Wednesday, 5 May 2021

random bits of catch up......

The normal routines been busy as usual...... Like everyone else...... Time change knocks everyone around and the days have really closed in with winter approaching......
the flowers from Scrub Stitchin' are still in a vase on the table at home......I need to do some more posts about the retreat but I think I get like these flowers after retreat...... Slowly fade away bit sad after all the excitement and fun of catching up with everyone....... Onto planning next year....
I've been out doing some burning with Mr Chooky....... I'm a little fire bug for sure......
some great sunsets as usual..... 
autumn sure is in the air and I think I may prepare the fire this weekend and light it...... Really it's been pretty mild with just a few cooler nights....... We got some rain yesterday and overnight so the temps have dropped.......
Finally we've had several weddings in the last few weeks and they both required very long car trips........ One was over 9 hrs away the other 7.5 hrs and of course both in very opposite directions so the travel was exhausting as we didn't have extra time to be away...... But it was worth the effort to see the friends....... Quality time not quantity......
Ok that's me. Believe it or not I finally caught up blog reading so let's see if I can keep up for more then a day on what everyone's up to..      
And if you have a great blog you read and visit let me know if you don't think I know them.......
Stay safe....
Catch you later.......


  1. The colours in those leaves definitely says autumn. Living on the coast we do not get the cold crisp nights that are needed to get the depth of colour. From reading previous posts it looks like all you girls had a fab time at Scrub Stitchin.

  2. Good to hear from you, it does take time to write up posts, yes the weather has cooled and my fire is going, I used to enjoy burning (well a confined burn) on the farm, good to go to the weddings, but maybe the travel takes the shine off especially in busy times. I am behind on reading blogs, as soon as I catch up, it only takes a couple days to get behind again! We are looking for rain.

  3. Glad to read your post. A lot of travelling to those weddings. Stay safe and well.

  4. lovely pictures... it is a bit of an anticlimax after an event you have been looking forward to...

  5. What a beautiful sky. I do love autumn too and it certainly makes sleeping so much easier.

  6. Beautiful photos (Even of the sad flowers). I agree that we all need time to decompress after events - retreats, weddings, whatever.

  7. I feel like that first photo of flowers right now! :)
    Burning ditches on the farm isn't quite the same as a nice bonfire, but I'll take it any way I can get it. I am mesmerized by fire! We just got a propane fire pit last month and we enjoy sitting out on the deck on a cool evening, with a fire that didn't need building or cleaning up (though I think the building is half the fun). But it is nice not to smell like smoke after roasting a marshmallow.
    Gorgeous, expansive sunset.
    I am a bit jealous that you are going into autumn, when we are looking into a hot, dry summer. Of course, you've had your turn with that already. :)

  8. From "others" post about Scrub Stitchin it certainly was FuN and a good time was had by all that attended. Lovely shots around the property too...xox

  9. Nice pictures. I love being around a nice big roaring fire. Mmmm....smore’s!
    Sounds like you have been busy alright. Traveling can be tiresome but it’s good to see friends again. Lovely flowers dried and fresh. Your skies are looking nice and blue. Glad you are able to travel freely again. We are on round three. Good to see your post Chooky. 😊

  10. Those roses have kept their colour well. So much travelling for the weddings you will need a few quiet weekends at home. Great photos from the farm I saw lots of burning off driving up to Baradine. Look after yourself Chooky.

  11. Know the feeling, like those flowers.. It's still kinda funny to think about, when you're preparing for autumn and winter - it's spring here (yes, even today, when it's both raining and snowing..) and we're waiting and longing for summer up here.

  12. I can see why you fade away with so much going on.... great pics on your post of burning, sunsets and gorgeous autumn 🍂 colours on the trees...
    Yes it’s cooling down here too but heater on weather yet.
    Thanks so for over to my blog....

  13. Lovely autumn photo of those leaves. Nice to be able to go to a gathering again.

  14. Those roses still look beautiful even though they are past their best. And the leaf picture is stunning. So interesting to see your burning - why? xx

  15. Like you I'm trying to catch up on blog reading.
    It was fun to see all the photos from Scrub stitchin'. Mayb one year I'll get to join you all!!
    I think we all deserve a little down time and after organising an event like that and taking those long car rides, you deserve some too.

  16. Always good to pop by and see what you've been up to, Donna! Sounds like you're as busy as ever and enjoying beauty in your part of the world. Take care my friend!

  17. Lots has been happening in your world since Scrub Stitchin’. There is always a big if a let down after all the excitement of the weekend. We’ll all be looking forward to next year.


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