shame about the cleaning stuff but it has to be done.

  3. Eveything needs to be planned and organized...LOL.....I plan every day...LOL

  4. Definitely I am a planner, Chooky - or else I wander from one end of the day to the other, with nothing done & probably forget really important things. My MIL likes to organise the Christmas things very early, which is hard for her families because she lives on her own & has all the time in the world, but the families all have teenagers & work & busy lives and are certainly not thinking of Christmas arrangements in September!!

    Speaking of planning, tomorrow I am going to get my project ready for The Chooky Sewing Party over the weekend... can't wait!

  5. I am a bit of a pain, I like to orgainse way before the due date and have to have my domestic queen duties done before the event and I like to been both inexpensive and indulgent my dear husband things I am a bit anal or anal-retentive: annoying because caring too much about details

  6. Oh never leave me to plan something.... I'd be a nervous wreck....

  7. Im a list maker .. that way I can pretend to be organised and prepared !! x who says you have to stick to the list? lol x

  8. I like to make lists that way I feel like I'm on the way but often some things get left off in the end!

  9. A retreat sounds devine!! I actually have a yarny retreat coming up in July that I'll be attending.....can't wait!!
    Hope you are getting some of this rain up your way

  10. I'm afraid I am a planner and list maker too.......the only problem is when the hours available don't match the list! Any sort of retreat suits me, especially the sort where I don't cook dinner.

  11. See you all there...well virtually anyways! I enjoy ANY retreat...just being there is enough for me!

  12. i am with Dory,love all retreats and i like lists,lol,i dont always follow them,lol
    shez-enjoyinglife from Victoria ,Australia
    I am finishing off my SKOW quilt on sat and going to my daughters sunday for my GS's first birthday,see you all there.xx

  13. I used to plan ahead, but now that I'm retired, well - let's just say planning isn't in my top ten list anymore :)
    I'm from Iowa, USA and have a blog:

  14. Another party?!? (Had my 60th this past Sat.)Yes I have a ton to work on but I seem to always seem to change the plans! I'm from PA,USA. My blog is glassbylindi.blogspot.com
    Happy Birthday!
    D.G. L


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