Monday, 25 February 2008

A little insane and another recipe..........

Well with all the wonderful feed here in the paddocks we also have lots of grasses that have little umbrellas that break off and blow everywhere and I mean everywhere..........

On Friday night and Sat a strong front came thru and this stuff really started to blow.............we have not had it really bad since about 1996 i think..........comes from summer feed............and as we have had sooooo much rain here are some is a pain to get rid as it gets stuck ever where and we will not do anything about it until it stops blowing in another month or 2 it will drive me insane very quickly but not much I can do about it and I would prefer to have it if it means we have lots of feed for the stock..................

I have now given up parking my car in the shed as it is just to hard to get the umbrella grass out of the way............but it looks really cool stacked up along the fences............from a distance it looks like bales of hay lined up...............totally useless of course.........

Tonight while out turning off hoses I ended up about 1 foot away from a black snake...........way to close............the heart beat a little faster.............mind you he was a little upset to...........thank goodness there was a dodgy wire fence between us but way to close.............oh and Ruth it was a Blue belly black

Now if you have made it this far you deserve a recipe.........I was on a cooking spree this last week............

Crunchy Biscuits

1 cup castor sugar

1 egg

beat the above together well

Melt 125gms butter and add to above - mix slightly

hand mix this into

1 cup cornflakes

1 cup rolled oats

1 cup Self raising flour

200gms crushed nuts or slivered almonds

press into balls (use 1 teaspoon) and place on a tray

cook 15 minutes in a moderate oven 180 deg cel



  1. Hi. The biscuits sure look yummy but I better not make them or I will eat them. Haha. Do the stock eat the umbrella grass? Thanks Cherrie

  2. Were do you leave the umbrella grass?
    Maybe you could make some batting for your quilts!
    No recipes for me, I never bake cookies myself, I would become soooo fat. I would first eat the yummy dough and then the warm cookies and my DH would just have to believe I’m great in baking cookies, because there would not be anything left!
    They look great though.
    I never visit food blogs, too tempting.

  3. Whew .... glad that you escaped from the snake ..... 1 ft. is just way too close for comfort.

  4. Yikes-that snake was just too close for comfort. Those biscuits look very yummy and very moreish!!

  5. Aaaack! A snake??? You're making me fear for my child LOL! We've had our first real report from him and I think his orientation included lessons on all sorts of really bad critters that you have there -- hoping he won't run into any of those snakes! He also said it's really hot -- he loves hot climates but was glad for the storm that went through and cooled things off. Those cookies look fantastic -- as does that treat from your last post -- I love cornflakes!

  6. We call this stuff tumbleweed out in CA. The snake - insert loud screaming here - would be enough to put me right on over the edge. I can't even deal with the wolf spiders that hang out by my outdoor faucet! They can jump!

    Is there any truth to the idea of leave it lay and it won't bother to kill you? Americans believe that everything over there wants to and will kill you!! I still dream of visiting someday though, lol...silly me.

  7. any encounter with a snake is way too close for me.
    the biscuits look great - i might have to give them a go. I'm actually getting the hang of just having one or saying no! not that it's done my waistline any good :(
    i'm sure the kids will think i'm a super good mother if i make them though!

  8. Thanks for the identification!

    My husband had friends who used to chase down catch, photograph and release red belly blacks - they were insane. I like snakes, but we always kept a distance when they were doing that!

  9. Great pictures. It does look funny on the fences but I can imagine how annoying it would be.
    Thanks for the recipe. I'll try that with some old cornflakes.
    Or should I say DD will cook.

  10. I'd love to visit Oz and often read of all your lives out there and dream wistfully but I certainly don't envy you snakes - urghhhhh!

  11. I baked a lot of those cookies in the past, love them. Alas I put myself on a diet I better not linger too long here ;-)

  12. Here on the gulf coast they call that stuff tumbleweed but, I come from west Texas and we have "real" tumbleweeds that are round, like rolling balls. Some of them are actually as large as cars! No kidding, they can be. People stack three together, spray them white, and make tumbleweed "snowmen." I've also seen them used as Christmas trees but I wouldn't want one. They are 'stickery'and one must wear gloves to handle them.


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