Friday, 15 February 2008

To add to my last post...........

After a few emails back and forwards with Jodie (one of three I regularly visit - so much confusion with that name) she said she still had her sample stitching from about 11 or 12yrs old I think and she still had her sewing box and her quick un pick...... that lead me to showing you my first sewing box.......a cute little pink number........I still LOVE this little basket............

(there's another post of what I found in is only small but I found about 4 WISP's.............mainly embroidery and cross stitch)

then when I started sewing in High School I "had to have" this yellow sewing box as this is what all the other girls had............oh the pressure...........

I had a few girls comment as "no reply " sorry I can't write back to you................


  1. Hi Donna!!

    ooooh, I know that pressure :o) can almost feel it. Everything is on a life or death level at that age...
    Your first sewing bakset is adorable!!! I have a sewing box similar to your number two, not bought in highschool, but a gift from my DH seven years ago....

    Fun to see where we all started out in this crafty world....

    Have a wonderful weekend!!


  2. I love to see al your girly crafty stuff! So many memories.
    The other day my mother gave me her box filled with embroidery threads and cottons and patterns. There were a lot of my old projects in the box. I had a good giggle to see some of it again. But I won’t show them..! It’s a wonder I still like to knit. I learned how to knit when I was 7 years old in Primary school run by the nuns... we had to knit for the poor children in Africa, with awful cotton thread in blue and yellow. Those were the days my friend!

  3. i have a similar sewing box to your first one - but there is no handle. i love it - it was one of those amazing finds on ebay.
    in high school i did sewing in home economics and i sewed my potholder to my dress (somehow??!!). anyway, at the end of year 8 home economics the teacher suggested i might like to try tech studies! actually i loved tech studies - especially woodwork and photography but now I kind of wish I had stuck to home economics. oh well, you can't go back - just look forwards!

  4. What sweet memories!!!....I don't remember my first sewing box....I have to think about I getting too old???? :):)

  5. I'm loving the little pink basket best and can't wait to see what treasures you found in it.
    Will Fairy Girl be using the basket now I wonder...

  6. That is such a lovely and special sewing box-unfortunately I didn't keep mine but wish I had!It was like yours but much smaller:)

  7. Oh Oh.......many years ago my first sewing bag was the box of my shoes.
    It was pink and white and I closed it with an elastic band for the hairs.
    ciao ciao

  8. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE your two sewing boxes. I got rid of my three sewing boxes that were all different sizes and fitted into one another in one of the moves. Darn it...... I remember them all.
    I did upgrade to a fishing tackle box like Mum. They were cool.

  9. Mmm walking down memory lane I had one of those lovely plastic numbers in green.

  10. OMG!!!! I have a sewing basket practically the same as the first one but in blue/purple and white. How funny is that?? I think that mine is looking a bit worse for wear though... I'll have to send you a pick of it. I also had one of those plastic looking one's when I did sewing in high school but mine was blue. I thought it was the beez kneez of sewing boxes back then, what was I thinking?? LOL!!!



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