Monday, 4 February 2008

A bit of this and that.......

We ended up with a bit over 2 inches last night and the frogs were out everywhere.........they must have been born during the flood..............

If you hate frogs don't look now........I don't like them but I had an invasion last night..............I left the kitchen light on and some thought they would come for a under the gauze door then done the hall (and I have a long hall) into the kitchen..........just as I was going to bed VERY late I met them at the entry to the kitchen..........YIKES...........there was 12-15 of I don't mind looking at them outside but it is a wonder I didn't have nightmares..........where my bookworm - he likes frogs.....

Yesterday Peg gave me a little prezzy to say thanks for some help I had given her..........lucky me.......

Dale the bag lady gave this beautiful little bag to Fairy Girl..........thanks so much she loves it......sorry now you have to make another one to catch up...........

And this afternoon I have finally tackled a challenge a friend gave me.............this is all the instructions given...........

I have never made anything so small and fiddly...........

This block is called a Gentlemans Fancy.....(who knows why)

I ended up with 3 different I will give back undone as the centre piece is not correct

Now I think I will attempt the other another much concentration............hope she is happy.......this is about 8inch finished


  1. OMG check out those tiny frogs. Did they just come into your house???? WHoa!!! I'd be hoppin up on the chair for sure.
    Love all your nice prezzies you got.

  2. Yes, she is very VERY happy - thank you so much for doing these. Happy to do the one with the incorrectly cut centre - there are a few popping up like that.
    Also adore your header - hydrangas are just gaw-jus!

  3. AWE Chooky! frogs don't hurt! just think of Kermit when they come to visit. He is so cute and if your nice to them they might serenade you! LOL and that has nothing to do with miss piggy by the way. 8-)

    Nat x

  4. OMG....all those frogs in the kitchen....yeiiik.. LOL I heard about mice invations but not frogs LOL
    Your block is so beautiful.

  5. Love the fabrics in the block, you have done a great job on the block.

  6. frogs are gorgeous when they are outside. actually some of them are pretty gross - but some are cute. but, like mice (which can be really cute) they are only cute when they are outside.
    love your pressie and the bag is gorgeous. the quilt block looks way too hard for my liking! congratulations - it looks fabulous.

  7. Frogs are good-it is when there aren't any around that we should worry!! Love the quilt block-well done for persevering with all the fiddling!

  8. YIKES !!! I would have been screaming, the whole house would have been up. Errrr I get shivers just thinking about them.
    Love that pattern and ssoooooo smmmmalllllll. Glad you finished it.

  9. Oh, the frogs are so cute! The block is lovely too.

  10. We have a big frog in our garden and Midas cat loves to look at it and chase it. Wonderful gifts Donna!

  11. I wouldn't be happy finding frogs either, but I can think of worse visitors than those (I have a mouse phobia) and/or other crawly things. Lots of nice goodies there in the photos. Your block looks terrific.

  12. Aaack -- frogs in the house! How funny. It's amazing they got in. Your block is so perfect -- you did a great job!

  13. I can cope with frogs, they're quite cute but maybe not in the house - my MIL would have a pink fit though if even one of those came anywhere near her

  14. The frogs wouldn't last long in my house. My dog likes to eat them! Yuck! Yewww...

    Nice to see fun things going on at your blog. :O)

  15. Frog in the kitchen! I can't think what I'm be able to do in a similar situation!
    Your Gentlemans Fancy is very pleasurable. I love the fabrics you used.

  16. Wow I don´t know what I would have done about those frogs, probably screamed. Great block you did.

  17. We've had a lot of frogs over our way lately too... Must of been born in the last lot of rain like you said!!
    Lovely package, I'm sure you deserved it you're such a lovely kind and caring person...
    The bag is gorgeous and you've done a top job on that little fiddley block...


  18. I like those froggies! I would like them better outside!! Love your completed block.

  19. Let's just ignore those nasty little frogettes, and concentrate on the wonderful colors you chose for that block!! wow, I love it
    thanks for sharing!!

  20. Oh I just love frog - I am impressed with that Gentlemans Fancy I agree weird name.

  21. Nice frog.........
    and wonderful block and fabrics.The colours are fantastic.
    ciao ciao

  22. Wow! Your place has been hopping! ;o) Do you have any idea that this may be a young boy's dream come true? At least my boys would see it that way. They love frogs! You have my sympathies, though. I wouldn't be overly keen having them indoors.

    Love the blocks you've been making - great fabrics! Gorgeous colours.


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