Saturday, 15 May 2021

this is what it's all about.......

This is what its all, happiness, friendship......
I feel honored to be able to spend time with these girls..........
Just a belated Scrub Stitchin' post........better late then never.....
Miss Jules and Sue
Annette, Georgina, Jenny and Mary
Miranda, Di and Diane
Me and Kate
Me, Helen and Kate
Party night group pic.......
Georgina, Diane and Lynda
Me and Mary
Brenda, Kate and Jenny
Di, Helen, Annette and Miss Jules
Harriett, Miranda and Tina
Janice, Sally and Lynda
No words just look at all those happy faces.......
Stay Safe.......
Catch you later......


  1. Your post brings back many many happy memories.

  2. Such a happy time shared by all. Glad you were able to get togethet.

  3. This looks like so much fun, Chooky! I am so jealous, but very happy for you gals!

  4. Where are your masks? I want to get out of this. Please do your part to keep all of us safe!

  5. Great pictures - lovely to see such happy faces. xx

  6. Great pics of you all having a great time....

  7. Wow! So many women in one room! It has been so long ago that we were able to do so. Looks like a tremendous amount of fun.

  8. Oh man, what a joyful thing to once again see the girls together after a year of wondering if we could again! What a great location to get together as well with lots of space, tables, and one on the end for meals.

  9. It was such fun. Reading the previous comments makes you realise just how fortunate we are to have had such a special time together.

  10. Lucky girls... what a joy you have together...

  11. Well, it looks like a good time was had by ALL! So happy that you were all able to gather and stitch and have a blast!

  12. Great post of so many happy faces!!

  13. Looks like a great time was enjoyed by all, more special after missing last year

  14. Awesome to see all the smiling faces and everyone enjoying themselves - my bags are already packed for next year (hehe just kidding!) :-)


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